Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Park Geun Hye Doomed to Ruin: KCNA Commentary

 Pyongyang, August 17 (KCNA) -- Traitor Park Geun Hye of south Korea has busied herself in quieting down the south Korean people's anger at the decision to deploy THAAD which touched off anti-Park Geun Hye sentiment across south Korea.
    She cunningly tried to appease the population in Songju County, saying at a meeting with the lawmakers of Taegu and North Kyongsang Province origin in Chongwadae that she would look into a suitable place other than the Songsan battery in Songju County if the county recommends another site for THAAD.
    This is a shameful behavior to elicit sympathy and favor from the public to tide over the worst ruling crisis and a last-ditch effort of a viper that coiled her up at Chongwadae while employing the awful "art of self-protection" and the "worldly wisdom".
    Though she, being lost to shame, plays the farce for sympathy with a miserable look on her face that got wrinkled from her thrice-cursed crimes, the plight she is finding herself being driven into a tight corner is her unavoidable fate.
    She has inherited from her father, "yusin" dictator, the disposition of making no scruple to do anything if it seems to help her find a way out.
    Since she became the hostess of Chongwadae, south Korea witnessed unending occurrences of grisly calamities, notably ferry Sewol disaster and MERS crisis and scandals of those in power. At those times she evaded the responsibility for them by setting out on foreign tours and employing the art of "cutting tail like lizard" and mercilessly victimized her closest aides to prolong her despicable remaining days.
    Her awful intrigues and farce-play in which she adopted the stand of an "orphan" pretty well even by mentioning her parents who met deaths by violence can no longer get it anywhere.
    Every serpent hath its venom.
    She again released venomous remarks that THAAD deployment is "the least, inevitable measure for defending the lives of her nationals," challenging the desire of the people and trend of the times despite the greater public protest and denunciation caused by her remarks on the re-examination of the site for the THAAD deployment.
    Though she tries hard to find a way out with monster-like THAAD, the south Korean people have already booked a ticket to hell for her.
    The south Korean people are crying out for the step-down of the hostess of Chongwadae as soon as possible to prevent another calamities.
    Every sin brings punishment to it.
    A train is running on the track following the path taken by her father who met a miserable death, whom Park Geun Hye, the descendant of "yusin" and traitor without an equal in the world, regards as an example whenever an opportunity presents itself, no matter how desperately she may work as she is already forsaken by the people. -0-

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