Monday, 29 August 2016

U.S. Should Face up to Reality: KCNA Commentary

 Pyongyang, August 29 (KCNA) -- The U.S. war racket against the DPRK has reached an extremely risky phase.
    The U.S. kicked off the largest-ever Ulji Freedom Guardian joint war exercise in league with the south Korean puppet forces despite the strong opposition of all Koreans and the world public.
    The war rehearsal is a serious challenge to the efforts for peace and stability in the region as it is a military provocation aimed at a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK, to all intents and purposes.
    The U.S. desperate bid to cover up its belligerent and risky nature of the war drumbeats will only betray its despicable colors as a harasser of the regional peace and stability.
    It was well illustrated by the strong voices raised by the international community critical of the war racket when it was kicked off.
    A Russian expert asserted that regime change and collapse of the DPRK seems to be set by the masterminds of the war drill as its general objective. He warned such war drumbeats may screw up tensions with an accidental outbreak of conflict and that premeditated escalation of military actions may lead to the second Korean war.
    Xinhua also commented that the war drill simulating an all-out attack on the DPRK will cause Pyongyang's more offensive stance and worsen the already fragile and instable situation on the Korean peninsula.
    Claiming the U.S. should think twice about the drill with south Korea, experts of the U.S. said north Korea would not abandon its present nuclear arsenal. It turns out, in the long run, that north Korea threatens the U.S. as the latter threatens the former, they added.
    Many media and experts in the world are advising the U.S. to halt foolhardy sanctions and joint war drills and drop its wild dream of confrontation.
    As claimed by the international community, the on-going war rehearsal is an aggressive and offensive one aimed at "toppling the social system" of the DPRK. Its danger and gravity are that it may further increase the possibility of armed clash in the region and cause a disastrous nuclear war, in particular.
    It is the unanimous conclusion drawn by the public that the U.S. should be held wholly accountable if situation turns out worse.
    This is also a warning to the U.S. that it has to behave with prudence, not running riot being ignorant of the trend of the times.
    The service personnel and people of the DPRK have solemnly declared that they are capable of dealing a preemptive nuclear strike at the nuclear war maniacs attempting to deprive them of the cradle of their life and bring down their social system that represents their destiny.
    The preemptive strike will be a merciless, deadly and final one.
    The U.S. might not have imagined its mainland, on which no bomb has so far been dropped, reducing to ashes in a moment due to its provocation during the nuclear war drill on foreign soil.
    Lamentation and regret over destruction always come too late.
    The world-startling rapid development of the nuclear force of the DPRK physically guarantees its will and practice.
    Now is just the time for the U.S. to face up to the reality and behave with discretion.
    The U.S. persistent policy hostile to the DPRK being manifested in the nuclear war drills and increase of factors of nuclear threat will only precipitate the former's self-destruction, while making the DPRK steadily bolster its nuclear attack capability. -0-

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