Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Deport defectors from the north

South Korean people are waging a vigorous struggle to condemn the defectors form the north and its organization which pushed inter-Korean relationship to the worst phase by scattering the anti-DPRK leaflets.
Banish the defectors from the north on a charge of threatening security. Send them back with the balloon, the broad segments of south Korean people asserted.

Denouncing the US, a wirepuller of organization of the defectors from the north and the south Korean authorities conniving at the scattering the leaflets outside the US consulate

Citizens make a complaint against the defectors to the police for scattering the leaflets
Condemning behavior of the authorities’ wrecking peace of the Korean Peninsula
Stop scattering the anti-DPRK leaflets

Censuring the south Korean authorities, cling to the confrontation with the same brethren and pro-US sycophancy 

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