Saturday, 20 June 2020

Message of Support for the recent actions in Kaesong-Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland

The Juche Study Group of Ireland supports the actions taken by the Korean Peoples Army by blowing up the Liaison Office at Kaesong.

For far too long DPR Korea has been tolerant from the actions of the rouge south with their leaflet drops which are full of misinformation and to sabotage the mind of the People. Yet again we are seeing an attempt (a rather pathetic attempt) by the south to try and break Juche Korea... Many countries have attempted this with sanctions, threats of wars and now these leaflet drops.

As the saying goes " Don't throw stones at a glass house" this is exactly what the south have been doing! They've been throwing stones at the glass house and they were dealt a vicious blow by the Korean Peoples Army.

The People and Korean Peoples Army will safeguard Juche Korea to the very end and they will hold their independence. Juche Korea does not need anyone as it's a self reliant country which stands up on it's own two feet!

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