Monday, 14 September 2015

British imperialist ruling class hostility to the DPRK

The recent announcement that the BBC is planning to start anti- DPRK propaganda broadcasts on a daily basis coupled with a plan to hold a so-called 'international seminar' for "north Korean defectors " in the UK show that Britain is not only siding with the US and south Korea but it is playing the role of anti-DPRK shock brigade , a shock brigade for the destruction of Juche socialism .
The establishment of diplomatic relations between Britain and the DPRK in 2000 was a big step forward and led to exchange and co-operation between Britain and the DPRK. However the UK has pursued a two-faced policy towards the DPRK and sadly it would seem that when Britain established diplomatic relations the same old ideas and old policies persisted namely hostility towards the DPRK . There is a need for a clean break with the past and for Britain to pursue a totally independent policy towards the DPRK not one dictated by the US nor one that has resulted from bribes and backhanders from the south Korean puppets.
The work of KFA in countering the hostility of the British establishment towards the DPRK is absolutely essential and needs to be stepped up !

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