Monday, 15 June 2020

From the Korean National Peace Committee of the DPRK

Dear friends,

Warm greetings from Pyongyang!

As you already know, recently the “defectors from the north” in south Korea committed leaflet-scattering slandering our supreme dignity under connivance of south Korean authorities and this arouses the indignation of the entire Korean people.

Reflecting the enragement of Korean people, the DPRK issued statements giving a very meaningful warning to those human scum and the south Korean authorities who left the thing to take its own course to properly understand the gravity and catastrophic aftereffect of the situation and to do what they should do.

On 11th of June, south Korean authorities made public its resolution to prevent the act of scattering leaflets against the north. But it is hard to clear the doubt that it can be just a brainstorm trick of south Korean authorities to tide over the present crisis.

The current inter-Korean ties are driven to bankruptcy because the south Korean authorities had no will to implement the words they uttered and the commitments they made, they had no force to carry them out with determination and they were weak and incompetent.

Even at this moment, the conservative forces of south Korea reproaches its authorities, talking about “low-postured attitude toward the north” and “submission”, and pledge to scatter leaflets again on June 15 and 25.

It will be most foolish for south Korean authorities to calculate that it can calm down the Korean people’s rage and put the current grim situation under control with its imprudent words, and this will be another mockery of us.

The DPRK already took measures to completely cut off and shut down the liaison line between the north and the south.

Recently, the DPRK also made public its stand in a statement of the first vice department director of the Central Committee of the Worker’s Party of Korea that the south Korean authorities will witness a tragic sight of the inter-Korean joint liaison office being completely demolished and the authority of conducting the next action will be given to the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army of the DPRK.

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We firmly believe that you who love peace and justice will strongly denounce the contemptible maneuvers of the hostile forces destroying the peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and extend support and solidarity to the just steps the DPRK took.

Korean National Peace Committee.

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