Monday, 11 December 2017

Anti-DPRK Film "Liberation Day " and Morten Traavik

Anti-DPRK Film "Liberation Day " and Morten Traavik
The other day I heard someone talking about the film " Liberation Day " about the 2015 visit of the Slovenian 'music group' "Laibach " which was facilitated by Morten Traavik who was the director of the film.
"Liberation Day " basically parrots the usual anti-DPRK propaganda and even accuses the DPRK Cultural Relations Committee of "censorship" and "interference " even though "Laibach " had been allowed into the DPRK in the first place and allowed to perform.
Because of its anti-DPRK content the film was shown at the so-called "international north Korean human rights film festival " in the south Korean puppet capital Seoul. This event was fully backed and funded by the south Korean puppet fascists as a means of smearing the name of the DPRK and promoting regime change.
Morten Traavik was one of these people who pretended to be a 'friend ' of the DPRK , pretended that he wanted to help the DPRK and promote 'cultural exchange ' with the DPRK . In reality he was working to undermine and bring the socialist system in the DPRK as well as feathering his own nest . UK KFA knows well about these kind of people ;fake friends of the DPRK , usually people with money and influence , who pretend they are friends with the DPRK but they want to knock it down. UK KFA will always expose those fake friends of the DPRK . Traavik is now openly anti-DPRK saying that he has ended his "co-operation ' with the DPRK and has made open attacks on the DPRK and the supreme leadership. He has even made accusations against those who in the DPRK who had befriended him and had been kind to him.
Morten Traavik arranged the visit of "Laibach " not to foster "cultural exchange " or friendship(how on earth would send a group like this to promote friendship! ) but to attempt to infiltrate bourgeois and imperialist ideology into People's Korea so as to bring down the socialist system .
Who is Morten Traavik ? Well he is stinking rich for one thing. He has worked for the Norwegian Ministry of Defence (Norway being a NATO member and ally of the US imperialists ) . Traavik himself visited fascist puppet south Korea earlier this and was interviewed by the fascist puppet paper the "Korea Times " . Traaviks's projects are funded by the Norwegian government and the Prince Claus fund of the Netherlands (another NATO member ).
We should always be on our guard against fake friends of People's Korea

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