Monday, 29 June 2020

Speech of Dr Dermot Hudson to the Online Meeting on the Anniversary of the provocation of the Fatherland Liberation War (held on 28.06.2020)

Now seventy years , some seven decades, have passed since the US imperialists provoked the Fatherland Liberation War which is referred to by the mainstream media as the  Korean War , although it was not a war between Koreans but between a small country , the DPRK , and the American empire. Indeed it was a war against Korea , against the Korean people .
  It is not the purpose of my speech to either give a blow by blow account of the Fatherland Liberation War from start to finish , this may be the topic of another meeting . Nor it to examine the cause of the war and the issue who started it . To me it is pretty self-evident that the war was provoked by the south Korean puppets and the US imperialists . I would recommend people read the excellent ‘ The US imperialists Started the Korean War ‘ and “ DISTORTION OF US PROVOCATION OF KOREAN WAR’  . However for those of you who doubt this I will just tell you a story told to me by an old teacher of mine . On June 26th 1950 he was taking a party of children from his school around the offices of the ‘Daily Herald ‘ ( a long defunct newspaper ) when they started the visit the ticker tape coming out said ‘ south Korea attacks north  Korea’ ‘ but when they were finishing the visit this had been changed to ‘north Korea attacks south Korea’ . It just shows you even then how the media manufacture the news ! . I would also point  out that John Foster Dulles , US envoy , was in south Korea 7 days before the war broke out . If the US did not provoke the war what was he doing there ?
The US threw into the war unprecedented numbers of troops and amounts of materials , including  troops from 15 of their satellite countries including to our eternal shame those from Britain .Prescription charges were introduced by the government to pay for the cost of sending British troops which showed that the aggressive war against the Korean people was paralleled by reactionary policies at home.
  In fact 73 million tons of war materials were used by the US in the war .The war raged on until July 27th 1953 when the US kneeled down and signed the Armistice Agreement.
The US imperialists, the ringleader of the world imperialism and international reactionaries, provoked a war in Korea on the 25th of June 1950 by instigating their south Korean puppets to attack the young Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The US imperialists were hungry for profits and conquest. The US imperialists fought an unjust aggressive war against the Korean people. The US imperialists launched a war of conquest against the DPRK , a war to destroy the Juche-based people's democratic system in the DPRK as well to destroy socialism in Asia and the world.
    President KIM IL SUNG summed up the Fatherland Liberation War as follows

The Fatherland Liberation War waged by our people was a fierce ,anti-imperialist , anti-US struggle against the allied forces of world reaction headed by US imperialism and a bitter class struggle against the enemies of the people”
  The war was a struggle against US imperialism  and the allied forces of world which unfortunately included the British Labour government but significantly fascist , reactionary and feudal regimes such as Apartheid South Africa, Colombia of the death squads, fascist Greece , Haile Selaissie's Ethiopia .Surely it was not a coincidence It was no coincidence that George Lincoln Rockwell the founder and leader of the American Nazi Party served as a lieutenant commander in the US imperialist forces during the war!

 It was also a class struggle against the capitalists and landlords in south Korea and former capitalists and landlords within the DPRK who wanted to restore  the capitalist system
The Fatherland Liberation War of the Korean people proved to be a fiery crucible of the Songun idea and the Juche idea of self-reliance.
The barbarity of the US imperialists during the war was beyond human description.At least 1.2 million people were killed  by the US 35,383 people were murdered by the US at Sinchon -ri and 1,050 people at Susan-ri (one third of the population of the area), just to give a few examples.
I myself have visited the Sinchon museum 5 times , 3 times to the old museum and the new expanded and modernised museum twice . I have met survivors of the massacre by US troops and also participated in an international rally a Sinchon in 2013 . In 2017 I actually made a speech at Sinchon.
The US imperialists tried to exterminate the Korean people by carrying out the war that they long planned .
The war exposed the barbarity and decadence of US imperialism . As President KIM IL SUNG said ‘Engels once called the British army the most brutal army. During the Second World War, the German fascist army surpassed the barbarism of the British army. No human brain could ever imagine more diabolic and terrible cruelty then those done by the Hitler gangsters at that time. But in Korea, the Americans have far exceed the Hitlerites!

The aggressive and predatory nature of the US hostile policy towards the DPRK remains after even 70 years .
 We must do more to expose it and campaign  against it .

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