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Speech of Prof Dr Harish Gupta to Juche Idea Study Group of Enagland and Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK Meeting August 20th

Man is a social being and ,besides creativity and consciousness,Independence is an essential attribute of man.Man wants to be free and not subjugated. As a matter of fact, independence is the life and blood of every man.Independence is the lifeblood of every man.Man revolts against slavery,subjugation and oppression .According to Spartacus whom people still remember as the great slave commander " we would rather die in battlefield than in the arena for the amusement of the enemy ". Hailing from Thrace as a freeman, he was captured alive during the Roman invasion and he became a gladiator slave.
  Gladiators were forced to fight with each other to entertain slave owners.They killed friends one day and were killed by them the next day.They thought they were destined to do that . But gradually their
were pricked by their consecience and they realised the essence of freedom.They thought it befitting to fight to regain freedom and independence from slave owners.Spartacus exhorted his fellow beings to raise the sword for their independence  rather than the amusement of the slave owners. He made a secret organisation of about 200 slaves who were ready to revolt against their oppressors.However the plan leaked beforehand and only 70 of them escaped to the nearby mountain.The revolt is known as the Gladiatorial war against Rome.It ended with the crufixation of 6,000 rebels. But this was a not a deterrent to revolt.The slave revolt continued and finally slave society came to an end .
  This conscious and creative urge  of human being for independence and freedom and thereby the sovereignty of the Korean nation forms the basis of Songun politics.
  Korea has a past of bitter suffereing from the brutal colonial rule of the Japanese militarists for scores of years because of it weak self-defensive power in the past.
  In the early 20th century , Korea a country with 5,000 years long history and enormous natural resources was reduced to a colony of Japan.Under the Japanese colonial rule , the Korean people were subjected to misfortune and hardship beyond description and keenly experienced the sorrows of a ruined nation.Koreans needed a leader to fight against Japanese imperialists.Just at this juncture,young revolutionaries under the leadership of President KIM IL SUNG waged a sacred war for national sovereignty.
  "Arms for Arms,revolutionary violence for counter-revolutionary violence " this was the slogan and line of struggle .
 Great leader KIM IL SUNG  chalked out the path of the Korean revolution in a meeting held from June 30th to July 2nd 1930 in Kalun, China. He exhorted the importance of strong armed forces. He advocated the principle of giving prime importance to arms in the revolutionary struggle of the masses against imperialism, the core of the Songun Idea.This meeting has special significance in the history of Korea because in this very meeting for the first time the idea of Songun politics was floated.
    Thus, Songun Idea, which elucidated the way for realising the Masses Independence with arms at the centre of consideration was created as a revolutionary theory based on Juche philosophy. He formed the theory first of its kind in Korean history-a revolutionary armed forces comprising of progressive workers , Peasants and patriotic young people in the north east of China.He named it the
Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army .It mission was the overthrow Japanese colonial rule in Korea and realise independence and social emancipation of Korean people.It conducted  military activities as well as political activities for educating the people o the need of opposing Japanese imperialism and mobilising them for national liberation struggle.
  Later this idea was further developed by the great leader KIM JONG IL  as the fundamentals of
Songun politics that the army is the party,state and people,thereby Songun means considering military affairs as the first and foremost.This principle clarifies the truth that the destiny of the nation i.e its sovereignty depends upon the strength of its armed forces.Songun politics is to defend the sovereignty of each country.It does not advocate the infringement of the sovereignty of other nations.If firmly safeguards the security and peace of all countries and the people and thereby
world peace.It is the result of Songun politics  that the D P R Korea has emerged as the strongest
military power with nuclear facilities and is capable of defending its sovereignty.
  Marshal KIM JONG UN  is a strong believer of Songun poltics  and is successfully carrying out the legacy of enhancing Songun politics.
  On the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the foundation of the D P R Korea , we convery our
greetings and best wishes to Marshal KIM JONG UN and the brave people of Korea for a still stronger and economically advanced nation.
  We wish for reunification the desire of the entire Korean people.
 We condemn the UN economic sanctions against the DPRK
 We wish Marshal KIM JONG UN a long life in good health.
 Prof Dr Harish Gupta
Director General Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea
Director General International Institute of the Juche Idea

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