Saturday, 20 August 2016

Statement of vice chairman of the AINDF Central Committee

Today we mark the 71st anniversary of Korea’s liberation at a time when the Korean nation, standing unfazed by any challenge of the separatist force’s at home and abroad.
Marking the meaningful day, the AINDF vanguard fighters and south Korean people from all walks of life pay high tribute to President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il, who won back the country under the Japanese military rule and built the DPRK as a politic-ideological, and military giant advancing under the banner of socialism, and extend the greatest glory to Chairman Kim Jong Un, who brilliantly succeeds to ideologies and cause of the preceding leaders.    
President Kim Il Sung led a 20-year-long bloody war against Japanese invaders armed from head to foot to achieve the historic cause of the country’s liberation. It was a historical event that brought about a radical turn in carving out the destiny of the country and people.
Enthusiastic cheers of the Korean people for President Kim Il Sung, who delivered the Korean nation out of the Japanese colonial rule, and set an example in the national liberation struggle in colonial countries, shook the Korean Peninsula.
Even now the south Korean people recollect with deep emotion the days when they formed the preparatory committee of welcoming General Kim Il Sung and anticipated his triumphal return in front of a gate of pine decorations set up at the Seoul Railway Station. 
After the country’s liberation, the President had persevered his efforts to realize the country’s reunification, deeply grieving over the national division caused by outsiders.
Until the last moment of his life, the President singled out the national reunification as the supreme task of the nation and set forth the three principles of national reunification, the proposal for founding Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo and the ten-point program of the great unity of the whole nation to rally the Korean nation as a unified force and opened up the heyday of nationwide movement for the country’s reunification. His imperishable achievements for the cause of country’s reunification will last forever. 
Leader Kim Jong Il, regarding the completion of the cause of Juche revolution and national reunification as his lifelong mission, laid a solid foundation for the country’s reunification by developing the DPRK a politico-ideological giant and nuclear state. He arranged the two rounds of historic Pyongyang summit meetings which led to the publication of inter-Korean declarations and opened up the June 15 reunification era.   
The preceding leaders’ undying exploits will go down for all ages thanks to supreme leader Kim Jong Un.
Chairman Kim Jong Un, who is making a new history of building a socialist thriving nation under the banners of independence, Songun and socialism, has neutralized the US and its followers’ frequent nuclear menace and hostile policy towards the DPRK. He opens up a fresh chapter for independent reunification, while displaying the dignity and spirit of the nation throughout the world.    
He laid down clear-cut lines for ensuring peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and reunifying Korea by a federal formula in the report to the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea with the preceding leaders’ Juche–oriented line of reunification and banners of national independence and great national unity. 
The AINDF vanguard fighters and people of every degree should intensify the action to realize the country’s reunification, a long-cherished desire of the Korean nation, under the leadership of the Chairman who carries out the preceding leaders’ instructions for reunification.   
National independence is the fundamental spirit running through the three principles of national reunification and a lifeline of reunification movement.
The south Korean authorities are mired in a bottomless abyss due to their treacherous and inter-confrontational policy to prolong the remainder of their dirty lives by selling off the dignity and interests of the nation to curry favor with outsiders.
The Park Geun-hye regime’s decision on projected THAAD deployment is triggering off strong rebuff of the Korean nation and world community.
The south Korean pro-reunification bodies and people should stage an all-out action against the US for independence to put an end to the US colonial rule, keeping in mind that success or failure of national reunification hinges on how they adhere to national independence.      
They should launch the nationwide drive to withdraw the US troops, the source of misfortune and suffering of the Korean nation and the cancer-like being of reunification, including their nuclear war materiel from south Korea.    
Great national unity is an essential prerequisite of the country’s reunification and the action for national reunification is just the one for achieving the overall national unity.  
There is no reason whatsoever for compatriots in the north and the south of Korea not to get reconciled and united, though there are differences in ideology, social system and political view that exist in the south and north.  
The June 15 reunification era tells that had the Korean nation pools their efforts for the national reunification, inter-Korean confrontation would be removed and a wide avenue to reunification be opened.  
They should subordinate everything to the great national cause of reunifying the country and take active part in the action for promoting the great national unity, transcending differing idea, political view, religious belief and property status. 
They should resolutely reject the confrontational policy of the south Korean authorities which are hell-bent on fomenting inter-Korean discord and confrontation.
The broad segments of people should turn out in the action to ensure peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and strive for reunification of a federal type.
It is an impending issue to preserve durable peace and defuse the imminent danger of war prevailing on the Korean Peninsula owing to the US and south Korean trigger-happy forces’ reckless war maneuvers against the DPRK. 
The people of all social strata should launch a vigorous drive to frustrate war moves against the DPRK such as projected Ulchi Freedom Guardian that disturb peace and escalate the danger of nuclear war.
They should divulge absurdity and dangerousness of "unification of social systems" and "unification through absorption" sought by the current south Korean authorities and do their all to achieve reunification through federation-commonwealth mode agreed by the south and the north of Korea.
All groups and personages of various circles are required to join in the mainstream of great national unity as members of the Korean nation with one mind and intention of reunification and patriotism, true to Chairman Kim Jong Un’s line of reunification.
Thanks to the sagacious leadership of the Chairman, who is immortalizing the preceding leaders’ cause of national liberation, country’s building and Songun revolution, the victory of national independent reunification is certain.
The AINDF, with confidence in and optimism about the final triumph of national reunification, will perform its mission and role as a patriotic vanguard in the sacred drive to achieve the cause of independent reunification by the concerted efforts of the nation by following the leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un together with the people of all social standings.

August 15, Juche 105 (2016)

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