Thursday, 3 September 2015

KCNA Commentary Accuses U.S. of Posing Nuclear Threat to World and Proliferating Nukes

 Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- It was disclosed by a U.S. internet newssite recently that the U.S. had pushed forward a plan to drop 12 more A bombs on 12 cities of Japan hard to destroy with ordinary bombs for the purpose of verifying "A bomb effect" after dropping A bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Pacific War.
    According to what was discussed by military experts on August 13, 1945, the third A bomb, more powerful than those dropped earlier, was standing by in the Mariana Islands and 12 more A bombs including that were under an additional dropping plan.
    The U.S. drop of A bombs, the first nuclear disaster against mankind, was monstrous human rights abuses.
    About 700 000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki fell victim to the drop of A bombs.
    Even today thousands of people have to receive the treatment of the diseases resulting from radioactive rays among the survivors of the A-bombing.
    However, the U.S. dropping of A-bombs has not yet been brought to an international military tribunal.
    Recently the speaker of the State Duma of Russia asserted the need to refer the U.S. dropping of A-bombs on Japan to an international military tribunal, adding that no statute of limitation is applicable to the hideous crimes against humanity.
    The U.S. is a nuclear war criminal and chiefly to blame for posing a nuclear threat to the world and proliferating nukes in it.
    The U.S. is styling itself a proactive player in the world denuclearization and a model in nuclear disarmament, talking volumes about "a world without nuclear weapons". But it is steadily modernizing its nuclear arsenal, pursuing with increased zeal its scenario to dominate the world with nukes. It is busy developing and producing new type nuclear weapons, conducting ceaseless concealed nuclear tests.
    The U.S. keeps proliferating nukes as evidenced by its recognition of Israel's access to nukes and discussion on a proposal for stepping up the nuclear weaponization with the member states of NATO in breach of the spirit of the NPT.
    It is speeding up the development and modernization of nukes under the pretext of denuclearization.
    It is mulling investing a trillion U.S. dollars for modernizing nuclear weapons in nearly 30 years to come.
    Last year it made the biggest financial allocation for the research, development and trial production of nukes since the 1950s. It is contemplating investing 355 billion U.S. dollars for modernizing nuclear warheads in nearly 10 years to come.
    It built a base for producing new type weapon grade plutonium and nuclear test ground in Los Alamos, New Mexico State, and started enriching uranium in a new facility in Tennessee State.
    It is refusing to ratify the CTBT while pushing forward the establishment of a global MD system and the project to put its "conception of prompt global strike" into practice.
    Washington's nuclear policy sparked a race for nuclear weapons development and manufacture in the international arena and, consequently, the world is exposed to increasing danger of a nuclear war.
    No one can vouch that such tragedy as what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki will not repeat itself as long as Washington continues to brandish nuclear weapons
    The U.S. can never evade the responsibility for bringing the dark clouds of a nuclear war to hang over humankind. -0-

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