Thursday, 28 February 2019

Declaration meeting against US

On Feb. 23, the Busan Solidarity for People's Sovereignty held a declaration meeting against the US outside the US military base in Busan to demand the total suspension of south Korea-US joint military rehearsals, lift of sanctions against north Korea, dissolution of the south Korea-US Working Group and withdrawal of US forces from south Korea.


The US is putting a brake on inter-Korean relations when the Korean nation is advancing towards peace and co-prosperity, Gong Eun-hee con-representative of the Busan Solidarity for People's Sovereignty said. Gong urged the US to lift sanctions against north Korea and dissolve the south Korea-US Working Group interfering in the south-north ties.

Vehemently denouncing the south Korea-US joint military exercises inviting the dark cloud of war to the Korean Peninsula, Gong claimed the immediate withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea.

They attached seizure notes upon the wall of the US military base and launched anti-US action, chanting slogans against the US.

A declaration of struggle against the US in 2019 was read out on the day.

The declaration demanded the US forces in south Korea, which violates national sovereignty and the process of Korea’s reunification, to withdraw from south Korea, the total suspension of south Korea-US joint military games and the cancellation of the introduction of war hardware into the Korean Peninsula

Liquidate the LKP!

Liquidate the LKP!

South Koreans from all walks of life hit the Liberty Korea Party for slandering the Gwangju Uprising as a “riot”.
On Feb. 23, a nationwide rally urging withdrawal of the lawmakers from the LKP who distorted the Gwangju Uprising and enactment of “act of punishment of distortion of May 18” was held in Seoul with the participation of one thousand members from 550 civic bodies.
They denounced the lawmakers of LKP for distorting the spirit of the May 18 Gwangju Uprising, while chanting slogans “Dissolve the LKP!” and “Immediate enactment of Act of punishment of distortion of May 18”.
Absurd remarks made by Chi Man-won and lawmakers from the LKP are distortion of history denying democracy and swimming against the era, they said. The LKP is hindering the investigation into the truth of May 18 uprising and giving shelter to three people who made foolish talk about the May 18 uprising, they noted.
Meantime, mayors and provincial governors from 15 cities and provinces including Seoul mayor Park Won-soon and Gwangju mayor Lee Yong-sup denounced the lawmakers of LKP for distorting the spirit of the May 18 Gwangju Uprising and demanded the enactment of “act of punishment of distortion of May 18”.
The absurd remarks made by the lawmakers from the LKP are intolerable challenge to the south Koreans and it is unpardonable as it is violation of righteousness and truth.

Self-reliance and the independent national economy of People's Korea beats the sanctions -eyewitness account by Dr Dermot Hudson


Visiting the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for the 16th time ,and my first time to visit for the Day of the Shining Star in February , I was impressed that by the fact that People's Korea  was forging ahead along the path of self-reliance despite the intense sanctions imposed on it by the anti-DPRK hostile forces .I stayed in the DPRK from the 12th of February to the 19th of February
  I had visited the DPRK in September 2018 for the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the DPRK and found the prices in the shop of the Koryo hotel and at the Wolhyang Exhibition  exactly the same as five months before . This may not sound remarkable at all to many but in fact the DPRK faces massive sanctions from the UNSC, US , EU and Japan . The last two sets of UN sanctions were particularly severe banning both the export of many DPRK products and capping oil imports . A number of other countries face similar sanctions by the imperialists , however they have been hit hard by shortages, rising prices and economic chaos .

Going around Pyongyang , there seemed to be economic stablity . There were plenty of cars on the roads and a lot of construction work going on .Not only were the prices in the shops the same  but the shops were well stocked with many different products available . I was able to buy a big bag of instant 3 in 1 coffee sachets ( a new product for the DPRK) , insam coffee , insam tea and a number of other products .People looked well dressed . Women were wearing very fashionable clothes and looked attractive and well-turned out.
    . I was told that in Pyongyang an annual travelcard for the Metro  is less than 50 cents but here in
London I paid "2000 for a  1-4 zone (what a rip off ) , The bourgeois imperialist media never tell
people.Korean people also benefit from the abolition of taxation , virtually free housing and subsidised food as well as free educationand free health care. Public ,social and cultural services were in good shape , unlike the UK where they have been affected by austerity ,cutbacks and privatisation. I saw the Ryugyong Opthamlic Hospital opened in 2016 and constructed in the space of 7 months .It is was very clean and has a high staff ratio. When I was leaving Pyongyang it snowed heavily but legions of workers turned out and there were tractors with snowploughs . In the UK local authorities have had their budgets cut and have no staff to clear roads when it snows .
    How is the DPRK able to maintain a stable economy , a high level of social benefits and a high rate of construction in the face of such severe sanctions by the imperialists .What is the secret weapon of the DPRK in combating the sanctions ? It is self-reliance . Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN defined self-reliance as  the treasured sword for prosperity. President KIM IL SUNG had said that "building an independent national economy means building a diversified economy equipping it with up-to date technology and creating our solid bases of raw materials,thereby building up an all embracing economic system in which every branch is structurally interrelated so as to provide domestically most of the products of heavy and light industry and the agricultural produce needed to make the country wealthy and powerful and to improve the people's living conditions .((KIM IL SUNG Selected Works 2nd English edition vol 3 p 399) Even in the early days of building a new People's Korea , President KIM IL SUNG stressed that "For complete national independence and sovereignty and for nationalprosperity and development, one must build an independent national economy and thus firmly ensure economic independence." Futhermore the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il in his work "ON THE JUCHE IDEA" wrote of the independent national economy as follows ;
"Building an independent national economy means building an economy which is free from dependence on others and which stands on its own feet, an economy which serves one's own people and develops on the strength of the resources of one's own country and by the efforts of one's own people"
At the 7th congress of the Workers' Party of Korea respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said that
"   The history of the Korean revolution is the one of self-development; the revolution was pioneered and has advanced victoriously by means of it. The basis of this spirit is the great leaders' revolutionary idea that a country must carry out the revolution on its own, and the form of struggle for applying it is self-reliance and fortitude. The great leaders' spirit of self-reliance and self-development, based on the principle that man is the master of his destiny and should carve out his destiny by himself, inspired our people to become stronger than anyone else in spiritual strength, not knowing the word impossible, and to develop theirs into an indisputably powerful nation".  This approach was reaffirmed by his New Year Address for 2019 which concluded with the remark that "What we are convinced of once again as we proudly review the past year when we made rapid progress while paving our way by our own efforts with belief in our own strength in the face of harsh economic blockade and sanctions, is the truth that our state is fully capable of dynamically advancing along the road of development of socialism of our own style by dint of our people's great strength and efforts, without any external assistance or any other's help"

 The DPRK's self-reliance is not an abstract concept nor a lofty slogan nor a throwaway line but a fundamental priniciple that is applied in real life . I saw this for myself at the Ryugyong Kimchi Pickle Factory where imported machinery had been replaced with DPRK produced machinery.
 Some sneer at  and deride self-reliance  but self-reliance not only enables the DPRK to survive the sanctions and blockade of the hostile forces , it is the road to true prosperity and increasing living standards . Importing equipment means that growth does not benefit your own country but benefits others . Money that was spent on importing foreign machinery can instead be spent on accumulation , on improving public and cultural services , on improving living standards. If you do not have self-reliance, then a country becomes dependent , without self-reliance a country can fall in debt and without self-reliance growth only benefits foreign capitalists and bankers .
 Visting the DPRK again I was even more convinced of the correctness and vitality of the line of self-reliance, the indepedent national economy and the Juche idea . In fact a post Brexit Britain could learn a lot from the DPRK's example of self-reliance and Juche .
Dr Dermot Hudson
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Official Delegate , Korean Friendship Association UK
Chairman British Solidarity Committee ofr Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula.
Hon general secretary International Central Committee For Songun Study

KCNA Commentary Slams LKP Coteries' Wild Dream for Revival of Dictatorship

Pyongyang, February 28 (KCNA) -- The reckless act of "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) of south Korea has gone beyond the tolerance limit.

Some "lawmakers" and right-wing controversialists, making reckless remarks of connecting the Kwangju Popular Uprising with the DPRK, slander and insult the participants in the uprising and bereaved families of victims and praise homicidal maniac Chun Doo Hwan as a "hero".

The high-ranking LKP coteries defend ultra-right conservative riff-raffs, claiming that there could be different interpretations of history.

Judging from the distortion of history and open praise of the massacre ever known in history, the afore-said act can never be regarded as an act of human being with reason.

The reckless act of traitors is an unbearable insult to the martyrs of the uprising who shed their blood for democracy of society and an open challenge to the south Korean people aspiring to justice and truth.

The geographical name of Kwangju is engraved on the memory of the Korean nation and mankind as the meaning of a city of resistance and bloodbath.

Kwangju still informs the whole world of the bloody massacre ordered by traitor Chun Doo Hwan, throbbing with indomitable fighting spirit and soul of the participants in the uprising.

In 1987, AP made a report that Kwangju citizens called Chun Doo Hwan without title, the wound of the 1980 popular uprising remained unhealed and a placard in the street read "Chun Doo Hwan, you shall be retaliated".

Though decades have passed since the uprising, the south Korean people are getting stronger in their will to realize the desire of the martyrs of the uprising and force the homicidal maniac to dearly pay for his crimes at any cost.

But the LKP coteries are openly going against the public sentiment and the trend of the times.

Clear is what the conservative group seeks through hurling absurd abuses against the DPRK at a time when the north and the south are making concerted efforts to achieve the co-prosperity of the nation.

Its sinister intention is to block the reconciliation and unity of the nation and take revenge upon candlelight demonstrators and thus bring the darkness of dictatorship back to south Korea. It is, indeed, a group of flagrant traitors obsessed with fascism and confrontation with the fellow countrymen.

For fear of being shoved out of the times by the strong trend towards the improvement of the inter-Korean ties and peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula, the LKP coteries are making a last-ditch effort to stop it.

Though they are whipping up confrontation hysteria against the fellow countrymen by invoking the departed souls of Park Geun Hye and Chun Doo Hwan, it will only betray their true colors.

It is high time for them to awake from an illusion about the revival of the past.

South Koreans from all walks of life should eliminate the conservative group, dreamt of the past woven with dictatorship and bloody massacre, with the spirit they displayed in the just candlelight struggle that sentenced the traitor Park Geun Hye group to its doom. -0-

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Thoughtless act of hooligans

Thoughtless act of hooligans

On Feb. 8, members of National Assembly including members of Kim Jin-tae, Lee Jong-Myong and Kin Sun-rye from the opposition Liberty Korea Party and conservative disputant Chi Man-won sponsored a public hearing at the National Assembly. They described the Gwangju popular uprising as a disturbance caused by a north Korean special unit and defamed the bereaved families of the uprising as a monster group organized by the pro-north Korean leftist force.    
They claimed that the Gwangju popular uprising should be reappraised, while speaking highly of Chun Doo-hwan as a “hero”. They threw the civic organizations that were protesting it against out of the National Assembly. 
As is well known, the Gwangju popular uprising was the south Korean people’s eruption of pent-up wrath and anger on colonial domination of the foreign forces and military fascist rule. It was a nationwide resistance of the Gwangju citizens who wished to lead an independent and democratic life. 
It is intolerable that the LKP, oblivious of the lesson of history, is so impudent as to slander the Gwangju popular uprising for independence, democracy and reunification. 
The ruling and opposition parties including the Democratic Party and the Party for Democracy and Peace made public statements of indignation and resolutions one after another against the LKP. They are strongly putting pressure upon the LKP by demanding their expulsion from the party, dismissal from National Assembly, legal action and criminal punishment.   
More than forty civic bodies and university professors in Gwangju said that all the Gwangju citizens are inflamed with surging indignation against the LKP. They declared that they would set up tents on the street and launch candlelight resistance outside the National Assembly until the LKP oust those responsible for it and make an official apology to the Gwangju citizens.

The south Korean people should show no mercy to the LKP and throw it into the cesspit of history.

Heated strife for party hegemony

Heated strife for party hegemony

The opposition Liberty Korea Party is at loggerhead over the next party presidency with the approach of the LKP convention to be held on Feb. 27.
Some days ago, candidates for next party presidency including Hwang Gyo-ahn, O Se-hun and Kim Jin-tae spoke ill of each other by slandering “a shirker of military service”, “a good-for-nothing man”, “the author of checking expansion of conservatism” and “a turncoat that abandoned the party when it was in an awkward situation”.
Hwang, who served as the prime minister during the days of the Park Geun-hye regime, makes desperate efforts to scratch Park’s back and extend his sympathy to Park. It is a puerile intrigue to win support from the pro-Park group.
Kim Jin-tae is giving his best shot to achieve his political aim by exploiting Park. He has claimed political relationship with Park. He is trying very hard to win pro-Park’s coteries over to his side.    
Meantime, former Seoul mayor O Se-hun is laying the blame for disrupting the party at the door of Park. He said that the party should abandon Park and pumped curses upon Park’s supporters. He is taunting Hwang a novice in politics.
Ahead of the LKP convention, political philistines of the LKP are exchanging hot words with each other over the issue of Park, while seeking their political goal. 
The south Korean media outlets are sniping at the LKP which is reduced into pro-Park party.
Now broad segments of south Korean people are lashing out at the LKP.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Has Chat and Dinner with President Donald J. Trump

Pyongyang, February 28 (KCNA) -- Supreme Leader of the Party, state and army Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, had a meeting, one-on-one chat and dinner with Donald J. Trump, president of the United States of America.

The historic second DPRK-U.S. summit and talks began in Hanoi, Vietnam thanks to the ardent wishes, active efforts and extraordinary determination of the top leaders of the DPRK and the USA to end the evil cycle of confrontation and antagonism and keep pace with the era of peace and prosperity that has newly arrived.

The historic second meeting of the top leaders of the two countries began at 18:30, February 27, local time, followed by one-on-one chat and dinner.

Kim Jong Un arrived at Metropole Hotel, the place of the meeting with the president of the USA, on his car, escorted by guard vehicles.

The national flags of the DPRK and the USA were displayed side by side in La Veranda conference room of Metropole Hotel where the top leaders of the two countries were slated to meet.

Kim Jong Un met Donald J. Trump in 8 months and exchanged firm handshakes with him.

They had a photo taken against the national flags of the two countries.

The top leaders of the two countries who deepened their friendly feelings through the Singapore summit last year and such occasions as subsequent exchanges of several personal letters exchanged warm greetings and made well-wishing remarks.

Kim Jong Un said that mistrust, misunderstanding, hostility and old practices tried to stop our ways but we broke and overcame all of them and again walked towards each other to finally reach Hanoi in 260 days. He added that this period required lots of deep thinking, efforts and patience than ever before and that excellent results wished by all will be made in the talks and he would do his best to this end.

President Trump said that he was honored and happy to meet Chairman Kim Jong Un again and that he was sure that the talks would be very successful, noting they had very nice relations with each other.

Then they had one-on-one pleasant chat to have a candid and honest dialogue.

At the end of the one-on-one chat, they had a social dinner.

Present there from the DPRK side were Kim Yong Chol, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, and Ri Yong Ho, foreign minister, and from the U.S. side were Mike Pompeo, secretary of State of the U.S., and Mick Mulvaney, acting White House chief of staff.

The dinner was held in an amicable atmosphere with the top leaders of the DPRK and the U.S. and other figures of the two countries sat at a round table in a friendly way. At the dinner, considerable progress made in the bilateral relations after the Singapore summit were highly appreciated and sincere and deep opinions were exchanged with a view to making comprehensive and epoch-making results in the talks in order to meet the interest and expectation of the whole world for the successful Hanoi summit.

Kim Jong Un said goodbye to Trump after the dinner.

Kim Jong Un completed the first-day schedule of the historic second DPRK-U.S. summit talks and left for Melia Hotel.

The top leaders of the two countries will continue their summit on Thursday. -0-

Japan's Ambition for Dominium over Tok Island Is Prelude to Reinvasion: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Japan, oblivious of its crime-woven past, has an eye on other's territory again.
It set "Takeshima Day" (February 22) and claims that Tok Island is a "part of its territory".
As well known, Japan, not satisfied with naming Tok Island "Takeshima" at will, instigated the Shimane Prefectural Assembly to set the "Takeshima Day" out of the greed for other's territory in March 2005 and stages a farce for dominium over the island every year. A rally, the 14th of its kind, took place on Feb.22 in the presence of government authorities, which is a shameless distortion of history and gangster-like move to usurp other's territory.
Tok Island is an inalienable territory of the Korean nation.
The Korean people were the first to discover the island one thousand and hundreds of years ago and incorporate it into its territory. It was Korea that reconfirmed the dominium over the island on the basis of international laws and declared it at home and abroad for the first time.
The Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Declaration and memorandums Nos. 677 and 1033 signed and issued by the General Headquarters of the Allied Powers during and after the Second World War evidently confirm the legal status of Tok Island as a territory of Korea, whereas Japan's assertion of its dominium over the island has no justification to convince others from the geographical, historical and legal points of view.
Clear is the aim of Japan that persistently galvanizes domestic and international public opinion under the pretexts of "Takeshima Day" and "dominium" over the island.
It is to infuse the Japanese people with the aggressive fever just as the Japanese imperialists infected them with fascism in the last century, blur the international community's fair understanding of territory and thus provide conditions, environment and opportunity favorable for reinvasion.
It is evidenced by the fact that Japan set as "Takeshima Day" February 22 when it illegally put Tok Island under its jurisdiction over one hundred and ten years ago, and by a sentence of its relevant law that calls for "pushing ahead with a campaign for quick acquisition of dominium over Takeshima and building up public opinion on the issue of Takeshima".
Worse still, Japan is keen on ill-boding military moves like arms buildup and the drill based on the simulated conditions of recapturing remote islands, while inciting hostility towards the Korean nation and attempting to revise the Constitution. All the facts go to prove that Japan is going to reinvade Korea under the pretext of the issue of "dominium over Tok Island".
In case Japan, seized with revanchist ambition for supremacy, is going to realize its ambition for usurping Tok Island through physical action, it will be certainly developed into a war to conquer the whole of Asia.
Japanese reactionaries' assertion of "dominium" over Tok Island is, indeed, a prelude to reinvasion.
But Japan is seriously mistaken.
The Korean nation is by no means a small and weak one as it was in the past.
The international community keeps a close watch on the moves of the Japanese reactionaries who try to bring catastrophic disaster to mankind.
If Japan persists in its moves to seize Tok Island, oblivious of a lesson from history, requirement of the times and international anti-Japanese feelings, it will meet only ruin. -0

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Visits DPRK Embassy in Hanoi

Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, visited the DPRK embassy in Hanoi on Tuesday afternoon. Among the visitors were Kim Yong Chol, Ri Su Yong, Kim Phyong Hae, O Su Yong, Ri Yong Ho, Kim Yo Jong, Kim Song Nam, Jo Yong Won and other officials who accompany Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visiting Vietnam. Kim Jong Un learnt about the work and situation of the embassy while talking with its members. Saying that the embassy should further consolidate the deep-rooted friendly and cooperative relations between the two parties and countries which were personally provided and developed by President Kim Il Sung and President Ho Chi Minh as required by the times by doing good work with Vietnam, he gave valuable instructions arising in thoroughly implementing the WPK's foreign policy. He also learnt in detail about the life of members of the embassy and their families. He gave them a warm pep talk wishing them well with their work in good health in the future, too and had a photo session with them. -0

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Arrives in Hanoi

Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, arrived in Hanoi, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on Tuesday.

Seen at Dong Dang Station to greet Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un were Vo Van Thuong, Politburo member, secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) and chairman of the CPVCC's Commission for Education and Information, Mai Tien Dung, minister-chairman of the Government Office, Le Hoai Trung, deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, the secretary of the Lang Son Provincial Committee of the CPV and other officials of the Vietnamese party and government.

Kim Myong Gil, DPRK ambassador to Vietnam, and members of his embassy were at the station to greet him.

The train carrying the Supreme Leader arrived at Dong Dang Station in the border area of Vietnam at 8:15 a.m. local time after passing through several provinces and cities of the People's Republic of China.

Kim Jong Un got off the train and exchanged warm greetings with Vietnamese party and government officials.

A Vietnamese woman presented him with a bouquet in welcome of his visit to Vietnam.

Acknowledging the enthusiastically cheering masses gathered outside the station, he got into his private car and headed for his lodging place Melia Hotel.

Along the hundreds of miles-long route between the border station and the lodging place in Hanoi were numberless Vietnamese people of various strata, who waved the national flags of the two countries and bouquets to warmly welcome Kim Jong Un.

The Supreme Leader was greeted at the lodging place by the chairman of the Hanoi Municipal People's Committee, the permanent deputy director of the CPVCC Office and the deputy-minister of Public Security of Vietnam.

The Supreme Leader expressed his gratitude for the cordial hospitality and honorable treatment shown by the Vietnamese party, government and people.

The Supreme Leader will meet with Donald J. Trump, president of the United States of America, to have the historic second DPRK-U.S. summit on Feb. 27 and 28 and will pay an official goodwill visit to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on March 1 and 2. -0-


Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Receives Report on Activities of Working Delegation to Second DPRK-U.S. Summit Talks

Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, received a report on the activities of the working delegation to the second DPRK-U.S. summit talks after arriving in Hanoi, Vietnam on Tuesday.

At Melia Hotel, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un listened to the detailed report on the contact between the working delegations dispatched by the DPRK and the U.S. to Hanoi for the successful second DPRK-U.S. summit talks. -0-

ASSPUK and JISGE on the 5th Anniversary of the publication of ""Let Us Hasten Final Victory Through a Revolutionary Ideological Offensive "



            London 26 of February Juche 108(2019)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea Study Group issued the following joint statement to mark the 5th  anniversary of "Let Us Hasten Final Victory Through a Revolutionary Ideological Offensive " by the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN ;
 Five years ago dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN made  his historic speech "Let Us Hasten Final Victory Through a Revolutionary Ideological Offensive " to   the 8th  Conference of Ideological workers of the great Workers' Party of Korea , the organiser and guide of the Korean people. This was and is a most brilliant work that shows the way to win victory in the struggle for the final victory of socialism is to mount a bold and daring revolutionary ideological offensive. In the work dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN declared that
"The one and only weapon for the Korean revolution that made its start empty-handed was a great revolutionary ideology. The revolutionaries of Korea rallied comrades and obtained weapons on the strength of the ideology; and on its strength they defeated imperialist powers and built a prospering socialism"
    This is indeed a great truth and  a principle that should be adhered to constantly. Only through powerful ideological work that people can be motivated to perform greater miracles .

   In view of the reactionary imperialist ideological offensive  against socialism that has been carried out over the past several decades and has recently become more and more intense. Dear respected  Marshal KIM JONG UN is a brilliant thinker who believes in the maxim "attack is the best form of defence " and is putting this into effect on the ideological front. The work calls for not only smashing the ideological and cultural infiltration of imperialism but for a most powerful ideological counter-attack to be launched against imperialist and bourgeois ideas.
   The ASSPUK and JISGE hailed the publication of Let Us Hasten Final Victory Through a Revolutionary Ideological Offensive as it is a most powerful manifesto of KIMILSUNGISM-KIMJONGILISM. Moreover it shows the correct way to build socialism namely through ideological work rather than by certain other methods which have proved disastrous. The Korean revolution and People's Korea of Juche are marching forward under the glorious banner of the Red Flag whilst others have fallen by the wayside or even betrayed the cause of socialism.  The work "Let Us Hasten Final Victory Through a Revolutionary Ideological Offensive" is just like an ideological nuclear deterrent which will blast away imperialism and capitalism.
Since the publication of the work "Let Us Hasten Final Victory Through a Revolutionary Ideological Offensive"  the Korean revolution has steamed ahead at breakneck speed , a new Korean speed with miracles in construction bring wrought every day . Despite the most intense sanctions and blockades ever by the imperialists  Mirae Scientist  Street and Ryomyong Street have risen up and tower majestically over Pyongyang
  Today under the banner of great KIMILSUNGISM-KIMJONGILISM the Korean people are waging a fierce ideological offensive against the imperialists to defend socialism and build a powerful and thriving socialist country.  The Korean people will smash the imperialist sanctions with the spirit of self-reliance and the self-development first idea .The people of the DPRK are firmly united around dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and the Workers Party of Korea . They know no other leader and will resist all attempts at regime change  by the imperialist hostile forces  .Led by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  the Korean people will be ever-victorious !
We recommend a deep study of the work

ASSPUK, JISGE, UK KFA and BSCPRKP on the Second DPRK-US Summit


                  London 26th of February   Juche 108(2019)
  The Association for the Study of Songun Politics(ASSPUK) , Juche Idea Study Group of England (JISGE), the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula (BSCPRKP)issued the following joint statement on the holding of the second DPRK-US Summit :
  Within one day the long anticipated second DPRK-US summit will be held in Hanoi , the capital city of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  It is being held thanks to the preservering  efforts of the supreme leader of People's Korea , dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN who has shown himself to possess outstanding leadership ability and amazing diplomatic acumen , the like of which is not matched by any other leader in the world .
Only 18 months the outbreak of war on the Korea peninsula looked inevitable and seemed to be only a matter of time . However to everyone's surprise the first ever DPRK-US summit was held in Singapore in June 2018 thanks to the great skill of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN .Now
the 2nd summit is being held in Vietnam.
   We wish respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and the DPRK negotiators every success in the summit. May it pave the way for a just and lasting peace on the Korean peninsula . We hope that the
summit will lead to the lifting of the unjust UNSC sanctions on the DPRK and a complete cessation of military exercises by the US and south Korea on the Korean peninsula .
  May February 27th be another July 27th !

ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCRKP support Appeal of Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea !


                  London 26th of February   Juche 108(2019)
  The Association for the Study of Songun Politics(ASSPUK) , Juche Idea Study Group of England (JISGE), the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula (BSCPRKP)issued the following joint statement in support the appeal to all Koreans adopted by the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea of the DPRK at  meeting on the 25th of February :
   The Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea(DFRK) is a united front mass democratic body that represents the whole population of the DPRK .The DFRK is appealing to the people of the DPRK to successfully hold the elections to the 14th Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK successfully thereby further consolidating the political and ideological unity of the DPRK around dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and the Juche Idea. The appeal characterises the forthcoming elections as ' political event of great significance in glorifying the exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il forever, further augmenting the people's power under the guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and bringing earlier the future of the socialist country, genuine one of the people.'
    The appeal calls for firstly , consolidating the single minded unity and applying the people-centred philosophy fully , secondly, to regard self-reliance as the treasured sword of prosperity ,thirdly to improve living standards , forthly , to implement the joint inter-Korean declarations , fifthly , to reject military exercises and introduction of strategic assets from outside , sixthly, to oppose intervention b outsides and smash sanctions , seventh , to develop relations of independence , peace and friendship with other countries , particularly the socialist countries,
   We applaud the Appeal of the DFRK and support it entirely . We believe that the Appeal will inspire the Korean people to make greater feats in the struggle for socialist construction and bring about the complete victory of socialism and independent reunification at an early date .

Monday, 25 February 2019

Report of Visit to Juche Korea for the Day of the Shining Star


I visited the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , the land of Juche , from the 12th of February to the 19th of February  at the invitation of the Korea Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries , to attend the Day of the Shining Star, the 77th anniversary of the birth of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL. It was my 16th visit to the DPRK , although I have visited the DPRK many times I had never before visited for the Day of the Shining Star or in February .

I arrived in Pyongyang on the 12th of February having started the journey on the 10th of February from Gatwick Airport flying first to Chengdu , then on to Beijing  and finally to Pyongyang 
  I was greeted at Pyongyang Airport by Ms Yun So Hyon of the British desk of the Cultural Relations Committee (who appears in the films 'The Propaganda Game' and 'Liberation Day ' ) and by Mrs Ri , a young married mother with a 1 year old daughter, also of the British desk of the CRC . We had a car . To my surprise , we were driven not to the Yangkaddo Hotel but the Koryo Hotel .
   The weather during the visit was quite cold . I found my room adequately heated  as it had a portable radiator and  hot air coming through the air con. in fact one or 
two nights I felt too hot ! . There were definitely no power cuts despite the imperialist sanctions and the high demand for electricity.
On the morning I was leaving there was really heavy snowfall covering the roads . On the way to the airport at 7am in the morning I witnessed literally dozens and dozens of workers in high vis vests with big shovels and brooms clearing the snow . Tractors with snowploughs hurtled up and down the streets especially near to the airport , clearing the snow away .It was a real testament to Juche , socialist efficiency,everyone working together with a common goal and purpose.  You would not get this kind of efficiency in a British city .In fact during the last snowfall in the UK I think I can truthfully say that I did not see one person clearing the snow away . UK public services have been devastated by years of cuts and austerity plus incompetence of the authorities , the old 'dunno mate, can't be bothered  mate' attitude . Seeing the DPRK workers clearing the snow away I was inspired by a vision of how society should be.

  Generally , despite the intense sanctions including the very harsh UNSC sanctions which had been imposed in September and December 2017 , the DPRK seemed in good shape with no shortages in the shops and prices were exactly the same as in September 2018, some 5 months ago . This shows the vitality and correctness of the line of the independent national economy  and the line of self -reliance .During my visit I made comparison  with the situation in Venezulea which is suffering shortages and inflation caused by the sanctions of the imperialists as well as sabotage by local capitalist class in Venezuela . The Venezuelan situation shows how correct the DPRK was to develop the nuclear deterrent and ICBMs.
  Self-reliance was very much in evidence at the Ryugyong Kimchi Factory just outside Pyongyang which I visited. Here imported equipment was being replaced by domestically manufactured equipment bearing the mark 'no 26' (lathe no 26 was the lathe using by the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL when he worked as a worker at the Pyongyang Textile Machine factory ) . I was shown around the factory by the general manager , a small woman who was one year younger than me. The factory had a 100 workers .It operated a high level of technology including the use of robots . I was told how respected Marshal KIM JONG UN had visited the factory twice and  had instructed that prices of products must be set at an affordable level in order to serve the people. Clearly the DPRK is not a market economy as alleged by the likes of the CIA sponsored NKNews etc and so-called 'Korea experts' . The factory was spotlessly clean . It had great cultural and recreational facilities for its workers including a volleyball court and tables to play Yut and Korean chess . You would not get facilities for workers like this in a capitalist country and indeed many workplaces in Britain lack basic facilities like a works canteen. At the end of the visit was I treated to a nice cup of barley tea.
   I visited for the first time the Korean Film Studio.  This was on the far side of Pyongyang .It was established on the 6th of February 1946 . It was associated with the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG , the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL and is today guided by the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN . Both President KIM IL SUNG and Chairman KIM JONG IL had given guidance to the Film Studio. Chairman KIM JONG IL had written the classic treatise 'On the Art of the Cinema '  We looked around the  streets representing feudal Korea , China in the 1930s , Japan , south Korea in the 1950s and northern Europe. I noticed that the south Korean street a  Coca Cola sign symbolising decadent US imperialism and its colonial rule over south Korea. The famous DPRK action film Order 027 was partly shot here  Nowadays much filming done outside of the studio in order to get deep into reality.
   DPRK films are based on socialist realism and I was able to see more example of socialist realist art when  the next day I visited the Pyongyang University of Fine Arts . The Pyongyang University of Fine Arts was originally established as the Pyongyang College of Fine Art by a decree of the Provisional People Committee of North Korea in 1947 . Art on the DPRK is based on socialist realism and is national in content ,In the 1960s the DPRK rejected flunkeyism ,dogmatism ,formalism ,revisionism and bourgeois ideas. The University today has 400 professors and 1,600 students .It is also runs its own art exchange company.It hopes to organise exhibitions in other countries.
  I was able to see for myself the superiority of the people-centred socialist public health care at the state of the art Ryugyong Ophthalmic Hospital. This was opened in 2016 and took only 7 months to construct .It has 8 floors with a 100 inpatient beds .The hospital offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment . There is one doctor per room.The hospital was spotlessly clean .Unlike the imperialist countries  the DPRK is able to run the hospital with a 100 per cent Korean labour .  The equipment looked very up to date and modern . I was shown a children's ward which had 4 beds and pictures of cartoon character and toys .It was arranged in this way so as to connect with the mentality of children.

    I was able to visit both Mirae Scientists Street (completed in 2016) and Ryomyong Street (completed in 2017 ) both extremely futuristic streets which are more like towns than streets as they house thousands of families . In the West these streets would cost billions to build but People's Korea built these streets under the difficult conditions of sanctions and blockade . Both streets were constructed in the space of a year.
    I saw the reverence of the Korean people for the great leader comrade
KIM JONG IL manifested at the bronze statues at the Mansu Hill where people were coming in droves to lay flowers in front of the statues  of the great leaders. The Kimjongilia exhibition featuring stands from different DPRK ministries and institutions . I liked the stand from the Ministry of Railways and the Construction Bureau .
On the Day of the Shining Star I was taken for a meal at the Pizza Restaurant in Mirae Scientists  Street. The Committee paid and the driver joined us . We were entertained by a Karaoke singer who sang Korean , Chinese and Russian songs. We had a meal of pizza and spaghetti and a cup of Korean barley tea. I saw Korean families tucking into very large and hearty meals in stark contrast to some of the recent reports about the DPRK alleging hunger etc.
  I was able to enjoy a performance of dolphins and sealions at the Rungna Dolphinarium  and also a circus performance which included a successful 5 rotations by acrobats.
 I had high level meetings with the Korean Association of Social Scientists , the KIM IL SUNG -KIM JONG IL international foundation , the Korea Publications Exchange Association .
    I was honoured to have luncheon with the Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea .  I was shown a video about the struggle for peace ,prosperity  and  reunification on the Korean peninsula . We talked about  reunification and also about Japanese imperialism in south Korea. The AINDF comrades  expressed the hope that the 2nd DPRK -US Summit will go smoothly , so that one day I can meet them on the south sea of Korea in reunified Korea !
  I am deeply grateful to the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries for hosting the visit as well their deep hospitality and kind assistance . I am also grateful to other DPRK organisations and bodies for their assistance and generosity during the visit . Last but not least I would also  thank the dining room staff of the 3rd floor dining room of the Koryo Hotel and our driver.
  It was a great visit and I was sorry to leave ! See you again Juche Korea !
 ( this report will be expanded and revised over the next few weeks)