Thursday, 17 September 2015

ASSPUK , JISGE and UK KFA support the report of the DPRK Human Rights Association on human rights abuses in the U.S. and the West

               London 17th of September Juche 104(2015)
                   The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) , and the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA)today issued a joint statement in support of the report of the  The DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies on human rights abuses in the U.S. and the West issued on the 7th of September:

Without a doubt the biggest and worst human rights violators in the world are the USA  and its followers  such as the UK, Germany, Japan and others . They should be put in the dock for their
innumerable human rights violations.

 The  USA is known for Invading  many countries and also for racial discrimination and for phone tapping and electronic eavesdropping . It is rightly known as a “land barren of human rights ". The US also suppressed the labour and communist movement vigorously.

  One of the most serious human rights abuses  committed by the US was the use of germ warfare during the Korean war against the DPRK and the torture carried out by the CIA in the years  2001-2006 .
The US imperialists waged biological warfare in Korea in the 1950-1953 in violation of the Geneva Protocol. The use of biological weapons was confirmed by an International Scientific Commission which included the respected British scientist Professor Joseph Needham and also by confessions of captured US personnel . In carrying out biological warfare against the Korean people the US imperialists utilised the services of Japanese war criminal Shiro Ishii of the notorious Unit 731.

During the  Korean war the US carried out over 800 germ warfare sorties . The death toll from the US germ warfare ran into thousands . This was a barbaric crime that was much worse than those committed by Hitler in the second world. We believe it is high time for the US to stop covering this crime and  come clean finally about it.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been exposed as a  practitioner of torture . Of course the CIA had long been infamous for assassination, terrorism, dirty tricks and  interference . It earned notoriety as the shock brigade of US imperialism , Its role was exposed in the 1970s by a defector from the CIA Philip Agee. However under  the guise of the so-called “war on terror “  the CIA became a major human rights violator committing torture and detaining suspects without  trial.
 The CIA operated a network of secret prisons around the world  and indulging kidnapping and  “rendition “ as part of its Detention and Interrogation Programme and carried out torture of detainees. The programme authorized CIA officers to use extreme interrogation techniques, including sleep deprivation, water boarding , painful stress positions, dietary manipulation, walling, 'rectal re hydration' or rectal feeding, etc. These techniques were most barbaric.

Other Western countries are guilty of serious racial demonstration as well as repression of dissent . The capitalist countries do not guarantee the right to work nor the right to housing . In the UK many of the unemployed have been reduced to destitution and have to rely on "foodbanks" to get food.

Thus it is the US and other Western imperialist countries that violate human rights. We strongly
commend the report of the DPRK Human Rights Association and call for it wide distribution and study .

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