Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Comment on the DPRK and AIIB -alleged application to join

Firstly, it is not 100% clear  that the DPRK really applied to join in the first place as it refused to join the revisionist led CMEA bloc in the late 1950s and has not joined the Shanghai Co Operation Organisation as far I know . Possibly the DPRK might have asked for observer status or associate nembership rather than full membership. If the report is true and the PRC has refused to let the DPRK join it is no great loss to the DPRK as it is self-reliant and self sufficient . It looks the AIIB is becoming another capitalist concern as the PRC is allowing imperialist countries to join it. Tough if some countries  cannot accept the DPRK's economic independence and self-reliance ! The DPRK can go its own way !

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