Saturday, 19 September 2015

UK KFA on the 66th anniversary of the passing away of Madame KIM JONG SUK

London 19th September 2015                                                          


The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued the following statement about the 66th anniversary of the passing away of Madame Kim Jong Suk, the anti Japanese woman partisan leader and Mother of Korea.
Madame Kim Jong Suk's passing away was a great loss to the Korean people as she  had played a key role in the building of a new Juche Korea, a Korea independent of Japanese imperialist oppression to say nothing of the anti-Japanese armed struggle. Comrade Kim Jong Suk had distinguished herself in the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by the great leader comrade

 Kim Il Sung . She was not only a leader of women partisans but also a crack-shot and an indomitable revolutionary anti-imperialist fighter.

Madame Kim Jong Suk  always lived a humble life, good times and bad times with the ordinary people, both before and after liberation.
    After liberation comrade Kim Jong Suk pioneered the cause of Juche-orientated women's liberation , founding women's organisations in Korea. She upheld the teachings of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung so the women's question in Korea was solved in a unique Juche-orientated way.

 Comrade Kim Jong Suk also played a role in Juche army- building and the defence of the new country.
Although Madame Kim Jong Suk passed away 66 years ago  the UK Korean Friendship Association remembers her for the great role she played in Korea's liberation and building an new People's Korea of Juche.Every single minute and second of Madame Kim Jong Suk's life was devoted to the cause of the revolution and the Korean nation. UK KFA joins with the Korean  people and progressive people of the entire world in solemnly remembering her.

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