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ASSPUK,JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP support statement of DPRK SAC on US-sk military exercises


    London  13th of November Juche 108 (2019)
The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK  (ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England (JISGE) , the UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification in Korea (BSCPRKP) issued a joint statement in support of the statement of the spokesman for the State Affairs Commission (SAC)  of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) concerning DPRK-US relations:
   Despite many repeated warnings from the DPRK which were made through different channels the US and south Korea have decided to go ahead with anti- DPRK military drills . This is a blatant contravention of the spirit and letter of the unprecedented and historic  June 12th 2018 Singapore summit between the leaders of the DPRK and US .
   The DPRK took many confidence building measures such as the suspension of nuclear tests and ICBM tests as well as handing over the remains of US troops who were missing in action during the last Korean War .The DPRK also worked to create a good atmosphere in DPRK-US relations even magnanimously allowing the US president to step on the soil of the DPRK . Yet none of this was reciprocated by the US .
   Thus the statement of the DPRK SAC says that owing to the bad faith of the US the DPRK feels that it has been betrayed by the US.
  Moreover the US has indulged in trickery by trying rename aggressive exercises but this fools no one not least the DPRK which values its independence and is vigilant against against the tricks and deception .
  The DPRK SAC duly warns that " The U.S. had better behave itself with prudence at a sensitive time when the situation on the Korean Peninsula could go back to the starting point due to the joint military drills between the U.S. and south Korea, the biggest factor of the repeating vicious circle of the DPRK-U.S. relations.

The U.S. will have to meditate on what influence the "new way" we can be compelled to take will have on the "future of the U.S"
  We strongly support the statement of the DPRK SAC . We congratulate the DPRK on seeing through the crafty tricks of the US imperialists who only want to destroy Juche-based socialism .
 If the US really values peace and wants improved relations with the DPRK it should cancel the military exercises against the DPRK and negotiate in good faith .


ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP form UK Committee to Remember the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL


    London  13th of November Juche 108 (2019)
The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK  (ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England (JISGE) , the UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification in Korea (BSCPRKP) have decided to form the UK Committee to Remember the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL;
  As the 8th anniversary of the passing away of the great comrade KIM JONG IL approaches we recall his great life and achievements we have resolved to form this committee to remember the great comrade KIM JONG IL who worked all his life for the revolution.
   The great leader comrade KIM JONG IL was the great successor to the cause of Juche initiated by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG .  Comrade KIM JONG IL was the great defender of independence and socialism who declared "Expect No Change From Me ' . He led the Korean people to build socialism despite the manic challenges of the imperialists .
  Comrade KIM JONG IL  made massive exploits in  systematizing  and enriching the great Juche Idea . He developed the Songun Idea and administered Songun politics ,the cutting edge of anti-imperialist struggle in the 21st century .
     Today's Juche Korea which is an inspiration to the people of the world , is the legacy bequeathed by comrade KIM JONG IL . Let us redouble our efforts to defend it .
   Our committee will organise activities such as a meeting and statements  to commemorate the life of the great leader  comrade KIM JONG IL and set the 17th of November to the 17th of December as a period of remembrance during which we will intensively study the revolutionary activities of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL.

Japan's Intention to Use Flag of War Criminal State at Olympics Reveals Its Ambition of Aggression: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- Japan posted an explanation in Korean about the "flag of rising sun shedding rays" on its foreign ministry homepage on the threshold of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

It noted that "the flag had been used from long ago as the flag of big haul or the flag of congratulating childbirth in Japan", describing it as a "symbol of peace."

But any part of the explanation does not mention the fact that last century the imperial Japanese army invaded Asian countries including Korea, flying the flag, and brought countless misery and pain to the peoples in the region.

In order to counter the moves getting stronger against the use of the flag, the Japanese reactionaries shamelessly explain that they showed correct information about the flag in Korean.

What is more enraging is the reckless quibbling of Japanese politicians that the display of the flag is not a political propaganda.

As the saying goes, the thief is afraid of his own shadow, their poor excuse reveals that they are trying to use the Tokyo Olympics as a theater for political propaganda to incite militarism and a springboard for realizing their ambition of reinvasion.

The "flag of rising sun shedding rays" which was the battle flag of the imperial Japanese army is still causing condemnation and censure among all the world people as a symbol of militarism and aggression.

To post the Korean-version explanation on an official government-run homepage to advertise the blood-stained flag of the war criminal state is an impatient insult to the Korean people who suffered from dreadful misery and pain by the Japanese imperialists and a part of the aggression policy to justify the past crimes and to realize long-cherished dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere."

Japan has never given up its old ambition to stretch out its tentacles of aggression to the continent again as it did in the last century and dominate the world after the defeat in World War II.

In fact, all the policies mapped out by Japan for the past decades are oriented toward this.

Japan "Self-Defence Forces" have developed into war forces capable to carry out overseas aggression at any time and steps for retrogressive revision of the constitution to get the legal guarantee for a war are persistently being made.

It is the present reality of Japan that the frantic atmosphere for militarism is being heated up in the archipelago through the impudent distortion of history to embellish its past crimes and moves of provocations over territory.

The Japanese reactionaries recently posted on the homepage of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games and carried in publications on the Olympics a map marking Tok Island as a part of Japan's territory and the East Sea of Korea as "the Sea of Japan" and decided to display the flag at the stadium of the Olympic Games.

They are going to preferentially deploy Patriot missiles in the unit of the capital and inciting war atmosphere while staging missile deployment drill in the middle of Tokyo, talking about "anti-terrorism" and "threat" from someone.

The Abe group is loudly advertising the "flag of rising sun shedding rays" as traditional symbol of Japan. Their intention is to legalize the use of the flag of the war criminal state as "symbol of peace" with the sacred Olympic Games as a momentum and rewrite the blood-stained history of aggression under the flag.

This is not the way for Japan, a war criminal state and defeated nation. The international community is keeping strict watch on Japan rushing headlong along the road of aggression, instead of admitting its past crimes and making an apology and reparation for them. -0-

Statement of Spokesman for DPRK State Affairs Commission

Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea released the following statement on Wednesday:

We explicitly defined the joint military drill being planned by the U.S. and south Korea as a main factor of screwing up tensions of the Korean peninsula and the region out of control, and have expressed deep concern over it and repeatedly warned them to stop it.

Despite our repeated warnings, the U.S. and the south Korean side decided to push ahead with the military drill hostile to the DPRK at the most sensitive time. This has further enraged our people, making it hard for them to keep the patience they have so far exercised.

The U.S. Defense Department and Joint Chiefs of Staff, asserting that they would adjust the scale of the projected U.S.-south joint air drill and not stage it in consideration of north Korea's anger, openly said now is just the time to launch a joint drill of such type and it is aimed to gird itself for going into a war even tonight.

The U.S. is not accepting with due consideration the year-end time limit that we set out of great patience and magnanimity.

Such moves of the U.S. constitute an undisguised breach of the June 12 DPRK-U.S. joint statement adopted on the basis of mutual trust and an open denial of the Singapore agreement which evoked great sensation worldwide.

We have so far tried hard to recognize the U.S. as our dialogue partner, halted different actions that the U.S. was concerned about, and have taken all possible confidence-building measures, true to its commitment to stop military actions irritating and antagonizing the dialogue partner during the goodwill dialogue between the DPRK and the U.S. By such efforts of us, successes termed by the U.S. president his exploits at every opportunity could be possible.

We, without being given anything, gave things the U.S. president can brag about but the U.S. side has not yet taken any corresponding step. Now, betrayal is only what we feel from the U.S. side.

The U.S. persists in the trite and unreasonable mode after overturning even the official stand of its president to handle the "nuclear issue of north Korea" out of a new calculation method, raising higher the obstacles to the improvement of the DPRK-U.S. relations and the end of the hostile relations.

This year alone, it staged Key Resolve and Foal Eagle with changed codename Alliance 19 in March and Ulji Freedom Guardian with changed codename "drill for examining wartime operation control transfer" in August. Whenever it was given opportunities, it waged a series of dangerous hostile military acts in a disguised mode, namely special operation drills.

Such acts of perfidy of reciprocating the good faith with evil have already put the DPRK-U.S. relations on the verge of a breakdown. Still it is mulling about combined aerial drills targeting the DPRK, the dialogue partner, under such situation only to further aggravate the situation. Our official stand is that we can no longer remain an onlooker to such a reckless act of the U.S.

At present when one party backpedals on its commitments and unilaterally takes hostile steps, there is neither reason nor any excuse for the other party to keep itself bound to its commitments. What's more, there is no sufficient time left.

Now that the physical movement of threatening our sovereignty and the security environment is clearly seen, it is the exercise of the full-fledged self-defensive right of a sovereign state to take countermeasures to contain it.

It is our intention and will to answer dialogue with dialogue and recourse to force in kind.

To look back on the past hours which we let them pass with patience, we no longer feel the need to exercise any more patience.

The U.S. has to ponder over what it can do during the short last hours left.

The U.S. had better behave itself with prudence at a sensitive time when the situation on the Korean Peninsula could go back to the starting point due to the joint military drills between the U.S. and south Korea, the biggest factor of the repeating vicious circle of the DPRK-U.S. relations.

The U.S. will have to meditate on what influence the "new way" we can be compelled to take will have on the "future of the U.S."

It will face greater threat and be forced to admit its failure, being put into trouble before long if it doesn't do anything to change the trend of the present situation. -0-

Why you should support and get involved with the UK Korean Friendship Association?


Why you should support and get involved with the UK Korean Friendship Association? Today UK KFA is the cutting edge of solidarity with People’s Korea , a true socialist state with ‘undiluted sovereignty ‘( to quote former British prime minister John Major ) and a strong national culture. We are sure that if you support People’s Korea and like its achievements like free medical care, free education , full employment and an excellent welfare system , you will be considering joining UK KFA . Below we set out the reasons why you should and also answer some common misconceptions about UK KFA.

  •  We are genuinely pro DPRK , 100 percent . We unconditionally  Defend People’s Korea and its right to existence . We are not half-hearted and faint hearted not two -faced liberals who say they support the DPRK but really want to ‘change the regime’  which really means they want to undermine socialism and Juche in the DPRK and reduce the DPRK to a pale shadow of its former self , basically opening up the way for the restoration of capitalism in the DPRK  which would mean unemployment , poverty and homelessnesses just like in the former socialist countries.
  •  We work closely with the Korean Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries which is our partner organisation in the DPRK and we also work with the  Korean Association of Social Scientists , the Korea Publications Exchange Association and the Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea .We also liaise with the DPRK Embassy in London.
  • UK KFA has a lot of expertise on the DPRK and experience in travelling to the DPRK . Our Chairman Dr Dermot Hudson has visited the DPRK 18 times and other leading members 8 times . Our UK KFA leadership has a wealth of experience . Dr Hudson himself has written over 10  books and many articles on the DPRK and has appeared on national and international television including BBC and Al Jazzera.
  • We are part of the worldwide  international Korean Friendship Assocation  which has thousands of members all over the world , This year alone new branches of KFA have been established in Zimbabwe , Ghana, Serbia, India , Costa Rica and other countries.KFA holds one international meeting per year.
  • We are proactive in supporting the DPRK . During the past year we held several meetings , some of them jointly with the Juche Idea Study Group of England . We have held meetings outside of London including in Manchester, Derby and two meetings in Glasgow. We staged 2 pickets and a very successful poster exhibition .Some organisations only support the DPRK as a tickbox exercise  and in the past some DPRK friendship associations only held a meeting every 2 or 3 years .

Some Myths and Misunderstanding About UK KFA Refuted 

  • “It only exists on the Internet /Facebook etc” . No ! , UK KFA holds meetings and events . There is also an international KFA meeting each year .
  • “We cannot support KFA , it is too small.'' Firstly, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy or self-perpetuating idea . If you think the UK KFA is too small  then join and make it bigger , that is the answer ! , Secondly, actually UK KFA is not small , we have hundreds of members registered plus over 6,000 likes on Facebook.
  • ‘KFA is all meetings , speeches and pickets ‘ Not true . This year we held a successful poster exhibition and a BBQ. We plan more cultural activities  plus social events.
  • “I cannot get involved in KFA because all the meetings are in London “ . Not true we have held meetings and events in the following places ,Liverpool, Manchester , Derby , Stoke-On-Trent, Croydon and Glasgow . We plan more regional meetings and are willing to send speakers to anywhere in the country if you can get a venue.
  • “UK KFA is just one person/two people/ three people” . An old horse chestnut but not true . No organisation can exist with just one member !  KFA is a membership based organisation and with several officials who work as a collective .

Join us in our fight to Defend People's Korea and its independence ! Join KFA and get a slice of the action !




LKP Should Be Thrown Overboard: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- Recently the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) of south Korea is busy "calling in brains", touting "innovation" and "renovation".

After making public the first list of "brains", billing them as "public figures", the LKP announced that it will take on more "persons of talent" through the second and third publication in the future.

It goes without saying that the move is nothing but a petty trick employed by LKP to sustain its political destiny on the verge of ruin and turn the tables by winning at any cost the election of the "Assemblymen" due in 2020.

This is reminiscent of the saying that a drowning man will catch at a straw.

Great irony is that this farce only backfired, leaving only bigger scar on the image of flippant LKP.

Those on the said list are all desperate evil-doers deserving punishment as they earned an ill fame while playing a servant role for the conservative groups such as Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye groups.

It is said that Hwang Kyo An, chieftain of the LKP, appointed a former task force commander of the south Korean army, praising him as the "best brain." But it is no exaggeration to call him the "worst scoundrel."

This scoundrel is reportedly on trial for maltreatment of soldiers and corruption.

The LKP selected such evil-doers as "the most talented persons", only to betray its true colors as the dirtiest group of devils and a party of hideous traitors engrossed in sycophancy, fascist rule and corruption.

This is just the true picture of "innovation" and "renovation" much touted by the LKP.

As stinking garbage swarms with blowflies, it is quite natural that the LKP, a den of philistines, is flocked to by human scum.

What matters is the black-hearted intention of LKP reinforcing its ranks with such scum.

It seeks to seize power without fail by making the LKP die-hard far-right fascist group and take revenge on the candlelight demonstrators who oppose them.

No wonder, the south Koreans are a very vocal critic of the LKP over its farce of "calling in brains". Such criticism that the corrupt, ignorant and incompetent LKP should be brought to complete collapse, is heard even among conservatives.

South Koreans of various circles will never pardon the LKP making desperate efforts to revive the past dark age. -0-

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Free Medical Care System of People's Korea is Excellent -VoK

Contribution of the Workers Party of Korea to the 21st International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties
Esteemed Comrade Chair,

Dear Comrades,

First, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece for exerting great efforts to successfully host the 21st International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties that will be of great significance in the development of the world socialist movement.

Also, I convey militant greetings from the members of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and the Korean people to the communist and workers’ parties and progressive peoples of various countries who are fighting to realize socialist and communist ideas, the ideal of humankind.


It is quite significant that this meeting, with the theme of “The fight for peace and socialism continues!”, is being held this year which marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist International.

The Communist International which was established with the purpose of defending the gains of the October Socialist Revolution and expanding its achievements, set itself a historic mission to organize and develop on the international scale the struggle of the working class and oppressed nations around the world to terminate the imperialist suppression and to break the chains of the capital.

For the 20-odd years the Communist International existed in the first half of the 20th century, the international communist movement and  the working-class movement made a rapid progress.

Of particular significance is the fact that in the 1930s, the Communist International set itself a strategic task to rally the working class and popular masses of all countries in the fight against war and fascism to prevent war, safeguard peace and democracy, thereby admirably fulfilled its role as the general staff of the world revolution.

The Communist International supported the policies put forward by Comrade Kim Il Sung, the great leader of the Korean revolution, such as the the revolutionary line on independence, the line on building a people’s revolutionary government and the line on anti-Japanese national united front, thereby encouraging the Korean people in their struggle to achieve national liberation and class liberation.

For the last 100 years since the founding of the Communist International the world socialist movement has come a long way and has witnessed in the process brilliant victories as well as painful setbacks.

However, no matter how vicious the imperialists’ anti-socialist moves may be, today socialism exists as an undeniable reality in many countries including the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, giving a strong impetus to the struggle of the world’s progressive peoples for peace and against imperialism.


The WPK has been able to frustrate the aggressive maneuvers of imperialism and successfully advanced the cause of socialism because it thoroughly maintained the independent line of revolution.

The building of socialism in the DPRK has to be carried out under the condition in which the country is geographically located between big powers and its territory divided into two and in which socialism and imperialism face each other in the most acute form of confrontation; it is therefore characterized by unparalleled arduousness and complexity.

In view of the unique environment of our country and fundamental requirements of our revolution, the WPK put forward independence as its political philosophy.

Throughout the course of building socialism, our Party rejected imperialism, dominationism, revisionism and dogmatism and solved all the problems in accordance with the aspirations of our people and specific conditions of our country relying on our own strength and hence built a socialist country that is independent in politics, self-sufficient in economy and self-reliant in national defense.

Today, in our country, the building of socialism has entered a very important and pivotal stage.

At the 7th Congress of the WPK, Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the WPK has put forward the grand strategic task of building a thriving socialist country to realize the ideal of prosperity, wealth and military strength.

In the course of the struggle to implement the decision of the 7th Party Congress, we have accomplished the historic cause of building the nuclear force of the state, on the basis of which we are leading the development of situation toward peace in recent years.

Major progress has been achieved in the efforts to put the national economy on a Juche-oriented and modern basis with the result that new sectors of industry have been created and domestic resources are widely used to meet the demands for energy, fuel and raw materials while every year we are witnessing new homes and streets and monumental edifices built for the people.

Through these notable successes made in the last three years since the 7th Party Congress, the Korean people have been convinced that they can effectively achieve the cause of building a socialist power when they rely on and further develop their own strength and capabilities.

Today, economic construction is not a simple contest of national power but a front line of political and class struggle to prove in reality the superiority of socialism over capitalism.

What is more, as the imperialists who lost nuclear supremacy are resorting to the last measure of sanctions and blockade against the DPRK, the economic construction is in itself a life-and-death struggle that would decide the winner and loser between socialism and capitalism.

That is the reason why the WPK has set itself the task of building an economic power as its major political mission for the present stage and reaffirmed building a socialist power under the banner of self-reliance as the Party’s political line at the 4th plenary session of the 7th Party Central Committee held last April.

Now the WPK is engaged in a vigorous struggle to improve the country’s economy onto a new higher stage of development based on the solid foundation of independent national economy built by the great Comrade Kim Il Sung and Comrade Kim Jong Il and relying on the might of heroic working class as well as the powerful contingent of scientists and technicians trained in the socialist education system.

Our goal for economic development is enormous and the imperialists’ maneuvers to hamper our progress persist, but the Workers’ Party of Korea will definitely build a prospering socialist power by itself drawing on the treasured sword of self-reliance.


Peace is an intrinsic demand of socialism and the desire of our nation which has been under constant threats of a nuclear war from imperialists.

In accordance with the strategic judgement of the WPK, the DPRK has been engaged in negotiations with the US aimed at replacing the 1953 Armistice Agreement with a peace treaty and building a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean peninsula.

The DPRK has already manifested its definite intention to open a new era of peace and prosperity through taking crucial and significant measures in a proactive way such as suspending nuclear tests and test-firing of ICBMs.

Whether or not peace finds its place to settle on the Korean peninsula and in the northeast Asia depends on the stand of the US now.

What is important is for the US to remove all the threats and hurdles that undermine the security of our system and hinder our development, and completely withdraw its hostile policy toward the DPRK.

We will always hold the initiative in the righteous struggle for peace and security of the Korean peninsula to defend our socialist system and the gains of the revolution, and never tolerate or sit idle by the sanctions imposed by the imperialists, but fight against and frustrate their moves.


Socialism remains as the ideal and future of humankind and as the irreversible trend of the times.

The threats of capitalism against the rights to existence and development of working masses and the manoeuvres of imperialism to encroach upon the sovereignty of other countries at its will are growing more reckless day after day. The reality of today demands that the revolutionary parties aspiring after socialism strengthen the unity in their joint struggle.

Anti-imperialist independence and socialism are the basis of unity among the revolutionary parties.

The Workers’ Party of Korea will continue to struggle shoulder to shoulder with all parties from socialist countries on the road of building socialism and it will render strong support and encouragement to the communist and workers’ parties who are fighting against exploitation and oppression by capital and for the democratic rights of working class and other working masses.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the communist and workers’ parties from different countries who are extending sincere support to the struggle of the Workers’ Party of Korea for the building of a powerful socialist country and peace on the Korean peninsula.

The Workers’ Party of Korea, in the future too, will vigorously struggle for the victorious advance of the cause of socialism in close unity with the communist and workers’ parties cherishing independence around the world under the high banner of socialism and anti-imperialist independence.

Thank you.

World Should Keep Strict Watch on Japan, War State: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 12 (KCNA) -- Japan goes on the rampage threatening peace and security of the region.

On Oct. 24, Japan Maritime "Self-Defense Force" (SDF) staged a frantic military drill in the waters of the East Sea of Korea, supported by B-52s and KC-135Rs of the U.S. air force, and ground SDF's over 180 tanks fired shells for a week at Hokkaido, inciting war atmosphere,.

This is a clear expression of the ambition for a military giant and overseas expansion.

Military actions for defending peace and territory belong to the legitimate right of every country, which no one is allowed to call in question.

Japan is the exception in that case.

Japan is a country labeled as an enemy state under the Article 53 of Chapter 8 of the UN Charter.

Worse still, the island country is likely to repeat its past crimes as it has still refused to admit them and take legal and moral responsibility for apology and reparation for them.

Having longed to see the imperial era again in which it plunged several Asia-Pacific countries and peoples into misery, Japan is stoking militarism and rushing headlong for a military giant and overseas expansion. All these facts increase displeasure with and vigilance over Japan.

The Japanese reactionaries are turning the Japanese society to the Right and stepping up militarization of the country at fast tempo through the persistent distortion of history such as describing the past horrible crimes of aggression as a "liberation war" and an "advance" which spelt "civilization" and "prosperity" to other countries. They put the SDF on the level next to the U.S. armed forces in the West and expanded the sphere of its activities to the whole world through the massive arms buildup and enactment of war laws, far from the principle of "exclusive defense".

In particular, they justify their rash military acts by describing the DPRK, China and Russia as the countries which pose threat to Japan. This clearly shows that Japan is trying to outstrip the neighboring countries and become the "leader of the East". It can be well evidenced by the fact that strategic bombers made flights near the South Sea of China as part of the recent joint drill with the U.S. and a large-scale tank group of the ground SDF staged shooting drill in the region close to the southern Kurils of Russia.

Japan is, indeed, not a pacifist country but a dangerous war state.

Every military move of Japan and its trumpeting about "peace" are aimed at aggression and danger of war in the region is being increased by the island country with each passing day.

Japan's reinvasion of the continent will bring mankind a catastrophe incomparable to that in the past.

The international community should never remain a passive onlooker to Japan's reckless moves for a military giant and overseas expansion. -0-

Bolivia , Songun ,Juche and the road to socialism-special article by Dr Dermot Hudson


The world progressive community has roundly condemned the pro-imperialist coup'd etat against the progressive government of President Evo Morales and his Movement Towards Socialism which had ruled Bolivia since 2006 , a total of 13 years . Morales , a reformist , nationalised energy resources and recently nationalised lithium resources . It is this move that many think caused the imperialist planners and policy makers to order the overthrow of Morales and his replacement with a pro-imperialist reactionary puppet regime . Of course this is not the first time a progressive government in Latin America has been toppled by the imperialists and reactionaries , one can cite the cases of Goulart in Brazil who was overthrown in a CIA orchestrated military coup in 1964 , the infamous coup in Chile in September 1973 which saw the overthrow of the elected President Allende and more recently the unsuccessful attempts to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.It is truly outrageous that the US imperialists , big multi-national corporations and cliques of far-rightists are able to conspire to overthrow sovereign governments.
   Many are calling for solidarity with President Morales and protests are being organised . However one may caustically observe that some of those calling for solidarity with Bolivia did not call for solidarity with People's Korea against US and UNSC sanctions as well US inspired psychological warfare .However it is positive that wide sectors of the world progressive community are opposing the coup in Bolivia.
 What were the deeper reasons for the overthrow of Morales by the pro-American fascist plotters and what lessons can the DPRK offer to Bolivia ?. Morales was a reformist who pursued the strategy of the peaceful road to socialism . There are similarities with Allende in Chile who was a personal friend of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG and a supporter of People's Korea. Allende was the elected president of Chile and pursued a left reformist policy . President KIM IL SUNG met a delegation of the Popular Unity grouping of Allende , a year or two before the coup that overthrew Allende and resulted in his tragic death .President KIM IL SUNG had a frank talk with the delegation and advised them as follows " If you want to get a grip on the power, you must have the control of the military and police.
The government is defended by the army and police. Winning the power does not mean easy solution of all problems immediately... You can hardly say you have got the full control of the power unless you have got a complete control of the military and police...“It is true that Allende has become President by forming a united front and implementing the ‘strategy of peaceful transition.’ The  strategy of peaceful transition,’ however, is the one of importance in the effort to snatch the power. Once you have got the power, you have to take hold of the military and police first of all in order to bolster the power. The power depends on the gun. So, you have to take control of the army and police ahead of all things if you want to grip the power completely."
 (quoted in "Echoes Down the Century " Pyongyang FLPH  2014).
  Basically Morales and his party the Movement Towards Socialism had failed to gain control of the police and armed forces who turned against the government at a crucial moment . In the DPRK state power is in the hands of the people and the armed forces of the DPRK are guided by the Workers' Party of Korea and are the revolutionary armed forces of the party , revolution and working class . As respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said " Leadership of the Party is the lifeline of the KPA, and its might is inconceivable separated from the leadership of the Party. The general direction ahead of the KPA is one, that is, to advance straight forward with guns leveled in the very direction our Party indicates." 

 Some ignorant Western critics of the DPRK' Songun (military first) think that Songun rule by the military but nothing could be further from the truth ! In the DPRK the revolutionary armed forces are under the leadership and guidance of the Worker's Party of Korea . I have seen at military parades the flag of the Workers' Party of Korea  flutters proudly on tanks and vehicles of the KPA .
   The DPRK's Songun policy is a good example for anti-imperialist and progressive countries . Rather than being faced with imperialist coups and colour revolutions the DPRK is able to to negotiate on a level playing field with the imperialists . Thanks to the DPRK's nuclear deterrent the US ended up begging the DPRK for negotiations.
   The Songun policy of the DPRK , the Juche and the revolutionary line of self-reliance mean that the DPRK is standing proud and tall in East Asia defying all attempts by the imperialists at "regime change "  as well the draconian sanctions of the imperialists .It can be said that a missile test a day keeps the imperialists away ! When former socialist countries in Europe and elsewhere capitulated and fall by the wayside , the DPRK upheld the red flag of socialism . Similarly  other progressive anti-imperialist countries are toppled by the imperialists , the DPRK will continue to march along the road of socialism and independence !
Dr Dermot Hudson
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman UK Korean Friendship Association
Chairman British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula.

The 12th candlelight resistance for liquidation of judicial conservatism

The 12th candlelight resistance for liquidation of judicial conservatism

The candlelight rallies were held in Seoul to demand reform of the prosecution.
On Nov. 2, a civic organization for liquidation of judicial conservatism held the 12th candlelight rally in Seoul.
Participated there were about 5 000 people including Seoul, Busan, Gwangju and Ulsan.

People say that the prosecution should be independent from the political circle. The prosecution has made desperate attempt to keep vested rights. The prosecution should investigate Hwang Gyo-ahn and Na Gyong-won. We demand the prosecution to be fair to everybody, Jang Jin-sook, representative of a civic organization for liquidation of conservatism noted.
The participants shouted slogan “carry out reform of the prosecution”, carrying yellow balloons and placards written with set up the official investigation team.
Chung Cheong-rae, a former member of the ruling Democratic Party, said that it is judicial democratization to dismantle authority of the prosecution and set up the official investigation team.
After the rally, they marched outside the building of the Liberty Korea Party and shouted slogans “dissolve LKP”.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Apple of War

Apple of War

The south Korean military are fanning up the tension on the Korean Peninsula in tandem with military pressure of the US.
Some days ago, the south Korean military, being scared off by the tremendous nuclear force of north Korea, held a meeting with the US military in Cheju Island to cope with the military muscle of north Korea.   
The south Korean marine corps intends to take part in the US–led joint drills at abroad from next year. It is going to conduct KMEP from autumn of this year. 
The south Korean military opened an air and defense show in Seoul to exhibit the US-made war hardware with different missions.
They invited the commander of US forces in south Korea to test-firing of self-propelled gun “K-9” with live ammunition held at a firing range of the US 8th Army in Gyeonggi Province.  
 It is clear evidence that the south Korean military have made desperate effort to strangle the same brethren militarily with the backing of the US.
The south Korean military are widely introducing the latest offensive weapons to south Korea and conducting joint military exercise in a subterranean way to bedevil the situation on the Korean Peninsula.
It is an unpardonable challenge to the Korean nation desirous of peace and stability.
The international community commented that if the south Korean military resort to the reckless military maneuvers despite the warning by north Korea, the former would face unimaginable and catastrophic consequence. 
The south Korean people, being aware of peace would be achieved only through a struggle, would accelerate the actions to foil the military moves of the US and south Korean military.

Reflections on the Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and People’s Korea-by Dr Dermot Hudson


On the 9th of November it was the 30 anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall . This is something celebrated by the US imperialists , reactionaries, fascists and liberals but is cursed by communists , socialists , progressives and anti-fascists. The US imperialist monopoly mega corporation , which brainwashes people and spies on them , used an image of a garden wall falling down with a couple embracing to celebrate the destruction of socialism in East Germany .

The fall of the Berlin Wall,which was described as ‘an anti-fascist protection barrier ‘ by the people of the former German Democratic Republic  was symbolic of the reactionary counter-revolution that destroyed socialism in eastern Europe and created a new form of anti-communism and anti-socialism. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a disaster for the people of the former Geman Democratic Republic(GDR)  , it brought about  unemployment , price rises, poverty and homelessness . It also caused the revival of neo-nazi-ism in eastern Gemany , Germany as a whole and Europe in general .
  Some comparisons have been made between the situation on the Korean peninsula today and situation in Germany 30 years ago . Of course both Korea and Germany were divided countries  and both the former German Democratic Republic and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea were socialist countries and of course the DPRK  30 years on is a socialist country . However , comparisons are misleading . In the 2nd World War Nazi Germany had been an aggressor nation and an imperialist country whereas Korea was a colony of Japanese imperialism .
Yes both the GDR in the past and today’s DPRK have socialist systems . The GDR for whatever faults it was a socialist state , a worker-farmer state and anti-fascist state on German soil .It guaranteed full employment for its citizens and most East Germans regret the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the GDR, Rather than unification , it was the annexation of the GDR by imperialist West Germany . Herein lies one crucial difference whereas West Germany (although it was occupied by American and British troops) was an imperialist country , a monopoly capitalist state, south Korea is a colony of US imperialism , a dependent neo-colonial regime .
There were big differences between the socialism of the old GDR and the DPRK.   The DPRK's socialism is independent , Juche-based and not a copy of any other country. The DPRK does not have a single foreign soldier on its soil . It never joined the old Council For Mutual Economic Assistance(CMEA) or the Warsaw Pact. The GDR however was a member of both the CMEA and Warsaw Pact .It had Soviet troops on its soil .It was said that when it rained in Moscow , people in East Berlin carried umbrellas . The DPRK attached great emphasis to ideological work whereas the GDR did not and was flooded with Western imperialist culture and ideology , as were in fact many other European socialist countries .I traveled through the GDR in 1988 , of course it is hard and probably not fair to make a comparison with the DPRK based on only 6 hours in the GDR , however I noted the following :bored looking border guards, people wearing American-style clothing and a drunk on a railway station. The people of the DPRK by contrast are enthusiastic and militant .

   The mainstream media does not like to talk about the Wall that divides Korea nor do they call for its demolition . This is because it was built by the south Korean puppets and US army back in 1979.It  is 5-8 m high, 10-19 m wide at the  bottom and 3-7 m wide on its top.It was built at a huge cost.
  The wall severed 122 villages, 8 counties, 3 railways and more than 220 big or small roads and rivers and streams between the north and the south, to say nothing of mountains and plain areas.
  Now it stands a grim symbol of Korea's division. It is a monument to the serious crime that has been inflicted on the Korean people  by the US imperialists , the crime of dividing the homogeneous Korean nation with a history of 5,000 years It was built to keep Korea divided and to keep out any influence on south Korea from the DPRK . It is the height of hypocrisy for the imperialists to talk about the ‘fall of the Berlin Wall’ whilst keeping a wall to divide Korea .
  The US imperialist ‘Washington Post ‘ wrote in a  sanctimonious   tone  of the division “between the totalitarian North led by Kim Jong Un and the democratic, modern South.”. This is a grave slander on the supreme leadership of the DPRK and the Juche-based socialist system ! It prettifies the rotten , reactionary neo-colony in south Korea . South Korea is a colony of the modern type , which is occupied by US troops and even pays the US for the privilege of being occupied . In contrast the DPRK is sovereign and independent ,once described as a country with ‘undiluted sovereignty ’ . The DPRK does not pay money to another country to be occupied by their soldiers  ! South Korea is not democratic but has endured many decades of fascist rule .Although a liberal is now in power in south Korea , the National Security Law which represses communist ,leftist and pro DPRK activities , is still in force . People are repressed for supporting Juche and reunification.
  It is  south Korea where people suffer poverty . In south Korea  there are 7 million homeless households or 45 percent of the population have their existence seriously threatened. Those people who are unable to pay house rent live in a small room of 0.5-1 metres shanties, tents, containers and huts and even in caves. They number as many as 680 000 families. There ae 8.6 million  semi-unemployed people such as temporary and daily workers who live on their meagre wages earned through daily or few months' work. More than half of university graduates become jobless right after their graduation.

  The DPRK has a people-centred socialist system which not only guarantees the right to work but gives people virtually free housing , free medical care , free education , cheap food and low cost public transportation ( did you know that the cost of a ticket on the Seoul Metro is  30 times more than the Pyongyang Metro ! ) .
  Visiting the DPRK recently we saw that Juche socialism is alive and well  ! The DPRK is not the old GDR and is here to stay ! Reunification in Korea can only come about on the basis of independence and Juche .

Dr Dermot Hudson
Chairman  Juche Idea Study Group of England 
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman UK Korean Friendship Association 
Chairman British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula 

Sunday, 10 November 2019

British Brainwashing Corporation and the Distortion Mirror Lying about People's Korea

Yesterday the BBC carried an article "North Korea 'facing poor harvest' amid food shortages" on its website , it actually just stopped short of saying "they are all starving " etc , this got left to the right wing Labour ' Mirror " ( formerly owned by the pension stealing crook Robert Maxwell ) which claimed that "Starving North Koreans are facing a miserable winter following a poor harvest, experts have warned".
Needless to say the experts that the Mirror and BBC are holding up as great fonts of knowledge and wisdom have not actually set foot inside the DPRK . The BBC quote a previously unknown agency called "Geolam " ( this is probably a front for the CIA ) citing 'satellite images' as evidence for their assertions ! Satellite images are notoriously unreliable and can be used to prove anything , they are like a child's box of letters which can spell out any word they chose .A new toilet block can become a nuclear reprocessing complex in the eyes of mainstream media professional brainwashers.
Well UK KFA did better than mere satellite images and actually visited the DPRK from October 7th to October 15th . We traveled by road up to Mt Myohyang and also to Kaesong even going down country lanes to the remote but scenic Pakyon Falls . Guess what we did not see any sign of crop failure or famine or starvation . We saw abundant and lush crops,(please see picture taken by a delegation member below this is not to deny that it is hard work harvesting the crops. Our guides told us that the harvest was good . A senior official told me that the "harvest was not bad" .
As to the Mirror claim about 'starving North Koreans" , we did not see anyone starving or begging . Everything seemed normal and the DPRK appeared to be riding a wave of prosperity with new buildings going up all over Pyongyang ( how could DPRK workers construct buildings if they were starving ) .
For reliable and accurate information about People's Korea follow UK KFA and come to our events and meetings

Saturday, 9 November 2019

DPRK Juche Idea - The Cause of Global Independence

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's Spirit of Attack Praised

Pyongyang, November 9 (KCNA) -- An editorial article of Rodong Sinmun Saturday says the revolutionary idea of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is run through with the idea of indomitable attack and the mode of his leadership with the proactive offensive.

Kim Jong Un is the protector of justice who firmly defends the dignity and security of the country and the people in the way of offensive struggle, says the article, and continues:

It is peculiar to his leadership to make headway resolutely without an inch of concession in defending the dignity of the country and the destiny of the people.

To raise the flame of creation of new legendary stories about heroes, he has visited the main fronts of the socialist construction one after another in the anti-Japanese guerilla attack style of appearing in the east and in the west.

Embodied in his way of attack are the stance that all our work should be done to guarantee the happiness of younger generations, the belief that we should do everything we can do in our generation and the will that we should do utmost to bring earlier the future.

His spirit of attack is based on the firm faith in the validity of the cause of Juche.

His indomitable spirit of attack is based on the absolute trust in the validity of the socialist cause of Juche, which the great leaders pioneered and led, and in the inevitability of its victory.

And it is deep-rooted in the absolute trust in our people.

The Korean style socialism will certainly emerge victorious, as it advances with support and confidence of the people who firmly trust in and follow the Supreme Leader only despite any upheavals, the article stresses. -0-

Letter that the Morning Star did not publish

Dear comrades ,
It is hard to believe the words on the "Morning Star"'s masthead  " For Peace and Socialism " when it reproduces vulgar, crude  ,anti-socialist  and racist caricatures  (Unsavoury characters  p5 "Morning Star 2/3rd November 2019") . Really the "Morning Star " has sunk to a very low level by basically contributing to imperialist demonisation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , a country which next year will host the international conference of communist and workers parties . The "Morning Star " has shamefully bought into imperialist propaganda against a socialist country and is recycling it and spreading it .
 Moreover the 'Morning Star " is using the disgusting trick of liberals and the fake Left  everywhere in equating imperialism with socialism and taking the stance of seeing both as equally bad . When the DPRK took measures to defend itself from imperialism this brought a chorus of dismay from liberals . In fact the DPRK's possession of a nuclear deterrent actually brought the US to the negotiating table. Countries like Libya which gave up  its nuclear programme whilst its was in its infancy or Iraq which did not have nuclear weapons , were attacked  and destroyed . Marshal Kim Jong Un has shown himself to be a most astute and intelligent leader . On the one hand he defused the tension on the Korean peninsula by entering into dialogue with the US and on the other so far not one nuke or ICBM has been dismantled plus the DPRK continues to boost its self-defence capability by conducting missile tests .
   The Morning Star should stop recycling imperialist and liberal propaganda and uphold the proud tradition of the 'Daily Worker"

Report of Meeting of the Juche Idea Study Group of England and UK KFA -Report back from Juche Korea ' 02.11.2019

The Juche Idea Study Group of England , UK Korean Friendship Association and Association held a very successful meeting on the 2nd of November at 1400 hours to hear a report-back of the recent delegation of the Juche Idea Study Group of England , Juche Idea Study Group of Scotland and UK KFA to the DPRK, the land of Juche . The meeting was held in the Lucas Arms , Kings Cross , London and was attended by members of the JISGE , UK KFA and ASSPUK , also members and activists from political parties.
  Dr Dermot Hudson Chairman of the Juche Idea Study Group of England and UK KFA Chairman, opened the meeting saying it was very important to increase solidarity with People's Korea by visiting it and that seeing once is better than hearing a thousand times.
 Speaking about his visit to the DPRK  he said that " Hostile propaganda claims that Pyongyang is a “city of the elite” but in fact Pyongyang has a number of factories and a lot of industrial workers live in Pyongyang as well shop assistants , waitresses, drivers , cleaners and also retired people. We sat in the garden outside the Munsu Water Park and saw many old people sitting down relaxing .We went up the famous Moran Hill which afforded us an excellent view of Pyongyang City . Walking around the Moran Hill we saw many Korean people strolling around in a carefree manner .....
 Visiting the DPRK for the 18th time I saw that the DPRK is prospering under the banner of self-reliance thanks to the leadership of the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN .The prices in the hotel shop were the same as  September 2018 and the price of a Pyongyang Metro ticket  is stable at 5 won which is the same price as  September 2012 . I became even more convinced of the correctness and validity of the Juche idea .

 I was sorry to leave the DPRK , I would have liked to have stayed for a few more days if not weeks and months. Coming back to London I saw homeless sleeping on the floor just outside of Charing Cross underground station. In the DPRK we did not see a single person sleeping on the streets or in the Metro station. The contrast between the two systems is a stark and graphic one"
James Taylor UK KFA Communications Secretary said " the 74 th anniversary of the WPK was celebrated on October 10th, and we paid a visit to the Party Foundation Museum, where I was most pleased to see photos of Marx, Lenin and Stalin hanging in one of the main meeting rooms, and to the Workers Party Monument in central Pyongyang, an impressive and large structure decorated with murals depicting scenes from the Korean revolution. The surrounding area had a small park and a water feature, and despite being in the centre of Pyongyang was very quiet and relaxing. While on the subject of Pyongyang, it’s worth mentioning that we saw women riding bikes, disabled people, and even got stuck in the occasional traffic jam! Shocking news indeed for anyone who thought it was a ghost city where people only left the house to look busy when foreign tourists were around. In response to recent NK News stories, we also didn’t see anyone taking drugs or clearly on drugs. But for NK News, researching the facts of a story appears to be a major inconvenience not to be bothered with, as we at KFA have found out. Anyway, back to Pyongyang - we also travelled once more on the beautiful Pyongyang Metro, with its very ornate stations, travelling beyond the touristy two stops all the way to the recently refurbished Kaeson station. Yes, the Pyongyang Metro has more than two stops and appears to be fully operational as well! The stations were clean and Kaeson even included shops before the main entrance. We exited at Kaeson to explore the Arch of Triumph and enjoyed impressive views across the city from the top. "

A lively question and answer session followed .

Dr Dermot Hudson spoke about the 25th anniversary of the publication of "Socialism Is A Science " by the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL saying that "
I can remember reading this work with great excitement when it was first published in 1994 . At the time socialism in a number of countries had been frustrated and many communist parties were a poor state. The bourgeois imperialist mass media were trumpeting about the ‘collapse of communism ‘ ,”end of socialism “ and even the “end of history “ Many communists were sunk in disillusionment and others turned to dogmatism or nostalgia politics. However the great leader comrade
KIM JONG IL cut through the fog of confusion and disillusion by publishing  “Socialism Is A Science “ and many other excellent works."

Shaun Pickford the general of the JISGE said that the publication of "Socialism Is A Science " 25 years ago was a great event and that the publication of the work upheld socialist ideology/

The meeting discussed DPRK-US relations .

Dr Hudson said that the visits of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  to Mt Paektu and Mt Kumgang  were events of great importance and supported the decision to remove south Korean buildings from Mt Kumgang .

An exhibition of publications from the DPRK  including new material and the works of President
KIM IL SUNG, Chairman KIM JONG IL and Marshal KIM JONG UN was held arousing a great interest .

Excellent refreshments were served.

Meeting concluded at 1700 hours .

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Terrorism Sponsor US defames DPRK as Terrorism Sponsor

A trip on the Pyongyang Metro -by Dr Dermot Hudson

On the last day of our recent visit to People's Korea (from the 7th of October to the  15th of October 2019)we went for a ride on the Pyongyang Metro . Of course it was not the first time that I had been the Pyongyang Metro. We left the hotel in our minibus. With me was the rest of the delegation of the Juche Idea Study Group of England and Juche Idea Study Group of Scotland and our guides  Mr Jong   .We  were joined by the Italian delegate Marco and his guide also called Miss Kim . Our minibus sped through the autumnal streets of Pyongyang until it reached a Metro station in a residential area, some way from the hotel.
   We stepped out of our minibus and into the station .The station was clean and orderly .It had ornate decorations adorning the wall and revolutionary slogan on the entrance to the escalator Unlike London there was no sign of homeless people begging outside the station or sleeping outside the station , recently I encountered a lot of homeless people outside of Charing Cross underground station.  We passed through the barriers.
 The Pyongyang Metro is the cheapest and deepest in the world. A ticket is only 5 won which is the equivalent of about 3p in British currency .The price is unchanged since at least September 2012 , some seven years. In fact in terms of British currency equivalents I believe that the price is still actually the same as when I visited People's Korea in May 1992 , this is something to really marvel at when you think about the amount of times that that tube and bus fares in London have increased. In London the minimum cash fare on the tube is £4.90 which is 163 times the ticket price on the Pyongyang Metro !. In capitalist countries like Britain everything costs too much and even the basics like food ,transport and housing are astronomically dear  yet in the DPRK a metro ticket is incredibly cheap and a bottle of beer is about 50p or 60 per.  The DPRK is indeed a people's paradise , a socialist paradise .
We descended to the underground railway . It was one of the longest escalators that I have ever been on. The walls plastered and painted white .They look clean and fresh . In the background DPRK revolutionary music was playing. In Pyongyang there is no rule about standing on the right and walking on the left. There was a complete absence of advertising. This was striking because in London we have grown all too accustomed to seeing adverts on the walls even as we just go down the escalators.Nowadays even the escalator stairs themselves have adverts on them ! We forget how crazy this .Usually the adverts are for things people do not really need or cannot afford or both !.
   After getting off the escalator we walked through a spacious and wide tunnel .Again there was no advertising . It was spotlessly clean . Some people say that you can eat your lunch off the floor of the Pyongyang Metro !.There was no sign of graffiti or vandalism  nor was there any hint of disorder or hooliganism .Soon we reached the platforms, However the word 'platform' really does not do justice to what was in front of us ! It was positively palatial , indeed an underground palace for Pyongyang's commuters .I can remember first visiting the Pyongyang Metro in May 1992 and how the Portugese delegation let out a gasp when they saw the beautiful , cavern like station in front of them. The platform was very wide  with the train tracks on either side with plenty of space for the passengers . There were finely polished marble columns and chandeliers . On the walls opposite the train tracks there were beautiful artistic murals. Again the floor was very clean. All this for just 3p  ! .
   Two girls in smart blue uniforms ensured the safety of passengers. The Pyongyang Metro apparently has excellent staffing levels and unlike the London underground it still has ticket offices . No crazy austerity here or cutbacks and reductions in staff numbers ! We boarded a light green and red train. Some passengers kindly gave up their seats for us .Koreans are very polite and courteous people . The train did not seem overcrowded. I looked the portraits of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG and great leader comrade KIM JONG IL . We went two stops and got out . We took some photographs. We noticed that there were the latest daily newspapers such as Rodong Sinmun were available to read on stands on the platform. I noticed a picture of our delegation at the Party foundation monument in
 Rodong Sinmun  . To my slight surprise instead of leaving the station as we had done on previous visits we boarded another train. It is a myth of Western, imperialist , bourgeois propaganda that there are only two stations on the Pyongyang Metro , this is another lie of the imperialists  !!! I was told it is planned to extend the Metro to Kwangbok street in the south of Pyongyang and to West Pyongyang and extending the Metro to the airport is not ruled out .
  We traveled by train to Kaeson Station which is been reconstructed and modernized . The station has a statue of the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG at one end of it . It also has the revolutionary murals . However the platform was new and there were electronic displays not only giving train information but also the current temperature in Pyongyang . It is noteworthy that the station had been modernised without fares being massively increased to pay for it , this is due to the people-orientated policy carried out by respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and the Workers' Party of Korea . We ascended the escalators . The station had not only a ticket office but two shops one selling general products and the other was a very well stocked bookshop.  We came out in the open air and found ourselves facing the magnificent Arch of Triumph .

 Although I had been on the Pyongyang Metro many times before , I think this was my best and most enjoyable trip . I hope to have many more trips on the Pyongyang Metro  ! To me the Pyongyang Metro is confirmation of the people-orientated policies of the Workers' Party of Korea and the superiority of the Juche-based socialist system.

Dr Dermot Hudson
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Official Delegate KFA for UK
Chairman UK KFA
Chairman British Solidarity Committee For Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula

ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP support DPRK FM Ambassadors Denunciation of Abe !


                   London  7th of November Juche 108(2019)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK (ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) , the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification (BSCPRKP) today issued a joint statement in support of the statement of  Song Il Ho, ambassador of the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK):
  The statement issued by Song Il Ho , ambassador of the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK basically rejects the proposals by Japanese imperialist boss Abe to hold talks with the DPRK saying that Abe will get across the threshold of Pyongyang . This is due to the two-faced attitude taken by Abe. On the one hand he has talked about 'no strings attached talks' but on the other hand he has slandered the DPRK's recent self-defensive missile drills even talking about involving the UN and the Association of South East Asian Nations  !
  Under Abe Japan has traveled the road of militarization and is planning overseas expansion . There is no reason for Japan to take issue with the self-defensive measures of the DPRK . Abe's remarks simply go to highlight the dishonest intentions of Japan.
 It is fully justified that Abe is described as "base, rude and immoral man" and that the DPRK is asserting its independence and sovereignty by not entering into talks with Japan.

ASSPUK , JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP support statement of DPRK Roving Ambassador on US-south Korea military exercises


                   London  7th of November Juche 108(2019)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK (ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) , the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification (BSCPRKP) today issued a joint statement in support of the statement of the roving ambassador of the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)  and to denounce the planned US-south Korean aerial exercises :
    Kwon Jong Gun, roving ambassador of the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK made public a statement on the 6th of November  which criticised the US for holding to hold military aerial exercises with south Korea in December . The announcement of the exercises comes a month after the breakdown of DPRK-US talks in Stockholm, Sweden .Moreover it comes at at time when some are even talking of a "third DPRK-US summit ".
  The US at the June 2018 Singapore summit pledged it would work with the DPRK to "  to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula." and also President Trump said that US-south Korean exercises would be suspended, Therefore the announcement of the holding of the exercises is a violation of the letter and content of the DPRK-US joint statement .
 As the roving ambassador of the DPRK Foreign Ministry so rightly states " the chieftain harassing world peace and security and the hegemonic state regarding the recourse to military strength as a cure-for-all in settling issues.". The aggressive nature of US imperialism does not change .
 If the US continues along its present the DPRK will be compelled to reconsider the steps that it has taken such as the suspension of ICBM tests and nuke tests . We support the just and independent stance of the DPRK . If the situation goes back to square one , then the US will only have itself to blame.
  We strongly denounce the planned military exercises . Simply changing the name cannot alter their aggressive nature . We believe that for a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula the US and south Korea should cancel all military exercises .

Japanese PM Condemned for Taking Issue with DPRK's Test-Fire of Super-large Multiple Rocket Launchers

Pyongyang, November 7 (KCNA) -- Song Il Ho, ambassador of the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, made public the following statement on Thursday:

A fool remains as it is till his doom's day and a rogue cannot be converted forever.

Abe, prime minister of Japan, is an idiot and villain as he is making fuss as if a nuclear bomb was dropped on the land of Japan, taking issue with the DPRK's test-fire of super-large multiple rocket launchers.

Abe is letting out a string of ill-intended remarks that the DPRK's test-fire of super-large multiple rocket launchers is the ballistic missile launch and a threat to Japan.

Moreover, he impudently said at the ASEAN summit that north Korea's launch of missile is a wanton violation of the UN resolution and the international community should turn out in the north's denuclearization.

It is very shameless for him, who had repeatedly said that the DPRK's recent successive self-defensive measures "have no effect on security of Japan," to talk such rubbish as ballistic missiles and violation of the UN resolution.

Abe is a base politician as he lays bare his nature following the trend of times.

Abe is also a rarely ignorant man who dreams of making Japan a military power, failing to distinguish between multiple rocket launchers and missiles, and he is an under-wit as he is only able to say such crude words as "provocation," "outrage," "violation," "abduction," and "pressure."

He is, indeed, a deformed child.

As such a base, rude and immoral man is the prime minister of Japan, it is censured as "politically small nation," "sinking island country" and "gloomy, desolate country" by the world.

It is too natural that Abe is treated as a poor dog and dwarf that fails to enter the international political arena with the Korean Peninsula as a center.

Anyone can not help laughing at Abe as he is carefully knocking the door of Pyongyang, calling for "no-strings-attached talks".

Abe would be well-advised not to dream forever of crossing the threshold of Pyongyang as he hurled a torrent of abuse at the just measures of the DPRK for self-defense.

Not many years have elapsed since peace settled in the sky above Japan.

If the dwarfs persist in provoking the DPRK, longing for the uneasiness and horror with which they trembled when something flew over Japan, the DPRK will do what it wishes to do, indifferent to the island nation.

Japan had better know well that it will face a more serious disaster and ruin if it keeps on running reckless, failing to know itself. -0-

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

The Life of the Disabled in the DPRK

The imperialist mass media make false claims that the DPRK either kills or imprisons disabled people. Nothing could be further from the truth . In fact the DPRK protects disabled people and enables them to participate in society so they can lead independent and creative lives . Pictures courtesy of Ryugyong Media