Thursday, 25 August 2016

Only Death Awaits Provokers

Only Death Awaits Provokers
Hooligans of the south Korean military launched a shelling provocation in all sectors of the front along the Military Demarcation Line on August 18 to cope with the "mine explosion" and "shelling provocation" in August last year.
Involved in the largest-ever shelling provocation were more than 300 various type artillery pieces of 49 battalions under the first and third field corps of the south Korean army, radars for detecting artillery positions and spy drones.
They are openly blustering that the largest-ever shelling drill staged in all sectors of the front at a time when military tensions are increasing on the Korean peninsula was aimed to ratchet up the "psychological pressure on the north" to the maximum by demonstrating the "will to counter" any military action of the north and help the artillery units of the south Korean army deployed in the areas along the military demarcation line round off the procedures and methods of their artillery strike against the north any time.
They got frantic with various military provocations in the past, seized with war fever against the north. But it is the first time that they mobilized a lot of artillery units in all sectors of the front, not some corps or units in an area, to stage such shelling drill.
The reality again proves that the war maniacs of the south Korean military are making desperate efforts to preempt a north-targeted strike any moment.
A tiger moth is destined to perish in the flames.
The south Korean trigger-happy elements should remember that they are doomed to be forlorn wandering spirits in the face of a thousand-fold retaliation strike of the DPRK.

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