Wednesday, 20 December 2017

False allegations against the DPRK over Cyber Attack

More fake news and false accusations. This time the US and the UK Foreign Office have tried to say that the DPRK was behind the alleged 'Wannacry ' cyber attack on the NHS.
The US imperialists are trying to have it both ways . On the one hand they tell us day in day out that the DPRK 'has no internet ' and is 'very backward' but now they are saying that the DPRK is behind cyber attacks . How can it do that if there is no internet in the DPRK ?
There is no evidence to link the DPRK with the so-called cyber attack on the NHS. People in the DPRK had heard of British NHS hospitals .
The DPRK is getting the blame for problems in the NHS caused by years and years of cutbacks, privatisation , PFI and bureaucracy. The British government needs to look closely to home for the source of the problems afflicting the NHS
UK KFA rejects and denounces this attempt to smear the DPRK . The US needs to shut up !

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