Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Speech of David UK KFA Organisation secretary to JISGE and ASSPUK Meeting 20th August

Dear comrades and friends ,
My apologizes for cannot be here today  because I 've had problems and I needed to move one day before from London.
This is not a farewell as I will continue to exercise my duties as UK KFA Organisation Secretary hardening my work and organizing events in the defense and study of the DPRK.
I would like to talk about one of the first and most important and incredible victories of the Korean people in the liberation of the country . The Battle of Pochonbo on June 4th, 1937
As the Great Leader President Kim Il Sung said, The Battle of pochongo was like a meeting of a mother forced apart by its force children. It was the first major victory in Korean territory by the Korean Communists and decisive battle in the liberation of the country and the big shot that rattled the ' indestructible ' ' Japanese imperialism.
To date since 1925 the first actions taken by the Korean revolutionaries was in the region of Manchuria and small actions within the country, The Battle of Pochonbo was the first step forward, the war cry of a tyrannized and colonized people by the Japanese imperialism.
It was planned make the advance towards the inside of the country and liberate Korea from inside the Motherland
The revolutionary battalion led by comrade Choe Hyon was cornered during their transfer to Mount Pegae after storming the deposit 7 of Japanese timber company Snghunggyonsuri in the southeast of Mount Paektu.
It was planned from the Paektu help comrade Choe Hyon battalion and postponing the march to the east of the country of the revolutionary troops to liberate Korea. However a strategy to make the two was raised. Divide the Japanese forces attacking an intermediate strategic point to surprise them and keep them away from Choe Hyon and defeat them.
 Comrade Kim Il Sung in his meeting with commanders to raise the strategy of what should be done and he refusing to leave the battalion of comrade Choe Hyong and enter only in the country. a near point of Mount Pegie was needed to achieve both objectives and reunite and move troops to the east and the closest was Pochonbo
The forces were divided into several groups in Pochonbo during the night. At 10 o'clock comrade Kim Il Sung launched the first shot. The shot who raised consciousness to the entire Korean people to rebel against the colonialism. Pochonbo was a small village and a small combat without the use of tanks, planes and cannons. But it was the awakening of the Korean people. This battle caused panic and humiliation in the Japanese colonialists who believed emperors of Korea and Manchuria with an untouchable army and was the victory that undoubtedly is an example of unity and comradeship of the Korean communists, not to leave your comrades and achieve victories together.
It is a battle that we can not stop studying or forget, and study the importance of the Songun Idea in defense for the liberation of the country, for independence, sovereignty and socialism under the banner of the Juche Idea.
Today the Korean People's Army and entire Korean people continue to accumulate victories and overcoming obstacles as well they did on June 4th, 1937 they will be always victorious.

Comradely Greetings!

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