Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Report of UK KFA Picket of BBC 25.05.2019


The UK Korean Friendship Association  picketed the BBC HQ , Broadcasting House , Portland Place , London  on the 25th of  May from 1500 hours to 1700 hours . The picket was supported also by KFA Scandinavia whose delegate Mr Ulrich Larsen travelled from Copenhagen, Denmark to be at the picket . The picket was attended by members of the UK KFA , ASSPUK, JISGE , BSCPRKP , also by  a Politburo member of the New Communist Party  and a member of the Labour Party and the union UNITE Community .
  Dr Dermot Hudson UK KFA chairman said "We are holding our picket in difficult conditions as an attempt has been made to destroy or stifle our organisation
by a racist and fascist traitor and by the NK News website..
' The BBC, which is known to progressive people as the British Brainwashing Corporation, has consistently lied about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK). Its coverage of the DPRK is one sided and exaggerated to say the least. On several occasions BBC reporters have used tricks and subterfuges to enter the DPRK ....Moreover the BBC is acting as a tool of psychological warfare and regime change against People’s Korea as since 2017 it has been broadcasting its lies to the DPRK in Korean language . This activity is aimed at destabilising the DPRK . Some of the
older generation point out the role the BBC played in overthrowing socialism in Eastern Europe and the USSR.
The UK Korean Friendship Association believes the BBC should stop lying about the DPRK and instead produce fair, accurate and objective material about People’s Korea"

Dr Hudson also denounced the US hostile policy and called for the US to lift sanctions on the DPRK.
  A solidarity message from KFA Switzerland was read out  which said in part"The demonization of the DPRK like "totalitarian", "impoverished" or "isolated" is not only insulting, but also ridiculous and absolutely wrong.
Who is totalitarian? It is capitalism which enslaves and exploits the working people.
Who is impoverished? They are the jobless and homeless people in the rotten, degenerated and inhuman capitalist society.
Who is isolated? It is the BBC and other imperialist Western media which tell only lies and nonsense and which is more and more mistrusted among wise and honest people.
The DPR Korea is a real democracy of the working people, a socialist democracy. Only socialism where all people live in material and spiritual happiness is democracy! In the DPRK the genuine human rights are realized and protected!"

Ulrich Larsen , KFA Delegate for Scandinavia made a speech which said ". We have to tell the world that BBC are trying to brainwash people around the world, and they have done this for decades by telling lots and lots of lies about The DPR of Korea. Also known as North Korea. BBC are such a big media, that unfortunately can be seen worldwide. And they keep bringing lies after lies, not only about DPRK, but on many other things, that not fit in their world of evil capitalism, and they do just as they are told by countries like the United States and they so called allied. A Tv station should be neutral in the news and the programs that they broadcast to the world. But instead the keep banging DPRK and the people that love and support this Great nation by making us look like fools and stupid people. How can the allow them self to treat a country, its people and its supporters like this? The board of BBC must be paid by agencies like CIA, NSA, MI6 and probably by the White House to. That’s the only answer that I have to this. In Spain Mr. Alejandro Cao de Benós founded the KFA International in 2001, to fight for the DPRK, by building up a network of people that could see how the outside world was making lies and jokes about the proud nation, that today are led whit great humanity by Great Marshal KIM JONG UN. Mr. de Benós have made a network all over the world, whit Official Delegates in many countries"

The UK KFA banner was displayed along with a DPRK flag .There were also placards denouncing the BBC and calling for an end to the US hostile policy .

The picket was briefly questioned by  BBC security staff who took some leaflets. Someone who may have been BBC staff made abusive comments at the picket .

Picket concluded at 1700 hours

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