Sunday, 14 August 2016

DPRK and Cuba united in revolutionary comradeship


Comrade Fidel Castro the leader of the Cuban revolution was 90 yesterday .
Some on the "Left " forget or ignore the close relationship between Cuba and People's Korea which is symbolised in this picture from 1986 when Fidel Castro visited the DPRK .
Comrade Fidel admired the DPRK and said President Kim Il Sung was the most outstanding socialist country. Major Che Ernesto Guevara said the DPRK was the socialist country he admired the most,
The DPRK stood by Cuba in the Caribbean crisis in 1962 they did not evacuate their embassy but their diplomats armed themselves ready to fight beside the Cuban people. Shamefully Cuba was stabbed in the back by the Soviet revisionists under the cowardly and bungling Khrushov.
The DPRK in the 1980s supplied Cuba with a 100,0000 automatic rifles.
President Kim Il Sung was 33 years ago when Korea was liberated and Fidel Castro was also 33 when the Cuban revolution triumphed in 1959. Both revolutions had advanced independently as a reflection and an embodiment of the will of the popular masses in their own countries.
Both revolutions had to it out themselves without external support.The Korean revolutionaries under the leadership of comrade Kim Il Sung formed the Anti Japanese Peoples Guerilla Army and captured weapons from the Japanese aggressors.The Cuban revolutionaries under Fidel Castro captured US made weapons from the reactionaries,Fidel later declared that the Cuban revolution had not been imported from somewhere.

(Speech on the DPRK-Cuba relationship

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