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The Yanks Sank the Cheonan !-special article



5 years ago, on the night of the 26th March 2010. the south Korean puppet navy warship the Cheonan sank with the loss of  46 lives . The sinking of the Cheonan was one of a long line of south Korean maritime disasters such as the more recent sinking of the ferry Sewol and a number of accidents in the past all resulting in the loss of life. However the Cheonan sinking was very different as south Korea claimed that the DPRK had sunk the warship and imposed a number of punitive measures known as the May 24 steps. Even today the south Korean puppet regime is banging the propanda drum of the Cheonan sinking and demanding that the DPRK actually apologise for something that it had not done !

, Intial reports stated it was an accident however within a month wild reports started to appear in the south Korean puppet media  about it the ship being sunk by " a squad of human torpedoes " from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, this nonsense was repeated by right wing newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph . Then on the 20th of May the south Korean puppet regime then led by Lee Myung Bak announced that the Cheonan had been sunk by a torpedo fired by a DPRK submarine. The south Korean puppets cited the findings of a so-called "international investigation group " consisting of experts from the US , UK, Australia ,Canada and Sweden.Of these countries  3 are close to the US and a 4th Sweden though supposedly a neutral country it  is generally aligned with the US on many key issues (and part of the globalised imperialist world of the West). It is significant  that to this day the people of the UK do not know who the UK experts  were or from which organisation or institution in the UK that they came from? This is a mystery.

The theory of the Cheonan being sank by a stealthy and secretive midget submarine of the DPRK  is totally ludcrious . How could a DPRK submarine sail in to south Korean waters and make an attack on the Cheonan and then get back undetected ? Surely a DPRK midget submarine would have been captured especially as the US and south Korea were holding naval drills at the time.  Even a south Korean newspaper  wrote that "The radar of the CIC on the corvette Cheonan is capable of easily detecting any torpedo within any radius of 20-30 kilometers but on that fateful day it detected no sign of a torpedo attack or naval firing by North Korea.". If the DPRK had really wanted to sink the "Cheonan " it could have done so easily by using missiles or artilliery as the "Cheonan " was very near to DPRK waters when it sank.

The evidence presented by the so-called "Joint Investigation Group " of international experts assembled by south Korea  was very patchy and dubious  to say the least. Part of it was a rusty old torpedo which looked like it had been on the seabed for donkey's years . 

Other sources rejected the idea that the Cheonan was sank by the DPRK , they put the blame on the US ! Japanese expert Tanaka Sakai in May 2010 wrote a widely quoted and circulated article that " If the boat was not sunk by an attack from the North, the remaining possibility is that an error occurred. I suspect that the US military had not informed the ROK that an American submarine was stationed underwater near Byaengnyeong Island. If the American submarine that sank at the third buoy was underwater for a long time, it follows that it did not participate in the joint exercise that day (it had other duties).
I think it likely that the US submarine, which was off the coast to the south of Byaengnyeong, happened to approach closer to the shore than expected and ROK forces, mistaking it for a North Korean submarine, fired. When the US submarine returned fire, both boats sank as a result of a friendly attack due to a misconception. The US submarine must have known of the approach of the Cheonan with the use of a passive sonar used for receiving communication. But if the American military was keeping the presence of the submarine secret from the ROK, then the US submarine could not communicate by radio with the Cheonan".
                            Russian naval experts also held an investigation and drew relevant conclusions. At the time Russia did not release their verdict on the incident in order not to embarras south Korea. However as recently revealed by the Panmunjom Mission of the Korean People's Army the Russian experts concluded that " the warship sank by a special torpedo from a smaller diving apparatus launched by the nuclear-powered submarine of the U.S. forces, not by a "torpedo of the north".  Some suspicsion  centres on the US nuclear powered submarine the USS Columbia which had been on deployment in south Korea for 6  months. The US Navy themselves boast that the Columbia "is "one of the most versatile ships in the world, capable of numerous types of missions in a myriad of regions including long range Tomahawk strike operations, anti-submarine and surface ship tracking operations, surveillance and intelligence gathering, and even special forces insertions." So it is not inconcievable that it could have taken part in a special operation to sink a south Korean warship . As its commander said when the submarine returned to
Pearl Habour on the 3rd of May 2010 "Columbia performed superbly, demonstrating the versatility of the U.S. fast attack submarine."
   Clearly the sinking of the Cheonan was one of a very long line of US 'false flag ' operations such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident,in which the US sank their own ships in order to provoke the Vietnam  ,and  the abortive "Operation Northwoods" and "Operation Mongoose ". The purpose of the US in sinking the "Cheonan " was to crank up tension between south Korea and the DPRK to a fever pitch so that a war could break out and the US could invade the DPRK on the pretext of "defending south Korea " and obtain its long term aim of  'regime change' in the DPRK . By creating a such a serious incident as the "Cheonan " sinking the US could tighten its control over south Korea and whip Japan and other east Asian countries into line .

No one should be fooled by this deception of the US !

Dermot Hudson
Chairman JISGE
President ASSPUK

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