Friday, 18 September 2015

KCNA Commentary on Right to Satellite Launch

 Pyongyang, September 18 (KCNA) -- It was reported recently that satellites of Songun Korea would be launched at the time and place decided by the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    Satellites represent the indomitable soul of the DPRK and a manifestation of the boundless strength to achieve prosperity and a symbol of sovereignty.
    That is why the people who love truth and justice envy the proud appearance of the DPRK making a leap forward towards a space power.
    Contrary to this, the evil-minded U.S. and south Korean conservative forces are busy slandering the DPRK with sheer sophism and unreasonable assertions.
    They branded the answers of the directors of the National Aerospace Development Administration and the Atomic Energy Institute of the DPRK as "red light to south-north relations," "opposition to international community" and "provocation."
    It is the unpardonable provocation against the DPRK to take issue with the space development for peaceful purposes, the legitimate right of a sovereign state recognized by international law.
    The space development is the trend of the world at present and many countries produce and launch diverse satellites. The space is coming close to the living aspects indispensable to the people.
    This goes to prove that gone are days when a few countries could develop space in the past but there has arrived a new era in which many countries are developing the space.
    The satellite launch of the DPRK is also a peaceful undertaking according to the scientific and technical development program of the state for building an economic power and improving the people's living standard.
    The DPRK has a comprehensive state program for developing space envisaging steady launch of diverse satellites necessary for the development of national science and technology and economy and national defence.
    Satellite launch showing the overall national power of Songun Korea and the development of latest science and technology is part of the efforts to implement this magnificent program.
    The DPRK's study of the space science, manufacturing of working satellites and their launches and control are a legitimate independent right of a sovereign state and they are in full line with the outer space treaty which defines the peaceful use of space as generally accepted rights of members of the United Nations.
    A drive for breaking through the cutting edge in the space development is an important affair for the scientists, technicians and workers of the DPRK with national dignity and self-respect.
    Nothing is more foolish than misinterpreting the satellite development of the DPRK and working hard to block it in this bright world.
    It is our sovereign right to put into space the satellite built with our indigenous efforts and technology from A to Z.
    The Workers' Party of Korea and people of the DPRK are fully determined to legitimately exercise this right no matter what others may say.
    Increased efforts of the hostile forces to scuttle the space program of the DPRK would only help intensify its counter-action. -0-

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