Thursday, 3 September 2015

KCNA Commentary Accuses S. Korean Regime of Spoiling Atmosphere for North-South Reconciliation

 Pyongyang, September 3 (KCNA) -- All Koreans and the international community have followed the situation on the Korean Peninsula since the north-south joint press release was made public.
    Now that the situation which inched close to a war has reached detente, it is a prerequisite to peace and security on the peninsula and in other parts of Northeast Asia to safely control the hard-won atmosphere for reconciliation.
    However, media, experts and individual politicians in south Korea are keen on twisting the spirit of the joint press release.
    The south Korean regime unhesitatingly asserted that it should not "over-speed" the improvement of its relations with the north, pining hope on it and slackening vigilance.
    A security meeting of Chongwadae called for "putting the lid on over-optimism" as north-south negotiations have not yet come to an end but have just begun.
    A spokesman for the "Ministry of Unification" asserted that there is no need to expect too much from the projected reunion of separated families and relatives from the north and the south as "over-speeding should be banned in the development of north-south relations now that the "May 24 step" has not yet been lifted.
    Notably, Kim Kwan Jin, chief of the security office of Chongwadae, and Hong Yong Phyo, minister of "Unification," who came to the contact, is floating the rumor that as the contact was the "first one that wrested a definite apology from the north" and brought a "stepping stone to ending an evil cycle", the "May 24 step" might be lifted only when the north "makes an apology" for "torpedoing Cheonan warship", takes a measure for preventing its recurrence and punishes those responsible for it.
    Timed to coincide with their assertion, the conservative media in south Korea are busy misleading the public opinion, asserting it is not necessary to pin too much hope on the north-south agreement.
    All these ill-intended outbursts are closely related to the largest-ever "integrated firepower annihilating drill 2015" staged by the south Korean regime in league with the U.S. forces on August 28 shortly after the north-south high-level urgent contact.
    Even a mere child knows that such reckless remarks and military actions provoking the dialogue partner and escalating tensions might chill the atmosphere of the north-south relations and disturb the safe control of the situation.
    All facts make the public become skeptical about whether the south Korean regime is sincere in its efforts to mend the north-south relations or not.
    Improvement of the north-south relations is of weighty significance in the history of the nation as it is directly related to the destiny of all Koreans.
    A mere reckless remark and a simple rash action might adversely affect the situation.
    No one is entitled to violate the north-south agreement which both the north and the south promised to implement before all Koreans.
    Whether the north-south relations are repaired or not totally hinges on with what attitude the north and the south opt for solving problems.
    The north and the south should opt for mending their relations from their honest stand and attitude to reunify the country through cooperation and unity but not chill the atmosphere and deliberately lay obstacles in the way of improving the relations.
    All Koreans should keep strict vigilance against the moves of the forces undesirous of rapid development of the north-south relations and thoroughly smash the sinister acts of inciting confrontation. The north and the south are obliged to properly control the hard-won phase of reconciliation.
    All Koreans and history are watching whether the north-south agreement specified in the joint press release is implemented or not. -0-

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