Sunday, 3 November 2019

Medical Malpractice(in south Korea)

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractices are occurring in south Korea, in which doctors consult purses of patients first and then treat them, in an unbroken chain.

Mass outlets of south Korea carried articles about the medical malpractices every day, saying a person who goes to a hospital turned out to be dead and patients become human vegetable in the hospital.

In last year, a man entered a university hospital in Seoul after being diagnosed as an acute pneumonia by a cold, however, he became a person in a vegetative state after suffering brain damage caused by the medical malpractice. It provoked a public outcry.

In February, a doctor removed the thyroid gland of a patient who was suffering gastric cancer and resected the stomach of a patient who had thyroid disease.

According to extremely curtailed data published by the south Korean authorities, 2 500 people are killed by industrial disaster, 5 500 people by traffic accident and more than 20 000 people by medical malpractices.

The hospital authorities have turned their backs on the medical malpractices, far from apology and compensation. The victims have accused the hospital of the medical malpractices, however, the courtroom declared the hospital not guilty.   

What is serious matter is that the number of spurious hospitals and quack doctors is on the increase.

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