Thursday, 25 August 2016

South Korea, a veritable hell

A new vocabulary “Hell Korea” is spreading across south Korea in these days.
In a word, “Hell Korea” covers irregularities of the Park Geun-hye group and all social vices resident in south Korea including unemployment, part-time job, labor issue, delivery, upbringing education and marriage.
A website carried an article:
“The current situation is like hellish. Unable to get a job, the youth are reduced to debtors, though they graduated university. Unemployment is on the increase as the medium and small as well as big business groups become insolvent in a row. The meaning of “Hell Korea” is being brought into bolder relief.
The unemployment stands at a high watermark owing to Park Geun-hye’s retrogressive labor reform. South Korea is a living hell as it is notorious for kingdoms of suicide and industrial disaster, wage disparities between the sexes, the rate of low wage earners and long-time working hour.
The rate of suicide and indigence of the aged are the highest and the people are under constant misfortune and despair from the cradle to the grave. South Korea is a ruined republic.”
“The youth in their 20s take a dim view of their future. They say that the youth generation who has suffered misfortune should drive out all social vices in order to build an equal society free from inequality,” a south Korean researcher described.
In view of economic analysis that south Korea has the serious income gap, the youth have to change the current system.
The youth should perceive the truth to change the hellish society not for themselves but also their families, the neighborhood and friends,” a professor of Korea University wrote in his book in December last year.
The south Korean young generation voice their dissatisfaction over the Park clique and the ruling Saenuri Party.

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