Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Stop war games against north Korea!

Stop war games against north Korea!
Timed with start of Ulchi Freedom Guardian joint military rehearsals for preemptive attack on north Korea, despite a firestorm protest at home and abroad, the people of various circles’ action against war for peace are fiercer.
The South Gyeongsang Provincial Emergency Situation Council for Peace against War held a press conference at the provincial office on August 22 demanding the withdrawal of the decision on THAAD deployment, a halt to the war exercises and the conclusion of a peace treaty.
Chairwoman Lee Jeong-hee of the council said that the war exercises are the largest-scale one in the world, the Seoul and Washington authorities have launched war games every year since the armistice agreement and nowadays they are aimed at a preemptive strike on the north, adding that the people’s lives and peace are seriously disturbed by the war games.
The large-scale Ulchi Freedom Guardian joint military exercises are beneficial only to the U.S. and Japan seeking to stage a comeback to the Korean Peninsula, however, the south Koreans are under constant unrest, she noted.
The council, in its statement, asserted that the ongoing rehearsals are the risky one than ever before as it would spill over into a real war any moment, adding that any military skirmish would develop into a war in the Korean Peninsula as the south Korean authorities gave a green light to deployment of the THAAD. It stated that the north proposed a joint meeting for reunification, however, the Park Geun-hye regime turned down it, branding it “bogus unification tactics” of the north.
The US and south Korean belligerent forces’ hectic war games will only precipitate merciless nuclear strike of the DPRK and their self-destruction.

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