Saturday, 20 August 2016

U.S. Call for "Building of World without Nuclear Weapons" Is Deceptive: KCNA Commentary

  Pyongyang, August 20 (KCNA) -- The U.S. announced its plan to deploy in earnest B61-12, new-type nuclear bomb, from 2020 and is trying to spend huge additional military expenditure.
    The National Security Council approved the production of B61-12 in early August and the engineering preparations for its production have already started in the mainland.
    It is said that the bomb would be replaced with B61-3, 4, 7 and 10, tactical nuclear bombs possessed by the U.S. forces, as it is charged with guidance system.
    Its bombing test was staged at the nuclear test ground in Nevada State in December 2015.
    This is a clear indication of the falsity of the Obama government's "building of world without nuclear weapons."
    The U.S. is the chieftain of aggression and war as it produced nuclear weapons for the first time in the world and has fattened the munitions monopolies by sparking off fresh nuclear arms race through modernization of nuclear weapons under the pretext of "world without nuclear weapons." It is the harasser of peace and cesspool of all evils threatening the future of mankind.
    In the early period of his office Obama was awarded Nobel Peace Prize for his proposal for the "world without nuclear weapons" but the U.S. ceaseless modernization of nuclear weapons and nuclear blackmail pose greater threat to global peace and security now when the tenure of his office is to expire before long.
    The nuclear issue spawned in the international arena and its complicated entanglement is attributable to the U.S. anachronistic nuclear strategy.
    The U.S., regarding nukes as an important means of carrying out its strategy for dominating the world, is seeking a way out of overproduction, preservation and maintenance of the stockpiled nuclear warheads and pressure on the reduction of the defense budget caused by the nuclear arms race in the Cold War period in increasing the quality of nuclear force.
    It is the U.S. intention not only to improve its image by hyping the "theory of nuclear disarmament" in the course of removing outdated nuclear weapons and relevant facilities and developing new and modernized ones but also to realize its ambition for nuclear supremacy.
    To this end, the U.S. poured the largest-ever funds after the 1950s into the modernization of nuclear weapons in recent years and announced the plan to invest one trillion dollars in it in three decades to come.
    The U.S. invariable strategy for nuclear monopoly is fostering nuclear arms race worldwide and compelling other nuclear weapons states to harden their nuclear position.
    The DPRK and other countries exposed to the direct nuclear blackmail and threat from the U.S. urgently feel the necessity of bolstering nuclear force.
    The U.S. is chiefly to blame for worldwide nuclear proliferation and arms race as it pushes ahead with the modernization of nuclear weapons and plunges the world into nuclear nightmare.
    The world would no longer be deceived by the U.S. paradox about the "world without nuclear weapons." -0-

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