Saturday, 20 June 2020

Speech read at the online meeting held by the Friendship Association with Korea in the UK on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the beginning of KIM JONG IL's activities in the Central Committee of the Workers Party of Korea

June 19th, 2020
Lucas Rubio
in the name off all Brazilian Center for the Study of Songun Politics

Respected comrades,
The Brazilian Center for the Study of Songun Politics once again thanks the opportunity to be present at a new meeting of internationalist comrades fighting in their countries for the authentic and national Revolution for socialism.
The reason for our meeting today is the 56th anniversary of the beginning of the activities of the respected General KIM JONG IL in the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea. That date has great historical and political significance not only for the Korean people but also for all the peoples of the world.
We believe that everyone here already knows about the great achievements of Comrade KIM JONG IL during the performance of his duties in the Party's Central Committee. The achievements of the Korean people in that period, led by the Party, include not only economic development based on a mode of production that does not contain exploitation of man over man, but also include the military strengthening of Socialist Korea.
So a political analysis is needed on the meaning of today's date.
It is curious to think how Korea was completely out of sync with the rest of the socialist world, especially the Soviet Union, on the political aspect when Comrade KIM JONG IL took over his work on the Central Committee. While in the USSR Stalin's memory was defamed daily and things like the class struggle and the people's ideological education were classified as "obsolete" and "unnecessary", People's Korea advanced even more in its political aspect in the Juche Revolution. Never ignoring the internal and external attacks, typical reactions to a Socialist Revolution, comrade KIM JONG IL intensified the work of education and ideological firmness not only among Party members but also among the whole society. By increasing people's loyalty to Leader KIM IL SUNG's revolutionary cause, Comrade KIM JONG IL was unknowingly preparing the people for the difficult struggle in the years of the Arduous March.
It is unnecessary to say at this meeting the importance of KIM JONG IL for Korea in the transition from the 20th to the 21st century, but it must be emphasized that without his work on the Central Committee, the Korean people would probably never have the ideological conditions to overcome the economic crisis and the aggressions of the US imperialists in the 1990s. The Korean people only managed to overcome the obstacles because they were firmly supported around the Central Committee of the Party and mainly because they had the ideological instruments that made it possible to fully understand the situation that was going on and which way to go.
People with no ideological education like this, cultivated by comrade KIM JONG IL, made wrong decisions that ended up destroying their countries and handing over their wealth to foreign powers. Popular governments - even if revisionist - were stripped, buildings burned, walls torn down and "democratic" revolutions swept workers' rights, making countries like the USSR and Eastern Europe go back decades in their history.
This did not happen in Korea thanks to the incredible collective efforts of the Korean people, led by comrade KIM JONG IL. For that reason, he is celebrated as the Eternal Secretary General of the Workers' Party of Korea and deserves that title.

Today, not only do we praise comrade KIM JONG IL's great memory, we also evaluate the correctness of his actions in the Central Committee of the Worker's Party of Korea, which kept the course of the Revolution in difficult times, supporting noble causes around the world - as all internationalist communist should do - and making Korea not only a military power but also a political power.
For that reason, every June 19th we are proud to say, from all over the world, from the all of our hearts:



Lucas Rubio
in the name off all Brazilian Center for the Study of Songun Politics

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