Thursday, 17 September 2015

KCNA Commentary Urges S. Korean Authorities to Take Proper Attitude

    Pyongyang, September 17 (KCNA) -- Serious moves conflicting with the recent atmosphere of improving the inter-Korean relations are being seen in south Korea one after another.
    On Sept. 15, the U.S. and the south Korean military warmongers kicked off a frantic action of reenacting the Inchon landing operation dating back to the past June 25 war.
    After staging the farce of "commemorating" the landing operation in the Command of Defending Waters off Inchon of the south Korean Navy from Sept. 12, they reenacted the operation in the waters off Wolmi Islet that day.
    Warships, planes, landing armored cars with various missions of the U.S. imperialist aggression forces and the south Korean army and their huge offensive armed forces including special warfare forces and commandos were involved in the naval charge amid fire support from the sea and the air.
    In the past war, the U.S. forces held the Inchon landing operation aimed to occupy the whole of the DPRK. The reenacting at a time when the fundamental turn of improving the inter-Korean relations was provided is no more than an act to disturb the situation that has entered the phase of stability.
    The north-south high-level urgent contact was held and issues to defuse the military tension and develop the north-south relations were agreed. After that all the Koreans hope articles of the joint press release on them would be sincerely implemented in order to provide new circumstances for peaceful reunification.
    At a time when the north and the south should positively promote the improved relations through dialogue and cooperation, acts against the compatriots have been openly committed in south Korea in collusion with outside forces. How can this be understood?
    A few days after the joint press release, the south Korean military warmongers kicked off indiscriminate firing operation aimed at the DPRK with various kinds of artillery pieces, planes, tanks and other offensive weapons in Phochon, Kyonggi Province in collusion with the U.S. forces. And they waged bio-chemical warfare drill some days ago while talking about someone's "biological threat".
    The south Korean authorities are even slandering the DPRK's strategic line while getting vociferous about the "north's nuclear threat" at home and abroad.
    The south Korean authorities reached an important agreement, promising the improved inter-Korean relations, but, behind the scene they held war drills against the dialogue partner in collusion with outside forces, persisting in confrontation. This is a dangerous provocation hurting the hard-won atmosphere of stability.
    If they are sincerely interested in the improved inter-Korean relations, they should stop the hostile military acts against compatriots.
    They should value the hard-won atmosphere of reconciliation and stability and take a sincere stand on the improvement of the inter-Korean relations.
    All Koreans are following the south Korean authorities' attitude. -0-

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