Thursday, 25 June 2020

British opposition to the US war against Korea

In Britain there was some opposition to British participation in the US war against the DPRK .
The Communist Party , Young Communist League and ' Daily Worker ' opposed the war and organised demonstrations and rallies against it .
   ' Daily Worker ' journalist Alan Winnington reported from the DPRK and exposed the atrocities committed by the US in Korea . Winnington was was threatened with being executed for treason by the British government and had his passport taken away leaving him in exile in China and East Germany.
Disillusioned British conscript solider Julian Tunstall wrote the book ' I fought in Korea '
Two Labour MPs SO Davies and Emrys Hughes opposed the war .
 A Labour Party member Monica Felton , head of the Stevenage Development Corporation , went on a peace delegation to Korea and came back and exposed the US atrocities in Korea . She was sacked from her job.

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