Friday, 12 June 2020

KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan's Act of Going against International Efforts for Conserving Biological Resources

Pyongyang, June 12 (KCNA) -- Increased are efforts and concern of the international community for protecting ecological environment of the earth and conserving animals and plants from extinction.

However, bad and perverted Japan is persisting in going against the desire of mankind.

Shortly ago, a fact went public that a Japanese whaling association is attempting to set up a new whaling ground on Hokkaido.

After reviving a port in Hokkaido, which was a whaling ground in the past, it is set to catch a large amount of whales based on it.

This goes to clearly prove once again the true colors of island nation which makes no scruple of committing brigandish acts for its self-interested purpose as it is an impudent act peculiar to Japan keen on making money, regardless of whether the earth ecosystem is destroyed or not and biological resources be depleted or not.

All the illegal whaling conducted by Japan so far is intended to make money without exception.

In 1986 the International Whaling Commission banned whaling for commercial purpose in order to prevent the extinction of whales. Even after this, Japan has made money from whaling in disguise of "scientific research" in the waters off Antarctica and North Pacific Ocean.

Environment protection organizations disclosed the crime of Japan of catching hundreds of whales every year for sale at home markets. They clarified that "whale-fish worth 20 million US dollars will be produced only from ocean work in 2000". This is just a typical example.

Not content with this, Japan officially withdrew from the International Whaling Commission last year, unilaterally made public the resumption of whaling for commercial purpose in 31 years, and has now gone busy in exploiting biological resources.

The government has taken the lead in supporting the whaling businessmen in every way while talking about the "vacuum of many years". The set-up of the new whaling ground is part of it.

Japan is a heinous criminal state which depletes the earth of all its resources, in disregard of the world-wide efforts to protect and increase sea resources.

Shoals of whales which used to come to south Africa by warm current every year showed considerable reduction last year, and 7 species out of 13 are now in danger of extinction owing to the indiscriminate whaling. Japan must own responsibility for this serious development.

This being a hard reality, Japan said that continuous catching of whales for 100 years would fail to give bad effect to resources and it is based on the law of calculation of the International Whaling Committee. This is aimed at justifying its criminal acts.

The U.S. Times in an article titled "Environment" said that if Herman Melville's Moby-Dick still swims in the Pacific, it will certainly bite off Japan's whaling fleet for sure.

It is only natural for Japan to be condemned as "a country which makes whales cry".

Japan should not take all resources on earth, wealth common to mankind for its monopoly.

The international community will no longer allow Japan's brigandish acts of regarding valuable resources for the existence, development and prosperity of mankind as the object of plunder and accumulation of wealth. -0-

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