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Trump Will Face Bitterer Disgrace and Destruction for His Stupidity: KAPPC Spokesman

Pyongyang, September 30 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee (KAPPC) released a statement on Saturday over the fact that Trump has not yet come to his senses but revealed more critical hysteric fit.

The statement said:

Trump, stunned by the thunderbolt-like declaration of Juche Korea, again twitted such rubbish that north Korea won't be around much longer. He even told the press that his regime's military option against it will be "terribly destructive."

Recently, he signed a new "executive order on sanctions on north Korea" and his inferiors praised it as "the toughest-ever step." And he let the House of Representatives pass "north Korean human rights reauthorization act".

He was so foolish as to try to save his face already lost by letting a B-1B formation fly in the sky above the East Sea of Korea.

Terming this a last-ditch effort to get rid of the extreme uneasiness and fear about the DPRK's bolstering of its nuclear force that has reached its final phase and the toughest-ever countermeasure being seriously considered by the supreme headquarters of the DPRK, the statement went on:

As already clarified, the statement of the chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK serves as an ultimatum to the U.S. imperialist aggressors who are irrationally running riot, exasperated by the dynamic advance of Juche Korea, and a crucial warning that solemnly declared the toughest stand of the DPRK to tame the old lunatic of America with fire without fail.

The more reckless behavior of Trump ignorant of himself and the rival will only harden the retaliatory will of the army and people of the DPRK against the U.S. It will precipitate the doomsday of the U.S. Trump should bear this in mind.

We once again warn the old psychopath of America against his hysteria. His brandishing of "sanctions" club and muscle-flexing with tiger moth-like bombers before the fire-ready revolutionary forces of the DPRK is just a suicidal act of inviting a nuclear disaster that will reduce America into a sea of flames. -0-

UK KFA on the RUSI report on war with the DPRK

The Royal United Services Institute(RUSI) of the UK held a conference on 'Preparing for War with north Korea ' and also released a report written by someone called Malcolm Chalmers about the prospects of war with the DPRK .
RUSI is an establishment body linked to the British military and British intelligence
Really RUSI do not tell us anything that we do not know ie that a war on the Korean peninsula is a strong possibly . You do not need a multi-million pound think tank to tell you where Trump's warmongering can led .
What the RUSI report shows is that the British state has the intention of participating in an anti-DPRK war just as it did in the 1950s when thousands of young British men were scarified on the altar of the 'Anglo-American alliance' and 'special relationship'..
Surprisingly there is a reservation expressed in the RUSI report namely the UK should not support a US surprise attack on the DPRK initiated by Trump .Now whether this shows intelligent thinking by the British establishment , that they are secretly aware that Trump is a lunatic , is a a question .
Of course in reality it is the US that is stoking a potential conflict in the far east and this has worsened under Trump. The US keeps 34,000 US troops in south Korea plus the CIA and so-called 'civilian contractors' and then there are US troops in Okinawa and Japan and elsewhere in the Pacific. Surely their very presence is both aggression and provocation against People's Korea .
Any DPRK missile tests and nuke tests are purely self-defensive , they are a response to the US nuclear threat and the increased sanctions. As to Guam , this is not the territory of the US but an occupied colony which the US has no right to . So basically despite a few throwaway reservations British imperialism is supporting US imperialism's warmongering against People's Korea and probably would support a US war against People's Korea like it did in the 1950s.
UK KFA believes that there is a way out , Firstly , Britain should be independent of the US and should disengage from it , no British military should to sent to Korea under any circumstances. Secondly , the US should end its hostile policy towards the DPRK , end the sanctions and withdraw its troops from south Korea,. This is the way to a lasting peace !

ASSPUK,JISGE, UK KFA and BSCPRKP say US should be made to pay for sanctions damage


                                    30th of September Juche 106(2017)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), , the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification of Korea (BSCPRKP)issued a statement in support of the  Sanctions Damage Investigation Committee of the DPRK concerning the US unilateral sanctions
against People's Korea:
  On September 21, Trump signed the executive order of the president to impose indiscriminate sanctions on every individual and entity that engage in trade and financial transactions with the DPRK. As a follow-up, the U.S. Treasury Department added eight banks and relevant personnel of the DPRK to the sanctions list. This is on top of existing US sanctions against the DPRK and several rounds of UNSC sanctions against the DPRK . The DPRK is the most sanctioned nation on earth and has been under various kinds of US sanctions since 1950 , some 67 years.
  The US sanctions are not really about nuclear weapons but about regime change and overthrowing the socialist system . They are economic aggression aimed at trying to squeeze the life out of People's Korea in an insane bid to make it collapse. The US is even prepared to sanction third party countries.
  The US sanctions go against international laws and norms of international relations. The sanctions
violate the DPRK's rights to development and to improve the living standards of the people. The statement of  the Sanctions Damage Investigation Committee of the DPRK states ' The colossal amount of damage caused by these sanctions to the development of our state and the people's livelihood is beyond anyone's calculation' .
  The US should be made to pay for the damage to the DPRK. It should be taken before an international criminal court and tried.
 However the arrogant and pigheaded US imperialists will not win ! The DPRK has existed under US sanctions and blockades for decades and these sanctions never stopped the building of Juche-based
socialism . The DPRK will win in the end !


Friday, 29 September 2017


                                London 29th of September Juche 106(2017)
 The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK( ASSPUK ), the Juche Idea Study Group( JISGE) , the UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA ) and the British Solidarity Committee For Peace and Reunification(BSCPRKP)   today issued the following statement in support of the White Paper of the National Peace Committee of Korea (NPCK ) of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK):
   The DPRK NPCK have issued an excellent White Paper detailing the worldwide censure of Trump's remarks . Trump's remarks were basically a declaration of war against People's Korea  and have gone the limit . Now the US imperialists have to face the incalculable  wrath and grudge of the Korean people against them. The Korean people united behind dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN are now totally ready to settle accounts with US imperialism and fight to the last person !.
  Trump's remarks were a declaration of war  against the DPRK and its people. Basically a genocidial threat to the existence of the entire Korean nation. Trump's remarks were like those of Hitler. Now the peoples of the world have expressed their condemnation of Trump. Even people and commentators in the USA itself have expressed condemnation of Trump. Trump is probably the most hated US leader in history !
  One day Trump will have to face the stern judgement of the world's people and will suffer the same fate as Hitler and Mussolini.

ASSPUK,JISGE, UK KFA and BSCPRKP support Statement of the AINDF


                                 29th of September Juche 106(2017)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), , the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification of Korea (BSCPRKP)issued a statement in support of the statement issued by the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea(AINDF) :
  The AINDF of south Korea, which is the vanguard of the south Korean revolution and the Juche-orientated patriotic reunification fighters of south Korea issued a statement on Thursday 28th of July which condemned the vile and diabolic of US chief executive Trump who raved about destroying the DPRK and slandered the Supreme leadership of the DPRK . Indeed Trump is a maniac comparable to Hitler, Mussolini , and Bush .
  The AINDF correctly point out that Trump's threat to destroy the DPRK is not a declaration of war against the DPRK but is also " also a plan to annihilate all our people and reduce whole Korea to ashes."
 The AINDF call for the south Korean people to wage a strong anti-US , anti-Trump struggle including efforts to remove US military bases from the soil of south  Korea and for the south Korean people to turn out in the sacred war against US imperialism .
  We strongly support the call of the AINDF and believe it should be given the widest publicity .


U.S. Will be Made to Pay for Its "Unilateral Sanctions" on DPRK

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Sanctions Damage Investigation Committee of the DPRK issued the following press statement Friday:

Lately, Trump who met with worldwide condemnation and opposition for the reckless and insane remarks about "total destruction" of the DPRK that he gabbled on in the UN arena, is tightening the already-vicious sanctions against the DPRK.

On September 21, Trump signed the executive order of the president to impose indiscriminate sanctions on every individual and entity that engage in trade and financial transactions with the DPRK. As a follow-up, the U.S. Treasury Department added eight banks and relevant personnel of the DPRK to the sanctions list.

This is a last-ditch effort of the U.S. panic-stricken by the intense hatred and burning rage of our army and people towards the U.S. chief executive who vociferated about "totally destroying" the DPRK. The U.S. is trying to realize its unethical ambition through the despicable means of sanctions and blockade to completely severe the DPRK's external economic relations.

The U.S., not content with abusing the mandate of the UNSC to frame up illegal and unlawful "sanctions resolutions" aimed at stifling the DPRK, is even putting under sanctions other countries which have economic and trade relations with the DPRK, claiming to close the loopholes in the existing sanctions regime.

The frenzied moves of the U.S. to impose unilateral sanctions and stifle the DPRK are not only a gross violation of universal principles of international law such as sovereign equality, right to self-determination and respect for the right to development, but also a brutal criminal act that indiscriminately infringes upon the right to existence of the peaceful civilians.

Today, the U.S. is wielding the sanctions club in accordance with its federal law, abusing its privileged position in the current unfair international economic order and monetary system, and is indulging itself in outrageous arbitrary and high-handed practices to impose its heinous demands upon other countries as if they were states of the U.S.

The sanctions moves of the U.S. aimed at completely obliterating the state and people of the DPRK are heinous criminal acts unprecedented in all times and places in their viciousness and brutality. The colossal amount of damage caused by these sanctions to the development of our state and the people's livelihood is beyond anyone's calculation.

The Sanctions Damage Investigation Committee with the mission to thoroughly investigate and evaluate the material and moral damages to the DPRK caused by the U.S. and its vassal forces, strongly condemns the ever-increasing "unilateral sanctions" maneuvers of the U.S. The Committee shall certainly make the U.S. pay for damage to the last penny.

It is a foolish dream to hope that the sanctions could work on the DPRK while the sanctions have failed to stop it from becoming a full-fledged nuclear weapons state and making rapid progress in the building of an economic power for more than half a century.

The U.S. should be fully aware that the more frantic it gets in the unprecedented anti-DPRK frenzy, the earlier it will meet its own miserable extinction. -0-

ASSPUK,JISGE, UK KFA and BSCPRKP on the 10th anniversary of the October 4th Declaration

KCNA Commentary Warns LKP of S. Korea against Rushing about

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) -- The coteries of the "Liberal Korea Party" of south Korea have gone so arrogant as to call for deployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons.

After adopting the re-deployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons as "party policy" they have been busy calling at the American masters and conducting "10 million signature campaign".

They seek to include the relevant cost in the budget for next year while citing the "heightened opinion" for the redeployment within south Korea as pretext. The party representative, in particular, claimed that south Korea has to develop nuclear weapons of its own accord if the U.S. does not provide them.

This is a foolish act of those unaware of where they stand.

The group of LKP, driven into the cesspool of history being forsaken by the fellow countrymen, is thinking of introduction of more nuclear weapons into south Korea while pulling up the DPRK over its measure for bolstering the nuclear force for self-defence. This reminds one of a man dreaming of rising from the ranks.

As already known, the nuclear force of the DPRK is a war deterrence to defend the country and the Korean nation from the U.S. nuclear war threat.

What our nuclear weapons stand against is the nuclear war which the U.S. is planning to ignite in the Korean peninsula and the region and therefore no one can deny its just nature and mission.

The U.S. is so dogged against the nuclear force of the DPRK contributing to peace and stability of the nation and the region. It is foolish for the puppet force to think that U.S. can hand over nuclear weapons to the war servants who are no more than puppet forces serving it.

The LKP is resorting to a foolish farce to give impression that it is "security-oriented political party" that can check "nuclear threat from the north" but that will only disclose its traitorous nature and its ignorance of their deplorable position and the world situation.

The LKP can never get rid of its crime of having turned south Korea into a nuclear war advanced base for the U.S. and pushing the situation on the peninsula to the eve of a nuclear war as today.

It is so unaware of where it has to draw the line as it is trumpeting about "exercise of the right to self-defence" and going nuclear unbecoming for its position as a stooge without any actual rights rejected by the candlelight demonstrators.

Recently those who set out on mendicancy journey were only snubbed. The LKP group had better sound out their master's opinion first.

They are advised to call to mind the miserable end the "yusin" dictator met after opting for "self nuclear development". -0-

NPCK White Paper on Worldwide Censure of Trump

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) -- The National Peace Committee of Korea released a white paper Friday reflecting the worldwide curses and denunciation of Trump hell-bent on inflicting a nuclear holocaust on the Korean nation and humankind.

The U.S. imperialists' last-ditch efforts have gone beyond the limit, being upset by the tremendous might of the DPRK, the white paper says, adding:

Shortly ago in his UN address, U.S. President Trump insulted the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and denied the existence of its state and threatened to totally destroy tens of millions of the Korean people. This unprecedented invective against humanity has touched off the towering indignation and wrath of the army and people of the DPRK and has shocked the whole world.

Heads of state and dignitaries of various countries and foreign media and experts and even Americans are denouncing and jeering Trump's reckless outburst with such expressions as "rhetoric that made UN a stage of threatening a war", "most ferocious address", "rogue", "mentally deranged man" and "sleep-walker".

The flurry of denunciation and censure of Trump, an old man in his dotage with no responsibilities for his utterances that were made irrespective of time, place and object, is prophetic of the fate of the U.S. on its downward slope.

Citing the voices of heads of state and dignitaries of various countries and foreign media and experts, but also Americans deriding Trump under the subtitles "Hitler in the 21st century", "Boss of gangsters of empire of evil", "Political layman ignorant of elementary knowledge", "Top-class imbecile inviting destruction" and "Lunatic suffering from incurable disease", the white paper goes on:

As was recognized and estimated by the public at home and abroad, Trump is a root cause of misfortune who has to be eliminated at an early date as he is an old rabid dog barking irrespective of the time, place and object and a rogue upsetting the world and plunging mankind into a nuclear holocaust.

Even at this moment, he is pushing the situation to the extremes, while reeling off rhetoric, not yet coming to his senses despite the strong denunciation by the public at home and abroad.

Trump, who dared challenge the DPRK, letting out rhetoric little short of a declaration of war against the DPRK and its people, and the empire of evil U.S. will be made to pay a dear price for the crime that shocked the world. -0

AINDF Central Committee Issues Statement

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front (AINDF) Thursday issued a statement accusing the U.S. chief executive of his nonsensical remarks calling for "total destruction" of the DPRK at the UN General Assembly.
The statement said that the whole of Korea is now seething with resentment of all the people at Trump who seeks to ignite a war of aggression against the entire Korean nation, crying out for "total destruction of the north".
It branded Trump's invective aimed to defame the strategic position of the DPRK, a sovereign state, at the UN forum discussing the issue of world peace and security as thrice-cursed remarks and declaration of war to totally destroy the whole Korean peninsula and exterminate the Korean nation.
It went on:
The crazy behavior of Trump, bereft of the elementary logic and face as the chief executive of "superpower", is the height of shamefulness putting into the shade even the notorious political gangsters such as Hitler, Mussolini, Nixon and Bush.
What merits the danger of the problem is that his reckless call for "total destruction" and the like are not impromptu utterance of the old psychopath but a full revelation of the U.S. government's "north Korea policy" and "Korean peninsula policy".
Trump's remarks of "total destruction" are not only the U.S. hostile policy toward the north and its scheme to massacre the citizens in the north but also a plan to annihilate all our people and reduce whole Korea to ashes.
To wipe our people, our nation and our land off the map would be OK for the interests of the U.S. This is the sinister intention of rogue Trump and the U.S. policy.
The Trump group of gangsters to remove the Korean peninsula and the Korean nation from the earth and pro-U.S. submissive behavior of the present south Korean authorities make us anticipate horrible disasters of a nuclear war which would break out before long.
Our people, trampled down by the U.S., are to be in the worst crisis of war and obliteration.
All the people should strongly protest against the reckless behavior of Trump and turn out in a sacred struggle to resolutely smash the U.S. moves for a war against the north.
We should clearly see the wicked intention of the U.S. strategy to destroy the Korean peninsula revealed through Trump's reckless remarks and vigorously launch an all-people struggle to reject the U.S., remove the U.S. military bases and drive the U.S. forces out of south Korea.
The statement called upon all the people to unite as one and wipe out the aggressors and traitors and bring about the final victory in the all-out do-or-die battle against the U.S. -0

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Spokesman of DPRK FM Institute for American Studies on Anti-DPRK Sanctions and Pressure

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Institute for American Studies of the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on Thursday as regards the recent controversy over the absurd claims that sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK are a peaceful and diplomatic solution:

The U.S. which is desperately resorting to unprecedented and heinous sanctions to stifle the DPRK and a few countries following it have lately come up with the ridiculous nonsense that tightening sanctions and pressure is the way for the so-called "peaceful" and "diplomatic" solution to issue of the Korean peninsula.

A few days ago, high-ranking officials of the U.S. administration including the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley said all options including military option are available but they are giving priority to the diplomatic solution, and their remarks are misleading public opinion as if the sanctions against the DPRK are a "peaceful" and "diplomatic" means.

Some European countries and a few neighboring countries with no principle are tuning their voice to the claim of U.S. and labeling the sanctions and pressure as a diplomatic means for the solution of the issue of the Korean peninsula. They are trying to justify their despicable acts of taking part in imposing sanctions and pressure on the DPRK as if it was meant for the peaceful solution.

Political and economic sanctions and pressure to completely obliterate the sovereignty and the rights to existence and development of a sovereign state are hardly any different from the act of military aggression, and it cannot be justified as peaceful and diplomatic acts in any case.

In order to counter the inveterate hostile policy and nuclear threat of U.S., the DPRK gained access to everything it needed including nuclear weapons. It would be a huge mistake to think the DPRK would do nothing about the heinous sanctions and pressure against it, let alone the threats of aggressive war from the U.S. and other hostile forces.

The primary mission of our invincible self-defensive military power with the nuclear force that we have developed at a huge cost at its core is to frustrate the military invasion and sanctions and pressure of the U.S. and protect the sovereignty and rights to existence and development of the country.

We will continue to march forward along the road we have chosen without the slightest deviation and we will respond to anyone who tries to stop us with tougher counteractions. -0-

ASSPUK,JISGE, UK KFA and BSCPRKP support DPRK FM statement on the case of Otto Warmbier

                                 28th of September Juche 106(2017)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), , the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification of Korea (BSCPRKP)issued a statement in support of the press statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry concerning the case of Otto Warmbier;
  The Trump gang has been exploiting the tragic case of Otto Warmbier , a US student who was arrested in the DPRK and sentenced for counter-revolutionary subversive actions aimed at destroying the unity of the Korean people and the socialist system., for the purposes of anti-DPRK propaganda. Crude and inflammatory remarks have been made by the Trump regime blaming the DPRK for the death of Warmbier who died after been returned to the US by the humanitarian repatriation measure taken by the DPRK government.
  As the DPRK Foreign Ministry state "To make it clear once again, Warmbier was a criminal who was sentenced to reform through labor on March 16, 2016 by the law of the DPRK for the hostile act he committed against the DPRK according to the mission he was given by an anti-DPRK conspiracy organization in the U.S. However, we provided him with sincere medical care on humanitarian grounds in consideration of his failing health until he returned to the U.S.

The fact that he was never subjected to any form of "torture" was acknowledged without any doubt even by the American doctors who visited and carried out medical examination on Warmbier in the DPRK last June and by those who examined him after his return to the U.S

 It should be added that the US coroner involved in the case said that there was no evidence of torture  point out  that  "For someone who has been bedridden for more than a year, his body was in excellent condition...that there wasn't any evidence of trauma".
  If the Trump clique had any shred of decency  it would not use the Warmbier case against the DPRK. Worse still they have used the tragic case of Warmbier to defame and slander the supreme leadership of the DPRK as well as to justify war preparations against the DPRK .
Trump must cease slandering the DPRK and its supreme leadership . We support the just stand of the  DPRK Foreign Ministry !

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Case of Otto Warmbier

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued the following press statement on Thursday:

Lately, Trump and his clique, for their anti-DPRK propaganda, are again exploiting the death of Otto Warmbier, an American college student who had been under reform through labor for the criminal act he committed against the DPRK and died after returning to the U.S.

Trump has let out a stream of invective that Warmbier "suffered unbelievable torture" and that "north Korea abducted and tortured him and intentionally caused his death", while the U.S. State Department announced that they were ready to re-list the DPRK as a "state sponsor of terrorism" over the issue of Warmbier.

The fact that the U.S. is employing even a dead person for the conspiracy campaign to fuel the international atmosphere of putting pressure on the DPRK shows how vile and inveterate the hostility of the U.S. policy-makers towards the DPRK is.

To make it clear once again, Warmbier was a criminal who was sentenced to reform through labor on March 16, 2016 by the law of the DPRK for the hostile act he committed against the DPRK according to the mission he was given by an anti-DPRK conspiracy organization in the U.S. However, we provided him with sincere medical care on humanitarian grounds in consideration of his failing health until he returned to the U.S.

The fact that he was never subjected to any form of "torture" was acknowledged without any doubt even by the American doctors who visited and carried out medical examination on Warmbier in the DPRK last June and by those who examined him after his return to the U.S.

If Trump and the U.S. are truly sorry for the loss of Warmbier, they should repent and apologize for their crime of luring and pushing a student who should be concentrating on his studies into committing criminal acts against the DPRK.

The reason that the present U.S. administration is viciously condemning the DPRK with the death of Warmbier again is not because of their concern for the "security of the U.S. citizens" as they always advocate. This is only a lame and sordid product of anti-DPRK conspiracy trumped up by Trump to save his "face" which has landed hard and flat on the muddy ground by the heavy blow from the DPRK's hard-line stance after carelessly wagging his tongue.

What cannot be overlooked is that the riff-raff in the U.S. dared to cast slurs on the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.

The fact that the old lunatic Trump and his riff-raff slandered the sacred dignity of our supreme leadership, using bogus data full of falsehood and fabrications, only serves to redouble the surging hatred of our army and people towards the U.S. and their will to retaliate thousand-fold.

The recent developments teach the lesson again that we should never render leniency or any consideration on humanitarian grounds to the U.S., the DPRK's first enemy.

Trump should ponder over the devastating consequences to be entailed by the anti-DPRK conspiracy and be fully aware that he and his clique shall be held totally responsible for all the undesirable turn of events to be caused by the careless and imprudent remarks that he gabbles on wagging his tongue in and out of his big mouth.

We will closely monitor the conduct of the U.S. -0-

Why Russia and China vote in the UN security Council for harsher sanctions against the DPRK, against the interests of their own peoples?- article by Leonid Shkolnikov of the Union of Communist Parties- CPSU of the former USSR

Why Russia and China vote in the UN security Council for harsher sanctions against the DPRK, against the interests of their own peoples?

Russia and China, asserting the irreconcilable nature  of the U.S.-North Korean contradictions force and economic sanctions, insisting on resolving these contradictions by negotiations as the only possible way, but  at the same time vote in the UN for another brutal sanctions against the DPRK.
Paradoxically  Russia itself is exposed to US-European economic sanctions, recently again voted in the UN security Council for sanctions against the DPRK, while would have to stand in virtue of the interests of his people against the sanctions generally as a tool of international politics.
How can you sit on two different and opposite chairs ? For the DPRK and against it ?.
Such puzzled questions coming  to the  Central Committee of Union of Communist Parties- CPSU(UCP-CPSU). Their answers to the Secretary-coordinator of the UCP-CPSU Leonid Shkolnikov.
The current Korean crisis is similar  to the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. It may also lead to a Third world war involving nuclear weapons. And if the mind, which endowed mankind with nature, doesn't work, it may cease to exist. The presence of the warring parties of weapons of mass destruction fundamentally distinguishes outbreak and reaching while in the local forms of a Third world war from the previous two.
The first and Second world wars unleashed by imperialism, brought humanity  great damage, destroying a significant part of productive capacity and vital infrastructure and, most importantly, taking tens of millions of lives. But this war is not put into question the existence of human civilization. Now, this question of the possession of imperialism, which cannot exist without wars, weapons of mass destruction.
The Korean crisis, undoubtedly, has a global dimension .There is no country which would not be interested because the local war, especially with the proclaimed military-political elite of the US intention to use nuclear weapons, and permanent, will inevitably grow into the fire of the world and in this case, tragically hurt every people and every nation. Without a doubt, the nature of modern world war, the inability of the belligerents to retain nuclear weapons in case of its application within the national borders hinders the warring parties from attacking, but does not guarantee against it. To this day, international relations are determined primarily by the interests of States, not the mind that follows from their class nature and the aggressive nature of imperialism is an axiom.
The only socio-political and socio-economic systems under which society can govern itself on a scientific basis, that is based on reason, as shown by historical practice, is a socialist system in which society because of the lack of classes of the exploiters and the exploited, objectively derived from the interests of continuous improvement of the level of material, spiritual and physical welfare of its members on an equal basis. Therefore socialism brings peace. Brings peace and the DPRK, expressing willingness to destroy its nuclear weapons, if it will destroy the aggressor States.

Unlike a socialist society, capitalist society is guided only by the interests of extraction and profit increase individual and collective private property owners that any obstacle to this lose, involving all Nations, including our own, in a disastrous adventure.Therefore, capitalism brings war. This proves the behavior of American imperialism in the Korean question, his desire to retain to win a nuclear weapon by depriving it of its prey.

Political practice of recent history enough to show that to appease imperialism by the satisfaction of its requirements for the States its potential victims to give up nuclear weapons is a disaster and the appropriate people, and his trusting leaders. Suffice it to mention Yugoslavia and Slobodan Milosevic, Libya and Muammar Gaddafi, Iraq and Saddam Hussein, etc. The wise North Korean people and their great leader, Kim Jong UN, right, and confidently following the thoughts and deeds of their great predecessors Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-Il, had learned this lesson of history by putting the imperialist aggressor in terms of self-destruction in the event of the outbreak of them the next aggression against the DPRK.

We live in an era when humanity painfully, with varying success, but steadily moving from capitalism to socialism, but not yet freed from the hampering of capitalist relations. This internal contradiction of human civilization in the presence of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction may be resolved either by the destruction of capitalism or the destruction of mankind.

The essence, the nature, magnitude and course of the Korean crisis is not to understand without understanding the essence, structure of modern human society as a whole and the ratio of opposing forces.

Since the  19th and 20th centuries , capitalism has entered its monopoly, that is, imperialist, dying stage and now continues to evolve on it during the mid-twentieth century in the final, global stage of development, when dominated by monopolies is not the national, and the world and when the fusion of banking and industrial capital led to the domination of Bank capital, resulting in a world struggling to manage global financial monopoly, the global financial oligarchy.

With the destruction of the USSR and the Eastern European States managed to reject socialism far back, although it has achieved parity of forces between the socialist world system and world imperialism. Imperialism temporarily won a strategic victory in the so-called "cold war" as a result of the degeneration of the socialist society because of the disease of opportunism struck the Leninist-Stalinist Communist party which was the vanguard of the Soviet working class and its labour allies and the core of its socialist socio-political system.

Using the change in the correlation of world forces in its favour, imperialism has rushed the force and deceit to get the undivided world domination, enslaving peoples, buckling to his chariot of state, and destroying the rebellious of them and their leaders, creating to suit your needs entire state (ISIS), social movements (al-Qaeda, etc.), the global management structure of the quasi-public type (the Bilderberg group, Meeting 7-Ki, IMF, IBRD, WTO, NATO, etc.) and even adapting itself under the existing international organizations, including the UN (to this day in South Korea operates an illegal joint command of the UN and the security Council against North Korea churns out more and more severe sanctions).

In the middle of the twentieth century, the world financial oligarchy, fattened on world war II and represented mainly Anglo-Saxon-Zionist capital, rushed to get the undivided world domination, using primarily military-political elite's principal country of its location - United States and dependent States.

At the end of the Second world war, the defeat of the red army, the Japanese Kwantung army, US occupied without any military necessity the South of the Korean Peninsula, have created there a puppet state with the collaborationist government, concluded a defense Treaty, legally justifying the presence of its troops and their bases, and attempted to extend its expansion into the entire Korean Peninsula - began a war against the young (founded in 1948) of the Democratic people's Republic.

But the Republic, independently elected socialist course of development and guided by its great leader Kim Il Sung, stood in the Fatherland Liberation war when the socialist internationalist assistance of the USSR and people's China.

Defeated, the global financial oligarchy was forced to offer a truce, but not placed in the archive of your expansionist plan to capture at their disposal, and North of the Korean Peninsula, out to the borders of its geopolitical rivals - Russia and China, and to this day did not go to the conclusion of a peace Treaty, continuing a state of war. She openly and brazenly seeking to change the socialist system in the DPRK , the elimination of its devotional people leadership, deliberately weakens the country's severe economic sanctions, internal conspiracies, aggressive information-psychological pressure with the use of unprecedented deception Goebbels-type, word and deed is blackmailing the use of nuclear weapons, imposing thereby exhausting the nuclear arms race, is preparing world public opinion for the adoption of a new attack on the DPRK, falsely accusing it of allegedly illegal purchase of nuclear missiles (the absurdity of such charges is what the United States itself from such weapons not going to give up, although international law is based on the equality of rights of all States, United States do everything possible to prevent worldwide nuclear disarmament).

Using the favourable balance of forces in the world, the global financial oligarchy began to implement his plan to destroy the DPRK. However, after the destruction of the Soviet Union and socialism in Eastern Europe, the DPRK, taking the path of intensive socialist development and relying on scientific Juche ideology, the Songun policy, and an independent force, have acquired scientific, technical and economic strength, strong cohesion of the people around the leadership of the workers ' party of Korea and around loyal people persistent, determined and flexible leader Kim Jong-UN, has built such a defense equipment of the Korean people's Army with modern weapons, the attack on the country was not being the aggressor is totally unacceptable consequences.

The severity of the current Korean crisis lies in two fundamental points:
1. It faced the main opposing forces of our time - the global financial oligarchy, which defines the essence of modern parasitic and decaying imperialism and possessing until the world financial-economic, political and military power, and a relatively small country, but with the strength of socialism, capable of planned organization of economic life, effective mobilization of available resources, uniting people on the basis of national socialist ideas, not abstract, and as realized in practice.

Suffice it to say that, despite a comprehensive embargo, the attempt to throw of the DPRK outside the world economic, scientific and cultural relations that would seem disastrous in terms of the objective process of globalization, but the people of North Korea enjoys the benefits of an effective free education, quality health care, providing comfortable housing, lack of unemployment, rich spiritual life, etc.).

2. About the successful resistance to the socialist DPRK breaks the global strategy of the financial oligarchy, is aimed at achieving absolute world domination, just as it was divided at the time about the Soviet Union and socialism in Eastern Europe. Creates a threat for the global financial oligarchy precedent for the bitter resistance to its expansion in South East Asia, throughout the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large.

Now we come to the direct answer to the question of inconsistency of the policy of Russia and China. The fact that there were in fact two Russia and two in China: the oligarchy and the working people. The interests of oligarchic Russia and the oligarchs of China (despite the fact that China is a country that is seemingly controlled by the Communist party, but by the number of oligarchs it takes the second place in the world) that are part of the global financial oligarchy, irreconcilable with socialism in the DPRK. Hence, the support of Russia and China sanctions against the DPRK.

On the other hand, the global financial oligarchy is irreconcilable antagonism of its component parts: the financial capital of the Anglo-Saxon-Zionist, Russian, EU, Chinese, Muslim, etc. And these are irreconcilable contradictions in the inexorable power of the law of uneven development of capitalism. This circumstance dictates the Russian and Chinese oligarchy to prevent further expansion and strengthening other parts of the global financial oligarchy on the Korean Peninsula. Hence the motivation to purely formal, incomplete implementation of the sanctions and even to mitigate them regarding the requirements of the United States.

That's why voting in the UN for sanctions against the DPRK, the Russian and Chinese governments, being in the Union, BRICS, the SCO and its international treaties, simultaneously ranting:

- about inadmissibility of such sanctions which infringe upon the humanitarian field in the DPRK and destroy its civilian economy;

- that it is impossible to persuade the DPRK leadership to change its defensive sanctions policy of Songun, which aims to provide the army with modern weapons;

- on the inexpediency and danger of continuing attempts to resolve the conflict by force and the need for negotiations, etc.

Four circumstances allow us to hope for a peaceful outcome to the political and military crisis on the Korean Peninsula and the global crisis in General:

- the determination and the leadership of the DPRK and United around the people to defend their self-chosen socialist path of development, their fidelity to the scientific Juche idea and the Songun politics, the correctness of which is proven, successful political practice;

the collaborationist government's support of the American occupation regime, and the struggle of the Japanese people against U.S. military bases on its territory, making him hostage to the expansion of imperialism;

- increasing support for the DPRK from the international progressive community as the exposing the true culprit of the crisis - the global financial oligarchy that is using its financial, economic and military power, as well as specially created and adapted to the needs of its expansion of international institutions, including the UN;

- the above contradictions in the camp of the global financial oligarchy, showing admirable solidarity in the fight against socialism, but holding "money apart" and seeking to sideline a competitor and even to profit at his expense.

One thing is clear - the heroic Korean people, who have experienced the tragedy of 40 years of the Nazi occupation of Japanese imperialism (1905-1945), the aggression of the global financial oligarchy in the face of the military-political elite of the United States and of the States of their satellites, which killed one in five, and was completely destroyed vital infrastructure of the country (1950 to 1953), never, under any circumstances renounce its independence, his socialism, and, as at the time of the victorious Cubans will remain true to his slogan "homeland or death!". And that means one thing - the final collapse of the strategy of the global financial oligarchy on the Korean Peninsula and the beginning of the agony of us imperialism.

Such a victory of the Korean people, will be decisive for him and for all of humanity interested in the formation of the broad anti-imperialist front, which is the only way to positively enable humankind was faced with a dilemma: either to end the global financial oligarchy, or to leave together with her into oblivion as the result unleashed a Third world war involving nuclear weapons.



                                               27th of September Juche 106(2017)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK) and the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), issued a statement on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the publicaiton of the work LET US MARCH FORWARD DYNAMICALLY ALONG THE ROAD OF SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM UNDER THE UNFURLED BANNER OFTHE ANTI-IMPERIALIST STRUGGLE by the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL :
  On the 25th of September it was 30 years since the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL made public his classic work LET US MARCH FORWARD DYNAMICALLY ALONG THE ROAD OF SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM UNDER THE UNFURLED BANNER OFTHE ANTI-IMPERIALIST STRUGGLE which gave answers to the burning questions of the day  in an extremely lucid way.
   At the time there was a great deal of confusion and apprehension in the international communist communist movement due to 'perestroika' and 'glasnost ' . A series of complicated issues had arisen. However with with remarkable clarity and perception the great leader comrade KIM JONG Il cut through all of these and gave correct answers to meet the demands of the time. In the work he exposes the decadent nature of modern imperialism and capitalist society saying that "Outwardly, the developed countries seem to be prospering, but inwardly they are rotting due to ever-worsening contradictions.
As the marketing channels are clogged to a greater extent, capitalists are moving towards deforming the material life of people by creating an artificial inhuman demand. They are manufacturing a variety of things to stimulate extravagance, corruption and dissipation and to paralyse the human body and mind, with the result that the number of drug addicts, alcoholics, as well as degenerates pursuing abnormal desires, is growing rapidly and people are becoming mentally and physically deformed. Even the defenders of the bourgeoisie are lamenting and calling this phenomenon an incurable disease of modern capitalism "
  Basically comrade KIM JONG IL smashes bourgeois and revisionist sophistries about the so-called
strength and "prosperity of capitalism . In the work he clarified that imperialism faces ultimate doom
and the victory of the anti-imperialist revolutionary forces is assured .
    This work was a great rallying cry for the international communist movement and socialist forces,
it was a lighthouse in the fog of confusion and retreat .
want an understanding of contemporary imperialism.

Reeking off the smell of powder

Reeking off the smell of powder

The U.S. and south Korean warmongers are going reckless in their move to conduct war game against the DPRK at the time when U.S. President Trump made rubbish about the total destruction of the DPRK at the UN General Assembly, pushing the situation of the Korean Peninsula to a more uncontrollable catastrophe.
The south Korean bellicose force started war rehearsal Hwarang against the DPRK in Seoul from September 25.
The Army Capital Garrison Command, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, 25 self-governing bodies including Seoul, the reserves and 80 000 people are involved in the war exercise which lasts September 29.

The south Korean warmongers are conducting search, strike and evacuation drills by mobilizing the south Korean army in Seoul under the pretense of establishment of joint defense posture of civilian, authorities, army and police to cope with infiltration and provocation of a local war by someone.
The U.S. let B-1B called “black swan” and F-35B based in Guam to fly over the sky of south Korea on September 18 after consultation with south Korea. It let B-1B to fly to the northern tip of the demilitarized zone on September 23.
The sally of B-1B is a clear message of President Trump that he has many military options to cope with any threat, a spokesman for the U.S. Defense Department said.
The U.S. and south Korean belligerent forces have plan to launch a joint naval exercise with the south Korean navy in the waters off the Korean Peninsula in October with involvement of nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan and its task group.
The current circumstance goes to prove that who is a wrecker of peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.
A guy who is fond of playing with fire should be tamed only with fire.
The DRPK declared that it would definitely tame the war maniac Trump with fire.
The U.S. and south Korean authorities, mindful of their bases of evil would be removed from the globe by powerful military muscle of the DPRK, the pivot of which is the nuclear force, should roll back its hostile policy toward the DPRK and stop war games against the DPRK at once.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

ASSPUK,JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP support the Joint Appeal of All-Korean Committee for June 15 Joint Declaration

ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF SONGUN POLITICS UK email                                       

                                 27th of September Juche 106(2017)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), , the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification of Korea (BSCPRKP)issued a statement in support of the 

Joint Appeal of All-Korean Committee for June 15 Joint Declaration:
  The 10th anniversary of the historic October 4 declaration on Korean reunification which was signed in Pyongyang by the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL and the then south Korean chiefe
executive Roh Moo Hyun . This was a big step forward . The October 4th was a basically a blueprint for the improvement of inter-Korean relations and reunification . Had its provisions been carried out  there would have been a decisive improvement in inter-Korean relations .
  However the principles of the declaration were negated and torn asunder by the successive fascist puppet regimes of Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye . 
  The Candlelight movement against corruption and for democracy took place which resulted in a new regime in south Korea , However this regime has proved to be the same as the preceding ones in its stand towards reunification .
    Therefore the All-Korean Committee for June 15 Joint Declaration has issued an Appel to all Koreans calling  for the full implementation of the "By Our Nation Itself " principle and a struggle agains the war moves of the US imperialists and south Korean puppets . A peace mechanism should be established on the Korean peninsula.


Joint Appeal of All-Korean Committee for June 15 Joint Declaration

Pyongyang, September 27 (KCNA) -- The North Side, South Side and Overseas Side Committees for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration issued the following joint appeal Wednesday:

It is 10 years since the October 4 declaration was published to display the blueprint for the improvement of inter-Korean relations and peace and prosperity.

The October 4 declaration was a precious gain of the fellow countrymen as it clarified the practical ways for building trust between the north and the south, developing their relations in social, economic, cultural and sports and all other fields and establishing durable peace-keeping mechanism in the Korean peninsula, on the basis of the June 15 Joint Declaration, a historic landmark for reunification, including the issue of removing the legal and institutional barriers causing distrust and confrontation between the two sides.

Had the October 4 declaration been properly carried out, the achievements of the national unity which the fellow countrymen made through exchange of visits would have helped to open up wide the future of peace and prosperity and the Korean nation would have already entered the gateway to the country's reunification.

But for the past decade, the October 4 declaration has not been properly implemented and the precious achievements made by our fellow countrymen at home and abroad with much effort to implement the north-south joint declaration have been ruthlessly undermined.

The north-south relations were totally cut off and the military tension on the Korean peninsula has been ramped up due to outsiders' moves for realizing their hegemony by escalating tension on the peninsula and due to the evil-plagued regime's moves for escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen in utter disregard of the north-south joint declaration.

The massive candlelight resistance in south Korea resulted in the emergence of a new regime in the south but the road to the improvement of the north-south relations and peace and prosperity is still closed tight as the new regime has not discarded the policy of national division and confrontation which the preceding regimes had pursued.

Although it is the 10th anniversary of the historic October 4 declaration, the north-south ties remain cut off and the military tension on the Korean peninsula has now reached the extremes. The North Side, South Side and Overseas Side Committees for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration appeal as follows to prevent the growing danger of nuclear war and open up a fresh prospect for the improvement of the north-south relations and peace and prosperity:

The old policy dating back to the confrontation era has to be eliminated in order to recover the relations of mutual respect and trust between the north and the south.

There can not be the recovery of dialogue, cooperation and trust while chiming in the sanctions policy of antagonizing the fellow countrymen.

The nation's issue has to be settled in the spirit of By Our Nation Itself and all legal and institutional barriers inciting division have to be brought down.

The establishment of lasting peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula is a task on which hinges the destiny of the nation.

The recent act of U.S. chief executive Trump who openly called for "totally destroying" the north and the use of military force is a serious insult and defamation against the dignity and future of the Korean nation.

The nation's future can never be carved out with the destiny and interests of the fellow countrymen left to the tender mercy of outsiders.

It is the most important task facing the nation to remove the war system which inflicted pains on the fellow countrymen while being in force for decades, and to build lasting peace mechanism.

All the members of the nation have to turn out in a nationwide drive for defending the nation's wellbeing and the country's peace with sense of mission that they are masters of their own destiny and are responsible for sovereignty and peace. -0

Brutal Nature of Yankees Will Never Change: DPRK Writer

Pyongyang, September 27 (KCNA) -- The satiric poem "Naked America" is being popular in the DPRK. The poem, which lampoons the true colors of the American "morality" and "civilization", was created in the early 1960s, actuated by the atrocity committed by GIs who stripped a south Korean woman naked and painted her body before forcing her out to the street in broad daylight.

Rim Pong Chol, a writer of the April 15 Literary Production Company, told KCNA:

Though over half a century has passed, the poem still reminds everyone of the brutal nature of the U.S. paying only lip-service to the world "peace".

It is not once or twice that the well-dressed ringleaders of the U.S. imperialists have made false statements on the international arena in order to justify their armed invasion of sovereign states.

But today, the present U.S. chief executive blustered at the UN General Assembly that he would wipe the DPRK of 25 million people off the map.

That is why we call old lunatic Trump nothing but naked beast for corrupting the international arena with his gangster-like way of thinking bereft of elementary discrimination and reason.

Now, the DPRK army and people clearly see the invariably filthy and disgusting entity, called the U.S., through the dirty looks of Trump.

As stressed in the poem, all the army and people of the DPRK will surely exile the U.S. imperialist wolves from the earth. -

Korean Women Will Never Tolerate Trump

Pyongyang, September 27 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Socialist Women's Union of Korea Wednesday stressed in a statement that the statement issued by the chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK in which he solemnly declared to surely and definitely tame the old lunatic of America with fire is a declaration of annihilating enemies as it clearly reflects the will of the Korean people including women to wipe out the U.S. imperialists, Yankees, on the earth.

The reckless remarks Trump, a rogue who regards the UN arena as the theatre where he wields his fist, are making all the women and mothers of the DPRK and the world simmering with rage as those are the unethical and frantic act putting Hitler, the worst fascist, into the shade, the statement said, and went on:

Trump, the trouble-maker of humanity, is just a descendant of an evil.

The Korean women are neither women in colony in the past nor women of small and weak countries in Middle East taking refuge after losing their children by the U.S. bombing in broad daylight.

The Korean women are the powerful force pushing one of the two wheels of the chariot of the Juche revolution and the matchless heroines supporting the nuclear weapons state of Juche and the world's military power.

The Korean women who were brought up under the loving care of the sun and trained in the storm of the Juche revolution will deal a horrible death and ruin to lunatic Trump and the wolf-like U.S. imperialists who are trying to usurp the dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK and happiness of its families and future of their children. -0-

Full text of the speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Ri Yong Ho at the General Debate of the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly, New York, 23rd September 2017.

Full text of the speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Ri Yong Ho at the General Debate of the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly, New York, 23rd September 2017.
Mr. President,
First of all, allow me to congratulate Your Excellency Mr. Miroslav Lajcak on your election as the President of the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly.
I look forward to successful outcome of the present session under your able guidance.
Before going into the main points in my debate, I feel forced to make comments on the speech uttered 4 days ago by someone called the U.S. president that rendered this sacred UN arena tainted.
Since Trump uttered such reckless and violent words provoking the supreme dignity of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) at this very platform, I think it is fair enough for me to make a response in the corresponding tone.
During his 8 months in power, he has turned the White House into a noisy marketing place full of crackling sounds of abacus beads and now he has tried to turn the UN arena into a gangsters’ nest where money is respected and bloodshed is the order of the day.
The absurd reality that the person like Trump, a mentally deranged person full of megalomania and complacency, the person who is chastised even by American people as “Commander in Grief, “Lyin King”, “President Evil” is holding the seat of the U.S. President, and the dangerous reality that the gambler who grew old using threats, frauds and all other schemes to acquire a patch of land holds the nuclear button; these are what constitute the gravest threat to the international peace and security today.
Due to his lacking of basic common knowledge and proper sentiment, he tried to insult the supreme dignity of my country by referring it to a rocket. By doing so, however, he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets’ visit to the entire U.S. mainland inevitable all the more.
None other than Trump himself is on a suicide mission.
In case innocent lives of the U.S. are lost because of this suicide attack. Trump will be held totally responsible.
The respected supreme leader Comrade Kim Jong Un stated : as a man representing the DPRX and on behalf of the dignity and honor of my state and people and on my own, I will make the man holding the prerogative of the supreme command in the U.S. pay dearly for his speech calling for totally destroying the DPRK.
Trump might not have been aware what is uttered from his mouth but we will make sure that he bears consequences far beyond his words, far beyond the scope of what he can handle even if he is ready to do so.
Mr. President,
Focusing on people: striving for peace and a decent life for all on a sustainable planet; this is the theme of the current session.
For all countries and people to enjoy peace and a decent life, it is imperative to realize genuine international justice before anything else.
Realizing international justice is one of the main missions of the United Nations.
Mr. President,
Article 1 of the Charter of the United Nations stipulates “to bring about by peaceful means and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace”.
Due to high-handedness and arbitrariness of one particular big power however, at present the purpose and principles of the UN Charter and other established basic principles of international relations are now wantonly ignored in the UN arena.
Abnormal acts of justifying and legitimizing high-handedness and arbitrariness and the acts of violating truth and justice are connived at or tolerated. The most rampant violation of international justice can be seen on the Korean peninsula.
Unprecedented acts of injustice such as imposing harsh sanctions on a victim for the reason that the victim chose to stand up to the offender are openly committed in the name of the UN.
The essence of the situation of the Korean peninsula is a confrontation between the DPRK and the U.S. where the former tries to defend its national dignity and sovereignty against the latter’s hostile policy and nuclear threats.
The United States is the country that first produced nuclear weapons and the only country that actually used it, massacring hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.
It is the U.S. that threatened to use nuclear weapon against the DPRK during the Korean War in 1950s and first introduced nuclear weapons into the Korean peninsula after the war.
The U.S. started large-scale joint military exercises against the DPRK during the Cold War period and further increased their scope and aggressive nature after the Cold War, staging the exercises several times a year by mobilizing more of nuclear strategic assets.
What else could be a bigger threat than the violent remarks such as pouring “fire and fury”, “total destruction” coming from the top authority of the world’s biggest nuclear power.
The very reason the DPRK had to possess nuclear weapons is because of the U.S. and it had to strengthen and develop its nuclear force onto the current level to cope with the U.S.
The U.S. hostile policy and nuclear threats have continued over 70 years and these have led the situation on the Korean peninsula to a touch-and-go point. But in the United Nations, unjustifiable resolutions which illegalize justice as injustice are randomly adopted due to the high-handedness of,the U.S.
The respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of,the DPRK said: International justice is never achieved by itself; it can only be achieved when the anti-imperialist independent countries are strong enough.
Unless true international justice is realized, the only valid philosophical principle is that force must be dealt with force and nuclear weapons of tyranny must be dealt with nuclear hammer of justice.
The possession of nuclear deterrence by the DPRK is a righteous self-defensive measure taken as an ultimate option, pursuant to this principle.
Recently, the DPRK has successfully conducted ICBM-mountable H-bomb test as a part of the efforts to achieve the goal of completing the state nuclear force.
With this, the DPRK has entered a phase of completing the state nuclear force in accordance with its line of simultaneous development of the economy and the nuclear force.
Our national nuclear force is, to all intents and purposes, a war deterrent for putting an end to nuclear threat of the U.S. and for preventing its military invasion; and our ultimate goal is to establish the balance of power with the U.S.
Distinguished delegates of all countries attending this session are aware of the fact that the DPRK, unlike other nuclear weapon states, made public every time to the world the test process and its result in all stages of the development and advancement of its nuclear force.
Since the war deterrent for safeguarding peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the region is strengthened enough, the United States and its followers must now think twice before launching military provocation against the DPRK.
Although they talk about “fire and fury”, “total destruction” and whatever, every time they have to add various conditions such as “hopefully this will not be necessary”, “that is not our first option” and so on.
Accordingly, we are convinced that peace and security of the northeast Asia and the region as a whole have been as much consolidated.
We do not need anyone’s recognition of our status as a nuclear weapon state and our capability of nuclear strike.
The ICBM marked with sacred name of the DPRK flew over the universe above the endless blue sky, the warhead of our rocket left its trace on the blue waves of the Pacific Ocean and the tremendous explosion and vibration of the hydrogen bomb were recorded by this planet.
Although our decision to possess nuclear weapons was an inevitable option forced by the United States, it resulted in our country achieving the status of a nuclear weapon state and a rocket power, and this prestige has now become an immortal destiny of the DPRK.
Mr. President,
The failure of the United Nations in fulfilling its role in realizing genuine international justice is primarily related to the undemocratic old practices of the Security Council.
It is none other than the Security Council which disregards the UN Charter from the very first Article and only acts in pursuit of the will and interest of its permanent member states.
It is not incidental that the issue on reform of the Security Council had already been decided in 1992 by resolution 47/62 at the 47th Session of UNGA.
Since then, the UNSC reform issue has been discussed at UNGA every year during the past 25 years but without any progress at all. This fact itself clearly shows how deeply the current permanent members are obsessed in their anachronistic vested interests.
One permanent member alone can veto the general will of over 190 UN member states. Such an undemocratic UN organ is the Security Council.
At this forum, I would like to once again remind all the distinguished delegates of the unjust and unfair nature of the “resolutions” adopted by the Security Council against the DPRK.
First, the Security Council fabricated illegal and double-standard “resolutions” which only prohibit the satellite launch of the DPRK in violation of the international law prescribing peaceful use of outer space as a sovereign right of every state and without taking any issue with all other satellite launching countries.
Second, the Security Council cooked up illegal and double-standard “resolutions” which arbitrarily prohibit only the nuclear tests of the DPRK, although nuclear test strictly belongs to the sovereignty of every state since the international law on prohibition of nuclear test has not yet entered into force and there are countries that conducted many more nuclear tests.
Third, the Security Council condemned the development of nuclear weapons by the DPRK as a “threat to international peace and security” and, on that basis, fabricated illegal and double-standard “resolutions” in contravention of Article 51 of the UN Charter which recognizes the right to self-defense of every state and without calling into question the other countries that keep on developing latest nuclear weapons of various kinds.
The reason these unjust and unfair resolutions continue to be adopted is that the permanent members of the Security Council, all nuclear powers, have common interest in maintaining their monopolistic nuclear status.
The permanent members of UNSC are talking much about non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Viewed from the aspect of nuclear non-proliferation, the DPRK’s possession of nuclear weapons is a righteous self-defensive measure.
Actually, the international agreement on nuclear non-proliferation was possible because the nuclear weapon states had made the promise not to threaten non-nuclear weapon states with the nuclear weapons.
Article 10 of NPT stipulates that each Party shall have the right to withdraw from the Treaty if it decides that its supreme interests have been jeopardized. This Article recognizes that supreme interests ofstates are above the nuclear non-proliferation.
After all, the U.S. itself impeded the international efforts for nuclear non-proliferation by not giving up the nuclear threat against the DPRK, but rather compelling the latter to possess nuclear weapons.
This eloquently shows that the anti-DPRK “resolutions” are not based on any established principles and that they are nothing less than the products of undemocratic old practice of the Security Council and the conspiracy and collusion of the forces obsessed only in their vested interests.
The U.S. claims that the DPRK’s possession of H-bomb and ICBM constitutes a “global threat” even at the UN arena. But such claim is a big lie which is just tantamount to the notorious “big lie” faked up by the U.S. in 2003 about the existence in Iraq of weapons of mass destruction in order to invade that country.
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a responsible nuclear weapon state.
We will take preventive measures by merciless preemptive action in case the U.S. and its vassal forces show any sign of conducting a kind of “decapitating” operation on our headquarters or military attack against our country. However, we do not have any intention at all to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against the countries that do not join in the U.S. military actions against the DPRK.
The U.S. is resorting to an intrigue of condemning the DPRK’s nuclear possession as “a global threat” in order to find a pretext for coercing other UN member states into implementing the anti-DPRK “sanctions resolutions”.
This is a sneaky and selfish attempt by the U.S. to avoid its responsibility for the nuclear issue of the Korean peninsula and to pursue its own interests by using and sacrificing other countries that have nothing to do with the issue.
The government of the DPRK made a request to the UN Secretariat that a forum of international law experts be organized to assess legal grounds and lawfulness of the UNSC “resolutions”, but we have not heard anything from the Secretariat for 9 months already.
Same is true of the fact that the DPRK made repeated requests to the UNSC to discuss the serious threat to international peace and security posed by the aggressive and provocative U.S.-south Korea large-scale joint military exercises, but these requests were never put on the UNSC agenda, rather turned down every time.
The UN Charter stipulates that the members of the United Nations accept and carry out the decisions of the Security Council.
If the “resolutions” on the DPRK adopted at the Security Council are truly lawful and fair, there will be no need that all U.S. ambassadors abroad and even the President and the State Secretary turn out to coerce other countries into implementing the “resolutions”. Furthermore, there will be no need for the U.S. to bring its stooges like south Korea and Japan into this.
The UN member states should not yield in to pressure of an individual big power in dealing with the UNSC resolutions but make an independent judgment on lawfulness, impartiality and morality of the resolutions and contribute to promoting reform of the UNSC by further raising their voices against high-handedness and arbitrariness.
Mr. President,
The U.S. had put sanctions against our country from the very first day of its foundation and the over 70-year long history of the DPRK can be said in a sense a history of struggle, persevering along the road of self-development under the harshest sanctions in the world.
Through such a prolonged and arduous struggle, now we are finally only a few steps away from the final gate of completion of the state nuclear force. It is only a forlorn hope to consider any chance that the DPRK would be shaken an inch or change its stance due to the harsher sanctions by the hostile forces.
The day will certainly come in near future when we settle all damages inflicted to our peaceful economic development and improvement of the people’s livelihood and all the sufferings imposed on our innocent women, children and elderly by the heinous and barbaric sanctions against our Republic.
The DPRK already organized a national damage investigation committee to make comprehensive study of total damages inflicted on our Republic by all kinds of sanctions.
This committee will thoroughly investigate and compile all physical and moral damages imposed upon the DPRK by the U.S., its followers and also those countries that submitted to the U.S. coercion.
When this racket of sanctions and pressure reaches a critical point, thus driving the Korean peninsula into an uncontrollable situation, investigation results of this committee will have a huge effect in holding those accountable.
Mr. President,
My delegation takes this opportunity to extend strong support to and solidarity with the Cuban government and people who are fighting to defend national sovereignty and realize international justice against the high-handedness, arbitrariness and unilateral embargo of the U.S.
We also express strong support to and solidarity with the government and people of Venezuela who are fighting to defend the national sovereignty and the cause of socialism.
The unjust and contemptible acts such as turning a blind eye to the heinous acts of Israel while condemning in every manner only the Syrian government fighting to protect its national sovereignty and security should not be tolerated any longer.
The DPRK government will certainly defend peace and security of the country with its powerful nuclear deterrence and also contribute to safeguarding world peace and security.
Thank you, Mr. President