Thursday, 25 August 2016

Greetings on the Day of Songun !


Greetings to all Songun idea followers on the Day of Songun  !
The start of the Songun revolutionary leadership on the 25th of August 1960 which agreat event that heralded a new turn in the Juche revolution and the struggle forreunification .
  The great leader generalissimo KIM JONG IL prioritised the work of building up
the revolutionary armed forces of Juche . The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK were built up not only in terms of weapons and hardware  but in terms of ideology.
The KPA became a steel strong revolutionary armed force of Juche which defeated the
US imperialists in confrontations such as the  1968 "Pueblo Incident " , the EC121 spy
incident , the Panmunjom incident  and the 1994 helicopter shootdown incident to say nothing of the acute nuclear question .
   Today the DPRK stands imposingly a socialist military power of Juche equipped with
its own nuclear deterrent and ballistic missiles.
   The Songun revolutionary leadership and Songun politics are a powerful guarantee for
Korea's reunification . Today the victorious Songun revolutionary leadership is carried
forward by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN .

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