Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Aerial Stunt of Korea

The aerial stunt of Korea reflects the noble mental world and courageous and resolute spirit of the Korean people.
It is registering good results at international circus festivals.
In Juche 104(2015) alone it has won top prizes at different international circus festivals with the highest admiration of the world people.
At the 39th Monte Carlo International Circus Festival held in Monaco between January 15 and 18 Korean aerial stunt actors won gold prize, top prize of the festival by perfectly performing physical acrobatics “Swinging Stunt Duet” and “Centric Feat”.
At the 4th Figueras International Circus festival held in Figueras, Spain between February 26 and March 2 “Somersault” won Gold Elephant Prize, top prize of the festival.
The aerial stunt of Korea began to hold supremacy from the 1980s and has since won the first place and title at the world’s circus festivals, thereby adding honor to the nation.
It was a result of the wise guidance of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Korean government on training reserves to develop the circus of the country into a national and world-level circus.
Since the founding of Pyongyang Circus School in June Juche 61(1972) hundreds of students have graduated from it and held the world’s supremacy at international circus festivals generation after generation.
Circus actors of the new generation are performing four-fold somersault forward, four-fold somersault sideward and four-fold somersault blindfold, the cutting edge feats.
They stage “Aviators”, “Iron Bar Flight”, “Multilateral Flight”, “Swinging Stunt Duet” and other aerial stunts representing boldness.
Such aerial stunts are a pride of Korea.
Having already taken the world supremacy on four-fold somersault, Korean aerial stunt actors are making a breakthrough in five-fold somersault.
Korean aerial stunt actors will in the future too, demonstrate the spirit of the Korean nation to the whole world.

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