Thursday, 25 August 2016

Magnificent Youth Power

August 28 is the DPRK’s Youth Day.
Every country has the youth, but, except for the DPRK, no country puts forward the youth as the leading force of the times.
The youth who are sensitive to new approaches are ardent and brave masters of the future and driving force of social progress.
The future and destiny of a nation depend on the youth.
In order to propel social progress with their inexhaustible strength and lead a worthwhile life, the youth must be led by a prominent leader.
It is the lesson of history that the destiny of the youth, who are not led by the leader, becomes a plaything of the exploiting class.
Now the capitalist idea and culture dyed with extreme egoism, the fist law and corrupt life benumb the youth.
The situation of south Korea, notorious for the hell of youth, is the typical example.
The youthhood are most vibrant generation in the society, however, south Korea throws a gloom over the youth.
Chronic unemployment of the youth, suicidal “paradise” and astronomical amount of registration fee…
These are the actual phases of south Korea in which their future and hope dwindle away and despair persists in.
There are a lot of turbulences in the world. Of them, the most serious issue is that of the youth blighting the prospects of the nation. It is an imminent question facing humankind to settle the issue of the youth.
It has been realized in the DPRK while a lot of nations are pinning only hope on it.
The DPRK is demonstrating its might of a youth power to the whole world thanks to meticulous care of President Kim Il Sung who started his revolutionary activity with the youth movement and Leader Kim Jong Il and Chairman Kim Jong Un who put forward the youth as the leading force of the times.
In every fields of life the grandeur is being demonstrated.
The youth of the DPRK built dams, the symbol of a youth power in remote mountains and displayed the mettle of the youth. A virgin became the mother of orphans and millions of young people volunteered for army service to defend the country when the situation was volatile.
The DPRK youth uphold only their leader and regard implementation of the leader’s intention as their honor, happiness and glory. It is the true looks of them who grown up under the warm care of the leaders of the DPRK. The immeasurable love of Chairman Kim Jong Un, who succeeds to the love of preceding leaders and treasures the youth, brought up the youth as the guard detachment to defend the leader.
Thanks to the warm love of great persons, the youth are writing a brilliant chapter in defending the country and building of a thriving nation and their efforts are hastening the national reunification.
Led by Chairman Kim Jong Un, the peerless great person, only victory and honor will be in store forever for the DPRK, the world’s unique youth power.

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