Tuesday, 30 August 2016

KCNA Commentary Blasts U.S. Reckless Arms Buildup Aimed at Military Hegemony

 Pyongyang, August 30 (KCNA) -- The international community is concerned about the ever more frantic strategic weapons modernization and the arms buildup of the U.S.
    Recently the U.S. military officials openly called for the modernization of missile defence system in south Korea and, at the same time, the Obama administration started the development of new type weapons system including drone system for disturbance and seabed unmanned combat system.
    The director of the Missile Defense Agency of the U.S. clarified that THAAD underwent 13 successful interception tests, adding that it would conduct mid-range ballistic missile interception test from next year.
    The Missile Defense Agency signed a development contract for mounting several warheads on THAAD with military munitions companies including Lockheed Martin Co., Boeing, etc. and officially made public a plan to develop a sample by 2020.
    This is part of reckless arms buildup of the U.S. eyeing an unchallenged military upper-hand over major big powers.
    It is the U.S. calculation that it can not hold political and military hegemony in the region without building MD and realizing modernization of weaponry for neutralizing the rapidly developing military attack capabilities of regional powers.
    The Obama administration is, therefore, stepping up the development of new weaponry including drone system for self-explosion and disturbance, seabed unmanned combat system and laser weapon system for guaranteeing its "unchallenged military upper-hand".
    While keeping 60 percent of the troops of the U.S. navy in the Asia-Pacific on a permanent basis, the U.S. is pressing for the improvement of performance of already deployed strategic nuclear bombers and nuclear missiles, as well as the development and deployment of high performance laser gun, unmanned tactical vehicle, ultrasonic attack weapon, etc.
    After rounding off four-year development and test of the latest-type nuclear bomb B61-12, it entered the phase of its trial production from early August.
    B61-12 or Smart A-bomb is part of the project for modernization of nuclear weapons being pushed forward by the U.S. with the investment of one trillion U.S. dollars for 30 years to come, 11 billion U.S. dollars are reportedly to be spent for it.
    The deployment and modernization of strategic weapons as evidenced by the deployment of B61-12 for an actual war being pressed for by the U.S. can not but spark off a fresh nuclear arms race among regional countries.
    The deputy secretary of Defence of the U.S. maintained that the development of new type weapons system started by the Obama administration has to be carried forward by the next administration in order to preserve the U.S. military edge in the future, too.
    All the countries aspiring after peace and security of the world have to see through the essence of the U.S. moves for modernization of armed forces and arms buildup and heighten the vigilance against them. -0-

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