Saturday, 20 August 2016

Unofficial Analysis from UK KFA &JISGE

It is the south Korean fascist puppet regime that is a tight corner and finds itself in a scrape . They have allowed the Yanks to deploy THAAD in south Korea . This has resulted in massive opposition from the south Korean people. The sk puppet "prime minister " was even 'egged' by angry residents in an area where THAAD has been deployed .Deploying THAAD has basically upset the south Korean puppet apple-cart. The sk puppets had been cultivating good relations with the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China . These countries see THAAD as being aimed at them and are furious with the south Korean puppets. The Chinese media has now been attacking south Korea . Russia and China now see south Korea for what it is -a puppet regime, an entity without any independence and a US forward base in East Asia.
Meanwhile the sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have completely failed. The construction of Ryomyong Street , one of the biggest ever construction projects in the DPRK, is progressing at a rapid pace . Economic growth in the DPRK is the highest in the world .During the 70 day the national plan was fulfilled at 144% and industrial output grew by 1.6 times (60%!!!!) The DPRK has the fastest growing economy in the world whereas south Korea faces a slowdown in growth and huge debts.
Clearly the south Korean fascist puppet regime is very desperate for a big propaganda coup against the DPRK and something to distract from the furore over THAAD. Whatever the final truth about the reports about the Embassy here , the plain truth is that the story has been spread by the south Korean puppets and the sycophantic capitalist media to dig south Korea out of the hole it finds itself in

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