Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Immortal Program for National Reunification

Korea’s reunification is the behest of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il and pressing task of the nation.
Since the national division, President Kim Il Sung put his heart and soul to achieve national reunification and laid solid foundations for it with far-sighted acumen and patriotic devotion. He handed the bases, the noble heritage, down to the nation.
True to the teachings of the President, Leader Kim Jong Il, who took over the cause of national reunification, issued an immortal program of independent reunification to lay down the most reasonable guideline for implementation of the President’s instructions and bring about the turning point of reunification movement.
On August 4, 1997, he made public an immortal work “Let us carry out the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung’s instructions for national reunification”. It is an immortal program for the national reunification filled with the firm will and faith to reunify the country succeeding to the great cause of national reunification of the President.
In his work, Leader Kim Jong Il defined three principles of independence, peaceful reunification, and great national unity for national reunification, the 10-point program for the great unity of the whole nation and the proposal for founding a Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo as the three charters for national reunification.
The work has shown the tasks and ways to achieve national reunification. They are involving to reunify the country on the basis of national independence, unite in all proceeding from the national interest, reunify the country peacefully, achieve reunification by means of federation and improve inter-Korean relation.
Under the judicious leadership of Leader Kim Jong Il who succeeded to the idea and line of national reunification of the President, the three charters for national reunification has become a banner of great national unity and the justness and vitality of the work has been proved through the movement for reunification.
The June 15 Joint Declaration and October 4 Declaration, the milestones of national reunification in the new century, were adopted and made it possible to turn inter-Korean relations riddled with distrust and face-off into those of reconciliation and cooperation. The Korean people aspiring towards national reunification are united firmly under the banner of national independence and the reunification movement has developed into the nationwide movement.
The immortal exploits of Leader Kim Jong Il, who led the struggle for carrying out the President’s line of national reunification to lay the firm basis for achievement of cause of independent reunification, will go down to history.
Now, thanks to outstanding acumen of Chairman Kim Jong Un, who inspires the Korean people to carry out the behests of the President and Leader for national reunification with his rare wisdom, seasoned leadership and noble personality, his leadership for independent reunification, peace and prosperity continues.
Under the sagacious leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un, the Korean people will surely realize the national reunification by waging a nationwide struggle upholding the three charters for national reunification and inter-Korean declarations.

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