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KFA Scotland regional branch meeting

The UK Korean Friendship Association Scotland Regional branch will hold its inaugural meeting on the 1st of June 

70-72 Ingram St, Glasgow G1 1EX 2pm to 4pm

Flag of the WPK

Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum

ASSPUK,JISGE, UK KFA and BSCPRKP condemn US hypocritical attitude

http://http:  email \                                           \                                                                        
               London 29th  of May Juche 108(2019)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) ,the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for the Peace and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula(BSCPRKP today issued a joint statement supporting the press statement, titled ' Use of Strength Is Not at All Monopoly of U.S' of the  Policy Research Director of the Institute for American Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK;
  It has been revealed that the USA actually carried out the  29th subcritical nuclear test at the nuclear test site of Nevada on February 13, only 15 days before the 2nd DPRK-US Summit in Hanoi. This is the height of brazen hypocrisy by the US as the US demanded the DPRK's unilateral disarmament at the Hanoi. Moreover since September 2017 the DPRK has not carried out a single nuclear and indeed even went as far as dismantling its nuclear test site in May 2018. What this proves is that it is the DPRK that is genuine about peace on the Korean peninsula and that the US is not .
  The press statement of the Policy Research Director of the Institute for American Studies of the DPRK Foreign Ministry points out correctly that what the US subcritical nuclear test was really about was demonstrating the intention of the US to seek a solution through the 'policy of strength ' against the DPRK , whilst outwardly mouthing off about dialogue .
  Leading figures in the US regime such as Bolton ,Pompeo and others have made a number of anti-DPRK statements and even insulted the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership and the socialist system .It is very clear that that the US intention to overthrow the socialist system of the DPRK and colonize the northern half of Korea remains unchanged.
  The US has continued with the policy of maximum pressure by imposing more sanctions on the DPRK and even third countries . The US has even seized illegally the DPRK trading ship  the Wise Honest in an act of brazen piracy and robbery on the high seas.
  The US has also staged anti-DPRK military exercises basically rebranding the former 'Foal Eagle ' as Dong Maeng (Alliance) 19-1 but this kind of playing with words does not fool anyone .Moreover
during the period between March and May this year, the U.S. conducted a missile interception test simulating the interception of the DPRK's ICBMs at the air force base in California, test-launched ICBM "MinuteMan-3" and SLBM "Trident-2 D-5" targeted at the DPRK and its surrounding countries and also increased the reconnaissance flights over the DPRK.
 Thus it is plain as a pikestaff that the US has not changed its policy towards the DPRK one bit despite pledging to turn over a new leaf at the June 12th Singapore summit.The US idea of conquering the DPRK by force remains intact and unchanged.
   Of course the US should realise that the use of strength is not's its sole monopoly , that the DPRK will counter the hostile policy with its own strength . The US will be to blame if the situation on the Korean peninsula goes back to a state of tension.
 We support the warning of the Policy Research Director of the Institute for American Studies of the DPRK Foreign Ministry and call for an end to the anti-DPRK hostile policy of the US .


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Use of Strength Is Not at All Monopoly of U.S.: Policy Research Director of Institute for American Studies, FM of DPRK

Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- The Policy Research Director of the Institute for American Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK made public the following press statement on May 29:

It has now become disclosed that the United States conducted the 29th subcritical nuclear test at the nuclear test site of Nevada on February 13, and this arouses grave concern and denunciation of the international society.

What should be taken serious is the fact that the subcritical nuclear test was carried out just prior to the Hanoi DPRK-U.S. Summit that would discuss the issue of building a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean peninsula.

The U.S. has thus showcased its ulterior intention that it seeks a strength-based solution of the issues, though outwardly it advocates for dialogue.

That intention can be fully justified by the political, economic and military hostile acts committed by the U.S. against the DPRK, its dialogue partner, since the historic Singapore DPRK-U.S. Summit Talks.

Even after the U.S. committed to an "establishment of new DPRK-U.S. relations" in the June 12 DPRK-U.S. Joint Statement, Bolton, White House National Security Advisor, Pompeo, Secretary of State, and other high-ranking officials of the U.S. diplomacy and security circles have insulted the dignity of our supreme leadership and spitted out abusive language to the DPRK, calling it as "rogue regime", and unveiled their hostile scheme to stifle us by force, saying that the U.S. would "change its path" if the DPRK does not give in to the former's demand for dismantlement of the nuke first.

At the same time, the U.S. has continued to pursue its strategy of "maximum pressure" against us and attempted to suffocate us economically.

Since August 2018, the U.S. has imposed arbitrary sanctions for 11 times on more than 40 entities and individuals from several countries including the DPRK, China, Russia, Singapore and South Africa, continued to change the regulations on the anti-DPRK sanctions and made public "advisories" of all hues on several times in order to force an interruption of the financial and shipping transactions with us.

The U.S. even committed a crime of dispossessing our cargo ship under the preposterous ground that we had violated the heinous American sanctions acts.

At present, the U.S. is moving in a crafty manner to impose additional sanctions on our ships, organizations and individuals and restrict even the legitimate activities of our diplomats, by employing the anti-DPRK sanctions committee of the United Nations Security Council.

The U.S. has also militarily threatened the DPRK by staging Marine Corp Joint Exercise, "Dong Maeng (Alliance) 19-1", Joint Aerial Combat Drill and other various war games with south Korea in November last year and in March-April this year.

During the period between March and May this year, the U.S. conducted a missile interception test simulating the interception of the DPRK's ICBMs at the air force base in California, test-launched ICBM "MinuteMan-3" and SLBM "Trident-2 D-5" targeted at the DPRK and its surrounding countries and also increased the reconnaissance flights over the DPRK.

The U.S. now maneuvers to forward-deploy sophisticated landing crafts in Japan and even deploy SLCMs, that could mount nuclear warhead, around the Korean peninsula.

All the above clearly shows that the June 12 DPRK-U.S. Joint Statement is not within the consideration of the United States and there is no change at all in the American evil ambition to conquer the DPRK by force.

When cloud is frequent, rain will follow. The U.S. should better bear in mind that its hostile acts will only bring about the result of adding tension to the already unstable Korean peninsula and inviting adverse current.

Use of strength is not at all a monopoly of the United States. -0-

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

More NKNews Rubbish refuted

Not content with their criminal attack on UK KFA , the CIA front NKNews have slandered the socialist system in the DPRK with an article “ Is resistance futile? Prospects for popular uprising in North Korea Some recent reports suggest internal opposition to Kim Jong Un could be growing”, what a load of nonsense indeed .
There can never be such as thing as 'popular uprising ' in the DPRK because everyone is united solidly , 100 per and 1000 per cent around respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and the Workers Party of Korea .It is a society based on single-hearted unity . People in the DPRK receive virtually free housing , free education including higher education , free medical care , old age pensions and since 1974 have not had to pay tax. The DPRK is based on the social ownership of the means of production ,distribution and exchange so everyone has a stake in society .Visiting the DPRK many times we have observed a high level of social equality .There are no homeless or beggars on the streets . As one Korean said to us once , in the countryside 'you cannot see a big house '. That is true .So basically there is no source of popular discontent , no reason for anyone to revolt or rebel against the system because they would be rebelling against themselves . The DPRK is a people's country with a people -orientated policy .
We reproduce our article from 2016 Why the DPRK can never collapse .…
Some imperialist pundits have revived the discredited and threadbare idea of the DPRK's so-called collapse despite this theory being proved wrong time after time. Recently Bloomberg talked of "preparing for north Korea's inevitable collapse " and some unknown French academic called Pierre Rigoulot claimed that the DPRK would collapse just like the USSR . These theories are of course far removed from reality and are just fantasies and fallacies. In fact they represent wishful thinking by the imperialists who would like to see the DPRK "collapse" , basically the imperialists and the decadent bourgeois ruling class of the Western capitalist countries and the south Korean puppets dream of the Juche-based socialist system of the DPRK disappearing but it is just a dream.
I remember in 1991 a few weeks after the famous August 1991 coup in the USSR (more accurately the seizure of power by the State Commitee For the State of Emergency of the USSR headed by various Soviet leaders) picking up a copy of the US imperialist propagada magazine "Newsweek " and being astounded to read that the DPRK would not have enough fuel and food to last the winter and would collapse by the end of 1991 ! . Of course this was nonsense because the DPRK did not rely on the Soviet Union for food particularly as the USSR did not export food but imported it. I also remember one so-called "friend of the DPRK " in 1996 or 1997 telling me that the DPRK was running out of food and would collapse in a month or so . Of course this never happened . It goes without saying really that the DPRK is still here 25 years after 1991 and 20 years after 1996.
The US imperialists put forward the so-called "3-3 collapse " theory meaning that the DPRK would collapse after 3 months or 3 years . Of course this has been proved to be vacous nonsense and false propaganda by the US imperialists.
Led by the great leaders President KIM IL SUNG, Chairman KIM JONG IL and respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and guided by the Juche Idea , the DPRK has withstood all kinds of sanctions, blockade, threats , pressure and subversive moves of the US imperialists and other imperialists as well the schemes of class enemies and counter-revolutionaries .
Why can't the DPRK collapse ? Some people say that because the USSR and other socialist countries in Europe collapsed , it logically follows that the DPRK should go the same way.There are two things that are very , very wrong with this argument .Firstly, socialism in the USSR did not collapse it was frustrated and betrayed . The USSR did not simply collapse, the Soviet Communist Party and the USSR were destroyed by the conscious actions of the traitor Gorbachov .Decrees were past dissolving the USSR state and the CPSU .So there was no actual collapse of the USSR but conscious and deliberate betrayal of socialism by treacherous revisionist leaders who were hand in glove with the imperialists(Margaret Thatcher once said of Mikhail Gorbachov that he was
a "leader we could do business with").The DPRK ,however, has smashed the internal traitors who wanted to sell the interests of the country to the imperialists, big powers and revisionists.It defeated and liquidated factional cliques in 1953,1956 and1967 .In 2013 liquidated the modern factionalist clique.
People's Korea,the land of Juche and land of Songun, is not the old USSR nor is the former East Germany , Poland or Hungary.The DPRK is an independent power based firmly on the Juche Idea.It is not the copy of another country. Juche socialism is Korean style socialism centred upon the popular masses.The DPRK's socialism is not an imposition from outside nor it is the gift of someone else.Juche socialism is totally completely different to the former Soviet socialism. Although the USSR had upheld the banner of proletarian revolution under Lenin and Stalin, under Khruschov the USSR fall victim to modern revisionism and collaborated with US imperialism.The USSR abandoned revolutionary principles in the the 1950s and 1960s.It liquidated the dictatorship of the proletariat and proclaimed itself a state of the whole people ,basically giving up the class struggle against the enemies of the socialism.The DPRK under the leadership of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG maintained revolutionary principles and opposed modern revisionism.President KIM IL SUNG in his 1967 essay " ON THE QUESTIONS OF THE PERIOD OF TRANSITION FROM CAPITALISM TO SOCIALISM AND THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT fully stressed the need for the dictatorship of the proletariat and opposed the idea of the vague and woolly "state of the whole people".The USSR joined hands with US imperialism under pleas of "peaceful co-existence "and "peaceful co-operation". Pepsi Cola the US imperialist multi-national even had factories in the USSR.The DPRK on the other raised high the revolutionary banner of anti-US,anti-imperialist struggle and to this very date is the most anti-American country in the world.The USSR and East European socialist countries were flooded with American bourgeois culture . Visiting Hungary in 1988 and 1989 I found that the people were into the most rubbishy aspects of bourgeois imperialist pop culture such as Madonna.The DPRK however puts up the Mosquito Net and combats the infiltration of imperialist bourgeois ideology and culture. Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said at the 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea "The imperialist reactionaries viciously manoeuvred to infect and undermine our revolutionary ranks by infiltrating into them the alien bourgeois ideology and culture, but they could not break our people's faith in socialism and their will to adhere to it, as they were educated and trained in the embrace of the Party. Today our country is demonstrating its might as an invincible ideological power, the whole society of which is imbued with the Juche idea and the Songun idea, and whose service personnel and all other people, equipped with the thoroughgoing spirit of safeguarding the revolution and the resolute spirit of defending socialism, are creating a history of sea changes on the strength of the great spirit ofKim Il Sung's nation."Furthermore the DPRK will block the infiltration of the rotten , noxious and decadent imperialist culture in the future " We should thwart the imperialists' moves for ideological and cultural infiltration and fully maintain our socialist culture and lifestyle.
Their ideology and culture are dangerous poison that numbs the people's minds and undermines the foundations of socialism. We should, through a revolutionary ideological and cultural offensive, smash their persistent and pernicious moves for ideological and cultural infiltration and prevent any alien ideology and culture or unnatural lifestyle from penetrating our society"
The USSR was not only revisionist but was also bureaucratic.It became more and more bureaucratic as the years went on .The leadership and party cadres became remote from the people. Due to bureaucracy the country became inefficient and stagnant .he DPRK,however, right from day one of its foundation has always opposed bureaucracy .Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said "At present abuses of power, bureaucratism and corruption are the "principal enemy" that must not be tolerated in applying the people-first principle in Party work".The DPRK and Workers' Party of Korea long ago developed a popular style of work , the famous Chongsan Ri method of work in which the superior always assists those below him and always mixes with the masses.Visiting the DPRK many times I have seen cadres and officials dressed in ordinary working people's clothes and they look indistinguishable from the working people.There are no country dachas for senior officials in the DPRK.
The DPRK is a most stable and harmonious society without social conflict or class contradictions.The DPRK is one of the most stable countries on earth, in fact probably the most stable country in the world .Young people there do not riot but instead act as the shock brigade in socialist construction and take part with vigour in the defence of the country. The DPRK is based on the socialist ownership of the means of production so there is no social inequality . There are no social contradictions and no racial discrimination. In the DPRK there is no unemployment ,there are no spending cuts and taxation was abolished in 1974 .
The DPRK is based on the Juche Idea , the philosophical principle of which is that man is the master .Thus because of the socialist ownership of the means of production which is both underpinned and enhanced by the Juche Idea , people in the DPRK have a high sense of ‘taking ownership’ of ‘stakeholding’ which does not exist in any capitalist country. Moreover politics in the DPRK are based on benevolence and trust ,the supreme principle of the party and the state is to improve living standards.
Visiting the DPRK in October 2015,April 2016 and September 2016 I witnessed that the DPRK is growing at a very rapid rate.Indeed a rate of growth that is difficult to imagine in capitalist countries Vast construction projects that would cost billions in the imperialist world have not only pushed ahead but completed such as Changjon Street, Mirae Scientists Street,Paetusan Youth Hero Power Station and the Sci-Tech Complex. There is no stagnation in the DPRK like there was in the late 1970s and 1980s in the USSR.The DPRK's rate of economic growth hit 40% in one year in the 1950s, this was known as the Chollima Era(Chollima being a legendary winged horse that could cover many kilometres a day ) now that DPRK is in the era of Mallima ,a winged horse that can
cover 10,000 kilometres in one day !
The secret of why the DPRK cannot never collapse is the three pillars of the
Juche Idea,the Songun Idea and the self-development first idea.In 1977 the respected UK social scientist Dr Malcolm Caldwell wrote that""What is clear that ,deprived of, massive loans ,US military propping , and integration into the international capitalist economy, south Korea would collapse, whereas-abiding by Juche , North Korea can stand independent indefinitely "(Malcolm Caldwell "The Wealth of Some Nations " Zed Press 1977).
Indeed this is true. It is south Korea that faces the prospect of collapse due to
the internal social and class contradictions, the anti-popular misrule of Park Geun Hye who pursues austerity policies and the suffocating occupation of south Korea by US imperialism.Whereas the DPRK is known for its sturdy and militant anti-imperialist independence,in fact as one former UK prime minister put it "undiluted sovereignty",south Korea is the most dependent and neo-colonial country in the world.Not only dependent on US imperialism but also Japanese imperialism and the mad woman Park schemes to make south Korea dependent on the EU, on British, French and German imperialism , even on Brazil !.
The DPRK will never collapse . Led by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN People's Korea will win final victory over the US imperialists and south Korea puppets whereas south Korea is destined to disappear from the face of the earth.

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Report of UK KFA Picket of BBC 25.05.2019


The UK Korean Friendship Association  picketed the BBC HQ , Broadcasting House , Portland Place , London  on the 25th of  May from 1500 hours to 1700 hours . The picket was supported also by KFA Scandinavia whose delegate Mr Ulrich Larsen travelled from Copenhagen, Denmark to be at the picket . The picket was attended by members of the UK KFA , ASSPUK, JISGE , BSCPRKP , also by  a Politburo member of the New Communist Party  and a member of the Labour Party and the union UNITE Community .
  Dr Dermot Hudson UK KFA chairman said "We are holding our picket in difficult conditions as an attempt has been made to destroy or stifle our organisation
by a racist and fascist traitor and by the NK News website..
' The BBC, which is known to progressive people as the British Brainwashing Corporation, has consistently lied about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK). Its coverage of the DPRK is one sided and exaggerated to say the least. On several occasions BBC reporters have used tricks and subterfuges to enter the DPRK ....Moreover the BBC is acting as a tool of psychological warfare and regime change against People’s Korea as since 2017 it has been broadcasting its lies to the DPRK in Korean language . This activity is aimed at destabilising the DPRK . Some of the
older generation point out the role the BBC played in overthrowing socialism in Eastern Europe and the USSR.
The UK Korean Friendship Association believes the BBC should stop lying about the DPRK and instead produce fair, accurate and objective material about People’s Korea"

Dr Hudson also denounced the US hostile policy and called for the US to lift sanctions on the DPRK.
  A solidarity message from KFA Switzerland was read out  which said in part"The demonization of the DPRK like "totalitarian", "impoverished" or "isolated" is not only insulting, but also ridiculous and absolutely wrong.
Who is totalitarian? It is capitalism which enslaves and exploits the working people.
Who is impoverished? They are the jobless and homeless people in the rotten, degenerated and inhuman capitalist society.
Who is isolated? It is the BBC and other imperialist Western media which tell only lies and nonsense and which is more and more mistrusted among wise and honest people.
The DPR Korea is a real democracy of the working people, a socialist democracy. Only socialism where all people live in material and spiritual happiness is democracy! In the DPRK the genuine human rights are realized and protected!"

Ulrich Larsen , KFA Delegate for Scandinavia made a speech which said ". We have to tell the world that BBC are trying to brainwash people around the world, and they have done this for decades by telling lots and lots of lies about The DPR of Korea. Also known as North Korea. BBC are such a big media, that unfortunately can be seen worldwide. And they keep bringing lies after lies, not only about DPRK, but on many other things, that not fit in their world of evil capitalism, and they do just as they are told by countries like the United States and they so called allied. A Tv station should be neutral in the news and the programs that they broadcast to the world. But instead the keep banging DPRK and the people that love and support this Great nation by making us look like fools and stupid people. How can the allow them self to treat a country, its people and its supporters like this? The board of BBC must be paid by agencies like CIA, NSA, MI6 and probably by the White House to. That’s the only answer that I have to this. In Spain Mr. Alejandro Cao de Benós founded the KFA International in 2001, to fight for the DPRK, by building up a network of people that could see how the outside world was making lies and jokes about the proud nation, that today are led whit great humanity by Great Marshal KIM JONG UN. Mr. de Benós have made a network all over the world, whit Official Delegates in many countries"

The UK KFA banner was displayed along with a DPRK flag .There were also placards denouncing the BBC and calling for an end to the US hostile policy .

The picket was briefly questioned by  BBC security staff who took some leaflets. Someone who may have been BBC staff made abusive comments at the picket .

Picket concluded at 1700 hours

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Swiss KFA condemns NKNews Attack on UK KFA


of the Swiss Korea Committee for condemnation
the attacks  against the KFA
May 26 Juche 108 (2019)

Recently, the Korean Friendship Association (KFA) and its UK national organization, the UK KFA, and its president, Drs. Dermot Hudson attacked and slandered by traitor Alex Meads.
Meads was a member of UK KFA. He was expelled from her on April 22 for giving an interview to NKNews, a Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) hostile to the US CIA-controlled website, in which he cursed the organization and its president.
During his participation in the delegation of the UK KFA to the DPRK in September 2018, Meads was struck by racist statements about other cultures.
In Beijing, he insulted the Chinese people as "all looking the same" and behaved disrespectfully and racially towards the Chinese hotel staff and the Air China crew.
There is no place for racists and fascists in the KFA.
During his stay in Korea, he tried to play delegation against each other.
In an interview for NKNews, he alleged, among other things, that the members of the UK KFA would be forced to do this or that. And the UK KFA is a "cult".
Meads skillfully played the role of the "disappointed and abused" and the "victim."
He also tried to play the membership list of the UK KFA to the NKNews. In revenge for his expulsion, he illegally published internal discussions of members and even threatened officials of the UK KFA by force.
It has to be stated that all this traitor claimed in the interview is a lie, slander and libel.
The summit is that he insulted the DPRK and its supreme leadership and denigrated the KFA as a "dangerous organization".
The betrayals of Meads and his evil accusations are exploited by the enemies to slander and smear the socialist Korea and KFA. Meads is an agent of the enemies.
Our committee condemns indignantly the outrageous attacks on the KFA.
As the Swiss member organization of the KFA we are talking about the KFA, the UK KFA and its president Dermot Hudson expresses our full solidarity.

Swiss Korea Committee

ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP condemn Bolton's nonsense

http://http:  email \                                           \                                                                        
               London 27th  of May Juche 108(2019)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) ,the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and nd the British Solidarity Committee for the Peace and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula(BSCPRKP today issued a joint statement condemning the US National Security Advisor John Bolton for his anti-DPRK nonsense ;
  As clarified by the Spokesperson of the DPRK Foreign Ministry on the 27th of May , John Bolton the US National Security Advisor has taken issue with the recent routine self-defence drills of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , an issue related to its sovereignty and security. Bolton even tried to say that the drills were in violation of UNSC resolutions.
  The DPRK has never accepted the UNSC sanctions resolutions which are a violation of its sovereignty and illegal. Furthermore the DPRK did not launch an ICBM so basically it continued with its suspension of ICBM tests.
   By taking issue with a routine self-defensive drill of the DPRK , Bolton is denying the DPRK's legitimate right to self-defence.
 Bolton, who looks like a sheriff from old American cowboy films , is a total warmonger and an enemy of peace who constantly looks to provoke conflicts and spur the US onto intervening in other countries .Bolton is well known for his anti-DPRK stance and is blamed by many in the world for that fact that the Hanoi DPRK-US summit was unable to reach a substantive agreement.
  As the DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesperson stated " After all, it will be fit to call Bolton not a security adviser striving for security but a security-destroying adviser who is wrecking peace and security.....It is not at all strange that perverse words always come out from the mouth of a structurally defective guy, and such a human defect deserves an earlier vanishing.". Never have truer words been spoken !
 Bolton should leave the DPRK alone , stop interfering and keep out of where he is not wanted . We
strongly support the DPRK's right to self-defence !

Spokesperson for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DPRK Slams U.S. National Security Adviser

Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on May 27 as regards the fact that U.S. National Security Adviser has taken the issue over our regular military drill:

Bolton, U.S. National Security Adviser has taken the issue over the regular military drill of our army, claiming that it is a violation of the "resolutions" of the United Nations Security Council. His claim is indeed much more than ignorant.

As for the UNSC "resolutions" which Bolton recklessly referred to, we have neither recognized nor bound by them, because those "resolutions" are illegal and outrageous ones that completely deny the rights to existence and development of a sovereign state, as we have already stated several times.

If any object is launched, it is bound to fly in trajectory. What the U.S. is taking the issue is not about the range but the prohibition of the launch itself using ballistic technology. This is, after all, tantamount to a demand that the DPRK should give up its self-defensive right.

Our military drill neither targeted anyone nor endangered the surrounding countries, but Bolton makes dogged claims that it constitutes a violation of the "resolutions", impudently poking his nose into other's internal matters. It takes little insight to determine that Bolton clearly does have a different mental structure from ordinary people.

Bolton, as he confessed himself, played a "hammer" to "shatter" the 1994 DPRK-U.S. Agreed Framework, and he is well-known as an anti-DPRK "war maniac" who fabricated various provocative policies such as designation of our country as "axis of evil", preemptive strike and regime change.

Worse still, Bolton stood in the forefront of leading the Iraqi War and abrogating the INF Treaty that has served to ensure peace in Europe for decades, and he is now gaining notoriety as a warmonger for his obsession with other wars in the Middle East and South America.

It is not a mere coincidence that criticisms are now being heard in the U.S. that Bolton is a warmonger whispering war to the President when he himself evaded military service, saying he had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy.

After all, it will be fit to call Bolton not a security adviser striving for security but a security-destroying adviser who is wrecking peace and security.

It is not at all strange that perverse words always come out from the mouth of a structurally defective guy, and such a human defect deserves an earlier vanishing. -0-

Sunday, 26 May 2019

KCNA Commentary Rebukes Japan's Smear Campaign against DPRK

Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) -- The Japan police recently announced that a "specified missing person" was located in the country. They have so far claimed that "his possible abduction by north Korea can not be ruled out".

This has given the lie to the story about "abduction" touted by the Japanese reactionaries.

It is not the first time that the specified persons who were reported to have gone missing were discovered in Japan.

A person whom they claimed to have been abducted by north Korea emerged as a dead body inside the premise of a second-hand ship import and export company in Chiba Prefecture in August 2013. There are other ample examples of the discovery of "specified missing persons", when counting only those revealed by the Japanese media, notably those in September in 2013, November in 2014, June and October in 2015, and June and December in 2016.

This clearly proves the absurdity of the "abduction issue" touted by the Japanese authorities.

The increase on the number of missing persons, a serious social problem in Japan, is just anti-human rights profile of the island country.

The number of those who give up everything and turn into "outcast without identities" for such reasons as debts, unemployment, difficulty in schoolwork, and botched marriage life claims 100 000 in Japan every year.

There emerged a company called "overnight relocation" which earns money by helping people take to flight to shock the public.

No wonder, a movie-man of a country is shooting a documentary film called "Disappeared People" featuring the wretched life of the Japanese who live a desolate life without any social relations.

However, the Japanese politicians set up plot-breeding organizations related to the "abduction issue" in the government, Diet and society from long ago and have engaged in evil activities of all descriptions at the expense of huge amount of money to convince the Japanese and the world people of the "abduction" by north Korea.

Recently they kicked up huge anti-DPRK racket called the "rally of families of abduction victims" by deliberately linking with the DPRK tens of thousands of missing persons whose number far exceeds that of the "abduction victims" fabricated by them.

The Japanese reactionaries' racket for "solution to the abduction issue" is all about evading historical responsibility for their unprecedented bloody crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in the past and justifying their hostile policy toward the DPRK.

The Abe group is made up of the most shameless and wicked men with good hands at swindling and plot-breeding.

It is a pipedream for Japan to think of attaining its dirty aim by spreading the threadbare "abduction issue".

The more loudly the Japanese politicians get vocal about the issue, the more offences it will commit before the Koreans and the world people.

Humankind will never pardon those reactionaries of history who deceive their own people and the world people to become a military giant and to realize the ambition of reinvasion.

The Japanese rulers are fated to meet miserable end of plunging into a trap set by themselves. -0-

Liberty Party of Korea. A Pansori Tragedy. KFA Spain

Liberty Party of Korea. A Pansori Tragedy.

The Pansori (판소리 in Korean language) is a traditional music style similar to spanish cante jondo (deep sing in english, a type of flamenco) . In this style are sang injustices with not vengeance and tragedies.

By Lorenzo Ramírez

This party is named a lot in the whole Korean peninsula in the last times. Ideologically is related to the reactionary ideas of the Partido Popular of Spain (conservative party that comes from Francoism), Taiwanese Kuomintang or the Republican Party of the USA. Not only that, all these parties belongs to the International Democrat Union. An international ideologically liberal, conservative and anticommunist.

This party held relationships via the WACL (World Anticommunist League) widely known as WLFD (World League for Freedom and Democracy) with neonazi and fascist parties and organizations such as CEDADE in Spain, Italian Social Movement -MSI (ideological son of the Fascist Party of Mussolini) and the British National Front.

This party started in 1963 with the name: “Democrat Republican Party” with Park Chung Hee, former president of South Korea and ancient collaborationist of the Japanese invaders under the name of Masao Takagi. This person, after his reelection in his third term , changed the constitution for make it for his custom (Yusin constitution or 3rd Korean Republic)  after an auto-coup d’état and the creation of one-party system in a regime of repression against communist, political murders and total repression against the non-liberal. This sir, finally was executed by the Korean people.

After his execution, take the presidency other president of the same party: Chun Doo Hwan. He changed the name of the party to “Democratic Justice Party”. This president was terribly famous by the Gwangju massacre (of that massacre was the anniversary some days ago) with his premier Kim Jong Pil. Both were sentenced for more of 20 years of jail for that crime against the Korean people in 1997. Chun was into the death row until 1997.

After this continues the same party with Ro Tae U, he also changed the name to the party to “New Korea Party”. This individual was sentenced to jail too with charges of high corruption. The name was changed other time with a fusion with a minor party as “Gramd National Party”.

There was two presidents of another party, Kim Dae Jung and Roh Moo Hyun, during both mandates existed the best interkorean relationship until today. Both presidents passed away in strange circumstances.

Roh Mu Hyun felt with an impeachment and appeared Lee Muyng Bak, ancient mayor of Seoul and  ultra christian (Personal friend of George W. Bush) of the Great National party. This individual breaks all the relationships with DPRK and suppresses every dissident movement.

Then, the party is re-named as “Saenuri” and won the elections the daughter of the dictator Park Chung Hee. Ms. Park Geun Hye. She and Lee are now imprisoned for high corruption. During the presidency of this person was the Sewol tragedy, surrounded of many irregularities by part of high officcials.  The final political days of this woman was by an impeachment. After that, they were an escition into the party, with Saenuri and Liberty Party of Korea, inheritor of the politics of this criminal party.
For ending, every presidents of this party met very near the courts or executed by the people. This answers to the Pansori tragedy and the Han feeling of contained rage without revenge by Korean people.


On Wednesday, 22nd May an article was released by NK News entitled "Leaving The British Friends of North Korea". The piece authored by Oliver Hotham was about the time spent by former KFA member Alex Meads within the Korean Friendship Association. Oliver Hotham's article carried alot of inaccuracies and distortions of reality, attempting to portray the UK KFA as a "cult-like" body and as an extremist organisation.(in fact the article was  basically entirely false -ed) The UK KFA is infact a broad-based organisation promoting understanding and solidarity with the DPRK (North Korea) and striving for the peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula. In the UK KFA we have members from different social & ethnic backgrounds, from various political parties and social organisations.

The main reason for Mr.Meads suspension and then eventual expulsion from the ranks of the UK KFA was due to a serious complaint of racism which was made directly to the Headquarters of the International KFA. A UK KFA member  came out with allegations that Mr.Alex Meads verbally abused him in a racist and xenophobic manner during an altercation at a national meeting of the UK KFA on April 6th. Following this initial accusation by the member, other similar incidents have come to light, including ones where a whole delegation from the Spanish Section of the KFA was racially insulted by Alex Meads in August 2017, in Pyongyang, the DPRK. The KFA gave Mr.Meads ample opportunity to rebuff these allegations and to overturn the decision which was passed by the International KFA headquartered in Spain. Alex Meads could have chosen to have communicated his concerns over this decision to other members of the KFA, but instead went straight to hostile elements with his expose.

There were a whole host of incidents concerning Mr.Meads behaviour. While on a tour of the DPRK in September 2018, was openly mocking the Supreme Leadership of Peoples Korea in front of the Korean guides. At times was very rude to the delegation's Korean guide. In the Kumsusan Palace of The Sun (where the Great Leaders are laid to rest) Mr Meads had his arms crossed and was pushing the Korean guide Mr.Li forward. The delegation members found Mr.Meads conduct in the DPRK surprising given his level of knowledge of the DPRK and his previous commitment On the visit of the KFA delegation to the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the DPRK, Mr.Meads repeatedly came out with comments of a racist, chauvinistic, classist and homophobic character. In the NK News article, it was put across that a delegation member had said to Mr Meads "being perverted by a bourgeois education" whereas the term "influenced" was used. It is known that this person had attended a public school (private school). The said individual while on route to Pyongyang via Beijing uttered such expressions as "Do all Chinese people look the same". Even at Heathrow Airport Mr.Meads gave the finger to the portrait of Her Majesty The Queen, in front of security personnel.

I have found the issue of expulsion a rather distressing one and should only be resorted to as the last term measure. When Mr.Meads was The Commissar of the UK KFA he began to see enemies and infiltrators everywhere. Mr.Meads took it upon himself to act as a sort of Witchfinder General within the KFA, where the expulsion began the norm, not the exception. Many KFA members were expressing grave concern at the rate and frequency of these expulsions, which was impacting the reputation of the UK KFA. One vindictive example was the unwarranted expelling of a young Pro-DPRK Youtuber, in which Mr.Meads took great pleasure. One expulsion which was justified was with a person who had Far Right connections and was kicked out for no other reason. Mr.Meads was highly regarded as an energetic and highly committed member of the UK KFA and been at the forefront of the KFA activities. It is a shame to have seen such an ultra-loyalist turned into someone working with reactionary Anti-DPRK forces and warmongers. Mr.Meads was also a member of the New Communist Party for some years and it is alleged that he was also associated with front organisations of the Conservative Party.

There have been attempts to silence the voice of the KFA and halt the work of spreading the truth about the DPRK and campaigning for Peace in Korea. We must resist the efforts of those malevolent elements who wish to outlaw displays of friendship with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, and the KFA has always operated within the scope of UK legislation. The activity of the KFA will continue and become further diversified, bringing all peace-loving and progressive people to support the just cause of the Korean people!!

Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance to Be Held

Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) -- The grand gymnastics and artistic performance "The Land of the People" will be held here.

The grand gymnastics and artistic performance will start at the May Day Stadium in Rungna Islet early in June and go on till the middle of October. -0-

Saturday, 25 May 2019

S. Korean Authorities Should Break with Idea of Confrontation: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- Recently, the U.S. Strategic Command made public that the south Korean military authorities took part for the first time in the nuclear attack drill Global Thunder that took place secretly at an air force base in North Dakota State, U.S. in November last year.

As known, Global Thunder drill is an annual global nuclear war drill that has been conducted in secrecy under the direction of the U.S. Strategic Command with the involvement of the 5th Bombing Group with B-52Hs and the 91st Missile Group with Minuteman-3s.

The U.S. had openly claimed in 2017 that one of the main purposes of the Global Thunder drill is to get familiar with the operation for striking the nuclear facilities in the DPRK.

Then, we cannot but ask the south Korean military authorities what happened in the Korean peninsula last year.

They signed the historic April 27 Panmunjom Declaration, the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration and the north-south agreement on military field last year. However, they went so shameless as to take part in the U.S. nuclear attack drill aimed at a preemptive attack on the DPRK behind the scene. This is another perfidious act against the compatriots in the north.

Such act is just one of many typical examples of disguised hostile acts persisted in by the south Korean military in collusion with the U.S. against the trend of the north-south reconciliation and peace.

The south Korean military, failing to drop the past evil habit of perpetrating military provocations, has ceaselessly conducted joint military drills in collusion with the U.S. against the DPRK though they had to be ceased.

The U.S.-south Korea joint military drill Alliance 19-1 and joint air drill were conducted in March and April this year. And plans of war drills against the DPRK are being mapped out even at this moment.

Nevertheless, the south Korean military is asserting that the military drills conducted by the army of the DPRK within its territorial land and waters under its regular drill plan are running counter to the idea of the north-south agreement on military field.

This is just the height of shamelessness.

The south Korean military is pursuing military confrontation, far from making efforts to develop the north-south relations and preserve peace and security on the Korean peninsula. This proves that the south Korean military doesn't actually want north-south reconciliation and cooperation and peace.

The above-said disguised act of the south Korean military, to say nothing of the open hostile acts they committed so far, constitutes an unpardonable provocation against the compatriots in the north. It draws bitterer disillusion and anger of all Koreans.

Dark cloud comes before a storm.

The south Korean authorities should cleanse themselves of the black-hearted confrontational idea and take a proper stand to honestly implement the north-south declarations and the agreement on military field.

All Koreans will never pardon the confrontational moves of the south Korean military going against the trend of north-south reconciliation and peace. -0

ASSPUK, JISGE,UK KFA and BSCPRKP support indictment of DPRK CPRC of LKP

http://http:  email \                                           \                                                                        
               London 25th  of May Juche 108(2019)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) ,the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and nd the British Solidarity Committee for the Peace and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula(BSCPRKP today issued a joint statement in support of the indictment issued by  Reunification and Agitation Department of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country (CPRC) of the DPRK ;
   The indictment correctly characterises the so-called Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) of south Korea as
 'a group of gangsters that have inherited the "tradition" of fascist dictators'.This is absolutely true . The LKP is the party of fascist dictatorship in south Korea and a descendant of past puppet fascist regimes in south Korea. The origins of the LKP go back to the days of the horrendous puppet fascist dictator Syngham Rhee .Although this party has used many names throughout its history such as
"Democratic Justice Party", "Democratic Liberal Party", "New Korea Party", "Grand National Party", "Saenuri Party" , it is basically the same fascist party . The LKP is just the latest incarnation of this clique.
  Throughout its history it has repressed the south Korean people by enacting laws such as the 'National Security Law ' which prohibits the freedom of thought in south Korea and makes leftist ideology punishable by up to 7 years in prison. The past south Korean puppet regimes have been linked to international fascism through the 'World Anti-Communist League ' which was in turn linked to neo nazis including the notorious National Front party in Britain.
   Although the fascist puppets like to boast about 'prosperity ' and say they are for increasing people's living standards in fact south Koreans suffered poverty and unemployment . Under the Lee Myung Bak puppet fascist regime   5.2 million were unemployed and 10 million in poverty . Park Geun Hye
the daughter of Park Chung Hee, who was ousted from office , spent a lot of money on going around the world to sign free trade agreements which totally ruined the south Korean economy .
   The LKP is doing all it can to sabotage and derail any movers towards Korean reunification and inter-Korean co-operation.They slandered the inter-Korean summits held last year .
  As the indictment says ' No matter how loudly the LKP group including Hwang may cry out for "people's livelihood" and "security", they can never cover up their sordid nature as the fascist party, the group of sycophantic traitors and confrontational maniacs and hotbed of evils.'.
 We support the indictment of the  Reunification and Agitation Department of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country (CPRC) of the DPRK and urge that it is widely distributed and read !
More needs to be done internationally and in the UK to expose the nature of the LKP . We reiterate
our call for the dissolution of the LKP and the punishment of its leaders !

Friday, 24 May 2019

ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP say US to blame for rupture in DPRK -US talks

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               London 24th  of May Juche 108(2019)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) ,the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and nd the British Solidarity Committee for the Peace and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula(BSCPRKP today issued a joint statement concerning the rupture in DPRK-US talks ;
  As is well known the 2nd DPRK-US summit in Hanoi , Vietnam  ending without an agreement and DPRK-US talks have come to a grinding halt, basically they have been ruptured . This is 100 per cent entirely due to the arrogant ,arbitrary and high-handed attitude displayed by the US side at the Hanoi summit.The US did not act in an honest way but instead attempted to force impossible demands on the DPRK.
  The DPRK did its best to implement the 12th June DPRK-US joint statement. As clarified by the answer of the spokesperson of the DPRK Foreign Ministry on the 24th of May , the DPRK " crucial and meaningful measures of a strategically decisive nature including the discontinuation of nuclear test and test-fire of intercontinental ballistic missile, and we also took a broadminded step towards the realization of the repatriation of the American POW/MIA remain".
   However the US response was not only to continue with its anti-DPRK hostile policy and evenly brazenly demanded the unilateral disarmament of the DPRK at the Hanoi summit.
  The DPRK through its foreign ministry spokesperson has said that "We hereby make it clear once again that the United States would not be able to move us even an inch with the device it is now weighing in its mind, and the further its mistrust and hostile acts towards the DPRK grow, the fiercer our reaction will be....Unless the United States puts aside the current method of calculation and comes forward with a new method of calculation, the DPRK-U.S. dialogue will never be resumed and by extension, the prospect for resolving the nuclear issue will be much gloomy".
  Thus it is the responsibility of the US to take genuine measures to restart the dialogue otherwise the process cannot move forward.If the peace and dialogue process collapses then the blame will lay with the US .
 We support the just stand of the DPRK and call for the US to end its hostile policy towards the DPRK .

CPRC Reunification and Agitation Department Exposes Sordid Nature of LKP

Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- The Reunification and Agitation Department of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country (CPRC) of the DPRK released an indictment on May 24, revealing the sordid nature of the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) keen on covering up their high-profile crimes and taking power again under the pretext of the "people's livelihood" and "security".

The LKP is a group of gangsters that have inherited the "tradition" of fascist dictators.

Far back in the past at the time of its first predecessor "Liberal Party", it enforced fascist dictatorship by invoking the "Security Law". At the times of the "Democratic Republican Party", it instituted "anti-communist law", "yusin constitution" and "social security law". In the 1980s it enacted a "draft law on assembly and demonstration". Through the fabrication of more than 100 fascist laws as such, the party turned south Korea into a prison without bars characteristic of the conservative party.

The long line of the names ranging from the "Democratic Justice Party", "Democratic Liberal Party", "New Korea Party", "Grand National Party", "Saenuri Party" to the "Liberal Korea Party" that the party has taken up has accompanied corresponding rallying and dismissing.

In fear of the candlelight demonstrators that flared up, it changed the name "Saenuri Party" into the "Liberal Korea Party" and claimed "repentance", "shake-up", "parting with the past" and "modification". But a crow is never whiter for often washing.

Exposing the essence of the "people's livelihood" cited by the traitorous party, the indictment continued:

The crippled south Korean economy and the impoverished people's livelihood are entirely the product, consequence and miserable result of the unpopular rule pursued by traitors Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye during their term from the conservative party.

Lee Myung Bak who presented himself as an "economy-minded president" brought unprecedented pain and sufferings to the south Koreans with the production of more than 5.2 million unemployed and over 10 million poverty-stricken masses.

Park Geun Hye visited other countries for the conclusion of the humiliating "Free Trade Agreement", spending three million USD at one time, allegedly to achieve "diplomatic performance" only to plunge the subservient bubble economy of south Korea into an abyss beyond control.

The indictment censured the shameful "security" rhetoric uttered by the harassers of peace. It continued:

The traitorous party has now gone desperate, justifying itself as "security guard" and "peace guard" everywhere in south Korea.

Insulting the historic north-south summits and declarations as "strategy risking security" and "meeting devoid of details of nuclear dismantlement deal" and "declaration that was dictated by the north" and "unilateral declaration reflective of the north's interests only", they viciously slandered them, stressing the need to "stop pleading for dialogue and to tighten sanctions and pressure on the north".

The sinister aim behind the rackets of the "leftist dictatorship" and confrontation with the fellow countrymen touted by the LKP under the signboard of "security" is to round up conservative elements through stereotyped coloring offensive, revive fascist dictatorship, hobble the north-south reconciliation efforts and create the phase of acute crisis of war far back in the past.

The LKP is a group of traitors that have to be thrown overboard together with the kingpins of evil doings.

Hwang Kyo An is the No. 1 target of the abolition of evils out of the LKP group keen on pushing back the wheel of history under the excuses of the "people's livelihood" and "security".

No matter how loudly the LKP group including Hwang may cry out for "people's livelihood" and "security", they can never cover up their sordid nature as the fascist party, the group of sycophantic traitors and confrontational maniacs and hotbed of evils.

It will be hard to realize new politics and new life wished by the south Koreans nor will it be possible to expect improvement in the north-south relations and peace and prosperity on the Korean peninsula with the cancer-like entity and group of traitors like LKP left intact.

However hard the traitorous party may try to find a way-out by citing "people's livelihood" and "security", they are destined to meet ruin, in the face of the fierce resistance and severe punishment by the people, the indictment concluded. -0-

Hostility and Prejudice Will Lead Japan to Self-Destruction and Isolation: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- The rash acts of hostility of Japan towards the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), an organization of overseas citizens of our dignified Republic, harden the Korean nation's will to settle accounts with the former.

At a recent meeting of the Cabinet ministers, the Japanese authorities, finding fault with Chongryon, defined it as an object subject to investigation under the Act for the Prevention of Sabotage, and adopted a decision to the effect that it is possible that the latter can commit a violent act of sabotage.

The Japanese authorities' branding Chongryon as an "anti-state organization" is a vivid manifestation of their deep-rooted hostile policy towards the DPRK and an expression of their vicious and black-hearted intention to crack down and stamp out Chongryon at any cost.

Chongryon has consistently worked for defending and ensuring the life and interests of Koreans in Japan and promoting friendship with the Japanese people as clarified in its action programme over 60-odd years since its formation.

It has conducted legitimate activities, abiding by international law and the Japanese laws without interference in the Japanese internal affairs and promoted mutual understanding and friendly exchanges between the peoples of the DPRK and Japan.

This being a fact, the Japanese authorities claim that Chongryon has been involved in the "abduction issue", "illegal export case" and "sci-tech support for the DPRK". This is sheer sophism.

This is nothing but the malignant prejudice to make the public take Chongryon as a "violent body" while antagonizing it for no justifiable grounds and regarding it as the target of crackdown and obliteration.

To look back on history, the Japanese reactionaries have kept Chongryon as the first target of their hostile moves towards the DPRK and persistently resorted to a host of smear campaigns and crackdown against it.

In particular, the Abe regime which set the hostile policy towards the DPRK as the national policy is getting more vicious in its moves against the DPRK and Chongryon.

The shooting spree at the Central Hall of Chongryon in February was followed up by the Japanese customs authorities' fascist crackdown against the students of Kobe Korean High School on their return to Japan after visiting their motherland. This not only offended the juvenile minds of children but seriously threatened even the life and safety of Koreans in Japan.

In March, the right-wing gangsters of the Japanese No. 1 Party insulted and decried the students of the Korean schools. The right of Koreans' children to national education was also trampled upon as evidenced by the justification of a stop to the payment of subsidies for the Korean schools.

What is stunning is that the Abe regime is hell-bent on depriving Chongryon and the Koreans in Japan of all their democratic national rights including human rights, right to living and the right to business and also the legitimate rights universally recognized by international law, while enforcing its own sanctions independent of the UN sanctions, quite contrary to its lip-service for dialogue with the DPRK.

All the facts go to prove that the decedents of samurais remain unchanged in their hostile attitude towards the DPRK and Chongryon despite the changed situation and peaceful climate on the Korean peninsula which draws the attention of the world community.

The encroachment on the national rights of the Koreans in Japan amounts to the encroachment of the sovereignty of the DPRK.

The Abe group should remember that Chongryon just represents the dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK in Japan.

Reckless hostility and prejudice will lead Japan only to self-destruction and isolation.

The Japanese authorities would be well advised to roll back their anachronistic and hostile policy towards the DPRK and Chongryon, clearly understanding the trend of the times. -0-

U.S. Is Accountable for Rupture of Hanoi Summit Talks: DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

Pyongyang, May 24 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on May 24, as regards the attempt revealing within the United States to impute to the DPRK the cause for the rupture of the Hanoi DPRK-U.S. summit talks:

As we have stated before, the underlying cause of setback of the DPRK-U.S. summit talks in Hanoi is the arbitrary and dishonest position taken by the United States, insisting on a method which is totally impossible to get through.

For the sake of building confidence, a main key to an alleviation of the DPRK-U.S. hostile relations, we took crucial and meaningful measures of a strategically decisive nature including the discontinuation of nuclear test and test-fire of intercontinental ballistic missile, and we also took a broadminded step towards the realization of the repatriation of the American POW/MIA remains.

However, the United States did not respond to our goodwill measures in the same manner, but deliberately pushed the talks to a rupture by merely claiming the unilateral disarmament of the DPRK.

Notwithstanding the above facts, the United States attempts to ascribe the setback of the DPRK-U.S. summit talks in Hanoi to a completely irrelevant issue and to impute the responsibility for the ruptured talks to the DPRK. Such American ulterior intention definitely needs to be brought to the attention.

We hereby make it clear once again that the United States would not be able to move us even an inch with the device it is now weighing in its mind, and the further its mistrust and hostile acts towards the DPRK grow, the fiercer our reaction will be.

Unless the United States puts aside the current method of calculation and comes forward with a new method of calculation, the DPRK-U.S. dialogue will never be resumed and by extension, the prospect for resolving the nuclear issue will be much gloomy.

The U.S. would be well advised to wake up to reality and learn anew how to have dialogue and negotiation. -0-

Thursday, 23 May 2019

ASSPUK,JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP on the 80th anniversary of the battles in the Musan Area.

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               London 23rd of May Juche 108(2019)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) ,the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and nd the British Solidarity Committee for the Peace and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula(BSCPRKP today issued a joint statement on the 80th  anniversary of the offensives in the Musan area ;
  It is now 80 years since the great leader Generalissimo KIM IL SUNG , an ever-victorious ,iron-willed brilliant commander and gifted military strategist led to victory the battles in the Musan area of the northern part of Korea .
  The Korean People's Revolutionary Army commanded by the great leader Generalissimo
KIM IL SUNG dealt heavy blows to the Japanese imperialists . The operation in the Musan area demonstrated once again the might of the KPRA and administered heavy political and military blows at the Japanese imperialist aggressors who had been advertising that Korea was a “stable rear area”. It also inspired the people with courage and the sure hope for the liberation of their homeland, and encouraged them to rise up vigorously in the struggle against the Japanese imperialists.
  The battles in the Musan area showed the great vitality  of the Juche-orientated revolutionary line of armed struggle that had been laid down by Generalissimo KIM IL SUNG. The victory was due to the Juche-oriented military guerilla tactics and outstanding art of command of Generalissimo KIM IL SUNG .
  The victory in the Musan area and the exploits of generalissimo KIM; IL SUNG will shine forever !

Reveal the truth

Reveal the truth 

A broad spectrum of south Korean people are inflamed with surging indignation against the opposition Liberty Korea Party which debased the victims of sunken ferry Sewol  and its bereaved families.
The disaster of ferry Sewol  is a deliberate genocide caused by the Park Geun-hye regime.
Nevertheless, the LKP disturbed the efforts of the ad hoc committee for probing truth behind the ferry disaster and used abusive language against the bereaved families who demanded punishment of those responsible for it. Moreover, it hurled invective at the bereaved families “dangerous elements” and “political demagogue”.
A new conference was held to condemn the LKP on May 10 outside the Seoul High Public Prosecutors Office under the sponsorship of the April 16 Consultative Council of Families of Victims and the April 16 Solidarity.
They closed the press conference by chanting “Punish LKP!” and “Punish Hwang!”
On May 11, a candlelight procession took place in demand of the dissolution of the LKP and punishment of its representative Hwang Kyo-ahn and floor leader Na Kyung-won with attendance of 3 000 residents.
Another disaster of ferry Sewol would recur if the LKP remains intact, they noted and called for the people to accelerate the action to dismantle and punish the LKP by dint of the candlelight resistance. 
A candlelight rally took place on May 18 in Seoul to demand the dissolution of the LKP distorting the spirit of the Gwangju uprising and disturbing the process of investigation into the sunken ferry Sewol.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

KCNA Commentary on Self-destructive Acts of S. Korean Conservatives

Pyongyang, May 22 (KCNA) -- Recently in south Korea the conservative forces including the "Liberal Korea Party" are going mad with confrontation, while labeling our righteous strike drills as "provocation".

The LKP is spouting a load of abuse every day, remarking that they should regard the north's missile fire as provocation and take issue with it in a strong and serious manner, and the north's move is tantamount to the declaration that 50 million people have been held as nuclear hostages.

The representative of the party Hwang Kyo An is in the vanguard of such racket.

The confrontation maniac Hwang is hell bent on malicious propaganda in Taegu and other areas, saying that "the north fired missiles one after another and if it fires missiles tipped with nuclear warheads, they will land right in Seoul, Taegu and North Kyongsang Province."

The "Parun Mirae Party" cried out for putting joint military exercises with the U.S. on a regular basis and resuming the intensive drills, while blatantly branding our military drills as "a breach of the Panmunjom Declaration and an express violation of the UN resolution".

This is a mad act which can be done only by the worst-ever confrontation maniacs having an old evil habit of finding fault with the fellow countrymen.

They wholeheartedly welcomed their master’s dangerous anti-DPRK war drills and fire of ICBM targeting the Korean peninsula. But they are desperately blasting the just drills we performed on our land to defend the security of the country and nation. This shows well how much they went mad about confrontation with the fellow countrymen and sycophancy toward big powers.

What's more, the conservative forces who have slandered the historic north-south declarations and the agreement in the military field supported by all the compatriots ever since they were adopted, are now talking about a "breach of declaration" by someone. This is the height of absurdity and illogicality.

What should not be overlooked is the fact that the conservatives intensify the offensive against the present regime by taking the advantage of this.

The conservative group of traitors is pouring scorn on the present regime and putting political pressure on it, while crying out for "re-examining the policy toward the north" and "tightening anti-DPRK sanctions through south Korea-U.S. alliance and international cooperation".

They seek to justify their past criminal acts of driving the inter-Korean relations to the brink of war by inflaming consciousness of confrontation with the fellow countrymen, and in this way they try to provide favorable conditions and circumstances for realizing their ambition to seize "power". This is their true intention.

No matter how desperately the traitors who are crazy about confrontation with the fellow countrymen and seizure of power may struggle to turn the stream of history back to the past dark era, this will get nowhere.

At present in south Korea, the struggle for disbanding the LKP has turned into the second candlelight demo.

According to the public petition billboard of Chongwadae, the number of petitioners demanding the disbandment of the LKP has reached over 1.8 million.

This directly shows that the hideous conservative confrontation maniacs are bound to face the severe punishment by the nation.

The south Korean conservative group is fated to rush toward destruction. -0-

UK KFA responds to slander by NKNews


NKNews  have published their worst ever slander so far against UK KFA and its Chairman 
Dr Dermot Hudson.
 The founder of NKNews in the past worked for the German Marshall Fund of the USA which is widely regarded as a CIA front body ,as one journalist wrote of the Marshall Fund " administration board is still made up by personalities who, most of them, are involved in secret actions undertaken by the United States." . Also this individual worked for Center for Arms Control & Non Proliferation, another shadowy US body . Another NKNews staff member was in the US army and apparently "Facilitated successful execution of over 1100 military aircraft missions supporting operations in Afghanistan and Iraq". Yet another NKNews staff member used to copy editor of the south Korean puppet propaganda mouthpiece "The Korea Herald " On top of this their material is regularly sourced from the so-called "Daily NK " an anti DPRK propaganda organ in south Korea under the control of the south Korean puppet National Intelligence Service and the CIA .The south Korean staff working for NKNews are from the south Korea NIS and south Korean army . NKNews is also thought to linked to the British MI6 and possibly other intelligence agencies.
  NKNews were responsible for harassing a UK KFA picket of the south Korean puppet embassy in November 2013 and illegally filming it .NKNews have illegally published the photos of UK KFA members without permission  thus breaking the law.

 NKNews have chosen to rely on the so-called testimony of a  person was actually expelled from KFA on the 22nd of April after a serious and substantial complaint by a long standing KFA member and activist was made on the 7th of April . The complaint stated that they witnessed from this individual very "unwanted acts of arrogance, classism and outrageous disrespect"  and a " colonialist attitude "  . Moreover  the individual concerned displayed a racist attitude towards other members by " mocking my accent and doing that very racist thing of “what?say it again? I can't understand you” when he understands every single word I say"  .  The complaint also stated that " The same person that is supposed to look after the “security” and sees infiltrators every time a new comer shows any interest for the KFA but in practice sabotages the association like nobody can." and " I would like to quote James Whitcomb Riley and his duck test. “When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.” When I see a person that systematically sabotages people's willingness and efforts I can only call that person a saboteur."
      Thus this person was expelled from KFA  on the basis of this complaint plus concerns raised by UK KFA officials in September 2018 about the suitability of the individual for a KFA role and KFA membership plus some earlier informal complaints made in August 2017. We became aware that there was something very wrong about this person during the September 2018 delegation. The individual concerned was given the chance to refute the allegations against him and present 3 letters of support from UK KFA members however he declined to do so .
  KFA has a policy of zero tolerance for racists and fascists . They are not permitted in our ranks.
  It can be added that the person concerned often expressed elitist views  which is out of place in an all inclusive organisation like KFA . For example he wanted to exclude people from certain backgrounds from meetings actually calling people on benefits and pensioners  'the dregs of society ' . He also said  that working class were not cultured enough" and "people of working people origin were not smart enough to know the names of a really exotic type of fruit." He would also refer to 'northern idiots ' and 'northern drunks' (meaning people from the north of England )
  As well as the complaint made by a member about the individual concerned , an investigation has turned up the following ;
- In Beijing, came out with comments in respect to Chinese people "looking all the same. 
-also in Beijing shouted at Chinese hotel staff , this was witnessed by the whole delegation. Also was alleged to have been racist towards Air China cabin staff.
-Attempted to pit members of the UK KFA against each other
-acted in an anti-social way during the September delegation
- tried to pass judgement on people's mental health which he is not qualified to do so and called for excluding people from UK KFA on the grounds of mental health.
-made disparaging remarks about 'uneducated people using Facebook'
-is still in possession of some UK KFA property namely some posters which he is not entitled to 
- the traitor tried to profit off the backs of the Korean people by reselling a gold coin he had bought
- the traitor had tried to undermine UK KFA from within by spreading  cynicism , defeatism and demoralization
-that the individual concerned is linked to the Conservative Party and 'Conservative Friends of Israel'

  The accusations in the NKNews  article are all  false . Our answers are as follows

  • This person first  became active in UK KFA in 2013 not 2011 .
  • there is the possibility for hardworking members of KFA and the Juche Idea Study Group of England to receive subsidies for visits to the DPRK when a surplus of  funds permit . This person was constantly pleading poverty saying  'I am from a one parent family' and ' I am a poor working class student' and pressed for money and free stuff from KFA , JISGE and the DPRK as much as he could. He always demanded a DPRK calendar for his granny
  • It is quite normal for small gifts from the DPRK to be given to members and not just one person.
  • we did not pay his train fares to meetings nor did we pay for his food
  • This person did not contribute a single penny to KFA funds but was always trying to get KFA to give him stuff for free.In fact was never asked to contribute money to UK KFA other than the normal collection taken at the end of the meeting.
  • No one in UK KFA has ever been ordered to do anything , people volunteer for things .
  • The individual concerned was not promoted immediately but given a KFA role after several years, in fact after about 4 years of involvement - He volunteered for the role himself  and appeared to enjoy the importance  as well a perception of authority over others it gave him within KFA .
  • As to anti LGBT remarks ,KFA has a policy of not discriminating against anyone on the grounds of gender ,sex or orientation. It was this person who constantly made anti LGBT remarks and angered other members of the delegation in September 2018  repeatedly mentioning the subject so much that another member of the delegation said 'just what is your problem ?' . The person concerned also went on about 'cross dressing '
  • This person took upon himself to look up people's names on electoral registers no one asked him to .
  • This person constantly said that UK KFA was been infiltrated and tried to set himself as an amateur CHEKA , Stasi or Securiatate  . He was very keen to expel other people from KFA.
  • there are no 'files on journalists ' , no one has ever seen them 
  • this person was never criticised for wearing jeans .There is no dress code in UK KFA
  • False membership figure given in the article. UK KFA does not disclose exact membership figures but several hundred people have registered as KFA members online through the website and wehave over 5,000 likes on Facebook
  • UK KFA has received financial support from KFA International 
  • He did not work 10-15 hours for KFA , this is a completely false allegation, at best on average he did 1 or 2 hours of work for UK KFA per week if that . In the past year he has tended to be on foreign trips and not around.
  • He did not book venues for meetings and events , this was done by others.
  • This person attempted to create paranoia within UK KFA  .

UK KFA members have been angered by the treachery of this individual . Members and activists have commented that 'why they listening to him , he has no friends and is a twat' , 'he is a narcissist ', 'he is a clearly some kind of spy'  , ' a spoilt brat', a 'baby throwing his toys out of the pram and  ' he is a worse scumbag than we thought '.
  The response of the individual to his expulsion has been truly vile. This has included attacks on the UK KFA chairman on Facebook, illegally publishing internal UK KFA conversations and private messenger conversations , threatening violence against UK KFA officials and members, trying to hand a KFA membership list to NKNews which again breaks the law.
 This individual despite pleading poverty all the time and demanding free trips to the DPRK told other members of the delegation that he had 3,000 Euros spending money , subsequently he made trips to the Ukraine, Germany and Vietnam .We wonder where the money is coming from ? Was he working for the other side all along ?, Indeed we wonder why he stayed in an organisation which he had parted company with in spirit .If he was so disillusioned as the article implies why didn't have the honesty and integrity to leave ?
  UK KFA is not a cult . We have members from all walks of life and all ages .Members have a wide range of interests beside the DPRK . We have rail fans and sports fans within our ranks.

UK KFA totally rejects this vile attack on us and our work by the hack media and by a deceitful traitor . Our record speaks for itself , we actively defend the DPRK , doing what it says on the tin . Since the beginning of the year we have had 2 regional meetings , a picket and a poster exhibition

We hereby put NKNews on notice that we are considering legal action against them over this article and will make a formal complaint to the Independent Press Complaints Commission.