Monday, 15 June 2020

From the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People

Dear friends,

Warm greetings from Pyongyang.

In June 15th, 2000, 20 years ago, Pyongyang, capital of the DPRK, witnessed the historic inter-Korean summit for the first time in the 55-year-long national division, in which the leaders of the north and south Korea discussed on the national reunification issue and made public the historic June 15 Joint Declaration.

The inter-Korean summit in 2000, the first-ever event in the history of Korea’s division, and the publication of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration were a historic event that is of great significance in accomplishing the cause of the national reunification of Korea.

The great and unprecedented successes have been achieved in the development of inter-Korean relations and the reunification movement including producing the joint agreements in various fields as politics, economic, military and cultural field that gave priority to national desire and interests.

In 2007, the second north-south summit was held and October 4 Declaration, the action program of the June 15 Joint Declaration, adopted.

By then the prospect of favorable improvement of the inter-Korean relations and reunification of Korea made the international community to expect that such events would bear great contribution to the peace and security of the world.

However, in 2008, the ultraconservatives in the south Korea fully denied the June 15 Joint Declaration and followed their way to anti-north confrontation. As a result, the Korean peninsula turned into the world’s most dangerous hotspot where nuclear war was a constant threat.

In 2018, Comrade Kim Jong Un, the chairman of the State Affairs Commission of DPRK, reversed the grave situation that was approaching the war and raised the hope of reunification, prosperity and peace among the entire Korean people by holding 3 rounds of historic north-south summits and talks and adopting north-south declarations a year.

The entire Korean people in the north, south, and abroad, looking back upon the delightful era, 20 years ago, expresses strong indignation now at the hostile acts which were committed by south Korean authorities recently.

It was clearly shown why the reunification of Korea could not be achieved for over 70 years although it was a supreme task for the Korean people through this incident.

It is because of the outside forces who do not want Korea to be reunified and of the policy of dependence on foreign forces and the confrontation policy against the fellow countrymen of the south Korean authorities.

But no one can check the unanimous will of the Korean people to open up a new era of peace, prosperity and reunification on the Korean peninsula.

Availing ourselves of this opportunity, we extend our deep appreciation to all peace-loving people of the world who devoted sincere efforts for the peace and reunification of Korea and firmly believe that you would invariably give support and solidarity to the just struggle of Korean people in their will to achieve an independent reunification of the country overcoming all kinds of anti-nation, anti-reunification maneuvers of hostile forces.

Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People

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