Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Dog president

Recently, stories deriding Park Geun-hye have been posted on Internet Homepages of south Korea only to become a laughing stock of the public.
In August of last year, Park issued open collection of names of dogs through the Internet for her pet dog had five puppies in Cheongwadae, exposing herself to public disgrace.
She, who grabbed the presidential chair through fraudulent election, entered the Cheongwadae with two Chindo dogs and named female “New” and male “Hope”.
The south Koreans posted names of dogs on the Internet; “Lee Myung Bak Geun Hye” in a figurative meaning as Lee and Park are the same species and vile nicknames in connection with Park’s incompetence.
“Lend an ear to the people’s voice instead of naming dogs”, “Take care of the people as you look after your dogs”, “Even dogs have their kernel but people’s livelihood is out of your mind”, “If you want to see dogs, you do better get a job as dog trainer” and “It is disgusting that you ask the people to name your dogs”; these are articles posted on the Internet.
Her life has the indissoluble link with dogs from long time ago.
Park, when she was in the Cheongwadae with her father Park Chung-hee, was a dog fancier.
After she took the presidency, she raised dogs in the Cheongwadae and they say she had meal with her dogs in the evening, declining to receive visitors.
It is quite natural to call south Korea “dog world” as Park is crazy about dogs in utter disregard of the people’s welfare.

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