Wednesday, 31 August 2016

UK KFA Picket US and south Korean fascist puppet embassies August 23rd 2016


The UK Korean Friendship Association together with the Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK picketed the south Korean puppet embassy and US embassy on the 23rd of August 2016. The picket was supported by members of the UK KFA, JISGE and ASSPUK.Also present was the general secretary of the New Communist Party and members of the New Communist Party

The picket at the south Korean puppet embassy began at 3pm . UK KFA chairman Dr Dermot Hudson said that they were picketing to protest against the abduction of the
12 waitresses from the DPRK , the imprisonment of the chairman of the south Korean
trades unions Han Sang Gyun as well as the deployment of THAAD and the holding of the Ulji Freedom Guardian exercise. Dr Hudson said it was also the 47th anniversary of the foundation of the Anti-Imperialist National DemocraticFront of south Korea .
The UK KFA banner and the DPRK flag were raised aloft along with placards calling for the waitresses to be a repatriated and opposing THAAD
The picketers chanted the following slogans
Down with the fascist puppet regime !
No to THAAD !
Victory to the AINDF!
Victory to the south Korean revolution!
Victory to People's Korea
Down with traitors !
Free the waitresses !

A member of staff of the south Korean puppet embassy approached the picket but ran away when we tried to speak to him.

The picket of the US Embassy began at 4.30. Dr Dermot Hudson UK KFA chairman said
" This year Ulji Freedom Guardian will include 3 B2 stealth nuclear bombers
as well as large numbers of US and south Korean puppet troops. The exercises will include a simulated nuclear attack on People's Korea ! Ulji Freedom Guardian is being held despite the warnings of the DPRK and the opposition of the south Korean people.
Ulji Freedom Guardian is basically a dry run for seizing the DPRK by force and effecting "regime change" , to destroy by force the people-centred socialist system of the People's Korea.It aims at achieving through military means what the US imperialists and their south Korean puppet dogs have failed to do through propaganda and psychological warfare. Ulji Freedom Guardian has nothing to do with freedom but everything to do with "regime change" thereby extending the corrupt fascist rule of the south Korean puppets to the northern half of Korea and with establishing US imperialist colonial rule over the whole of the Korean peninsula and achieving the US domination of Asia and the Pacific.
The statements of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, the
DPRK Foreign Ministry and KPA General Staff were read out.

Picketers chanted
"US out of Korea !"
"Yankee Go Home !"
No to sanctions , no to war "!
"Down with the fascist American regime !
Victory to People's Korea !

The flag of the DPRK was displayed and the UK KFA banner.
During the picket armed police guarded the Embassy . Some unknown persons believed to be CIA photographed the picketers. One of these quickly left the scene when I said
"CIA Wear Shorts ! ".

Picket concluded at 5.40p

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