Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pueblo, U.S. Armed Spy Ship

Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum which is located in Pyongyang, the capital of the DPRK exhibits the U.S. armed spy ship “Pueblo” captured by the Navy of the Korean People’s Army (NKPA) while intruding into the territorial waters of the DPRK.
Pueblo, an intelligence ship belonging to the U.S. Pacific Fleet, is equipped with different kinds of precise and modern reconnaissance devices.
It arrived at Yokosuka, Japan on December 1, 1967 to be inspected and left for the sea area of Korea on January 8, 1968.
It started espionage activities on the 13th.
The enemies intruded deep into the territorial waters of the DPRK.
They made an attempt to run away when they were caught sight by soldiers of NKPA on routine guard duty at about 14:50 on January 23, Juche 57(1968),
Soldiers of NKPA immediately punished them and 7 soldiers captured over 80 U.S. spies including the captain of the ship who have undergone special espionage training in14 minutes.
The news of the incident set the whole world in an uproar as soon as it broke out.
The capture of a US warship by a foreign country is an eye-opener unprecedented in history.”
How on earth the US, the superpower would answer?”
In answer to this, U.S. shamelessly asserted that “Pueblo” was captured in an open sea and did not act as spy and were idiotically going to submit the DPRK with military threat.
They opened “National Security Council” on January 24th and 25th in succession and concluded to take a “Military Retaliatory Measure”.
According to that, they concentrated the aggressive power of army, navy, and air forces around the Korean Peninsula and threatened us.
By crazy maneuvers for provoking another war by U.S. imperialists the hair trigger crisis was created in Korea.
The capture of Pueblo, the U.S. armed spy ship, was thoroughly just exercise of sovereignty right of the DPRK and natural punishment against U.S. imperialists threatening the peace of world.
On February 8, Juche 57(1968), President Kim Il Sung resolutely declared that the DPRK will retaliate for the retaliation of the US imperialist, return all-out war for all-out war.
In accordance with the principled and firm position declared by President Kim Il Sung the whole Korean people made every preparation for battle in order to smash the aggressors in one strike if the aggressors would make a reckless attack.
By the decisive measure of the DPRK the US knelt down before the Korean people and acknowledged their crimes.
On December 23, Juche 57(1968) the government of the USA solemnly apologized for the grave acts of espionage and hostilities committed by “Pueblo”, US Armed Spy Ship and signed in the document that no US ships will intrude again in future into the territorial waters of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at a meeting hall in Panmunjom.
Johnson, US president saw the document of apology with a bitter distress and screamed.
It is the only document of apology the US has left in its history.”
The US imperialists do not renounce their ambition for aggression and is perpetrating espionage activities in the several countries of the world.
Today the visitors going round the “Pueblo” strongly feel that the US imperialists is the chieftain in rupturing the world peace and the sworn enemy that we cannot live together under the sky.

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