Monday, 29 June 2020

Written Contribution of the Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland to the Online Meeting 28.06.2020

Dear Comrades,

I would like to convey my greetings to all Comrades present at this seminar on behalf of the Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland.

On the 25th June 1950, the Fatherland Liberation War began with the south Korean puppet army firing the first shots in anger,and invading DPR Korea, leaving the Korean People’s Army no choice but to respond back defending the People and it’s Republic against the imperialism forces of the south Korean puppets and United States imperialists.

Prior to the Fatherland Liberation war we must understand the conditions which were set for it! It was nearly five years since Korea was liberated from Japanese imperialism, one month after the aggressive forces of the United States entered Korea, thus sabotaging the minds of the Korean people in the south of the country which caused reactionary behavior. The intentions of the United States imperialists wasn’t that of helping Korea to come together but one of making it their “state” and sadly we still see this in south Korea.

The Soviet Red Army had declared in August 1945 it wouldn’t interfere in Korea and begin it’s withdrawal to leave the Korean people to unite their country.

However events in the south took a turn for the worst when an imperialist puppet master called MacArthur decided to seize the south and turn it into a facist reactionary dictatorship putting the Korean people of the south into a living nightmare, and “americanising” the south with English being the official language thus ripping away the rich culture and tradition of Korea and putting a deep division between the north! The imperialists quickly installed it’s own puppet government headed by the traitor Syngman Rhee.

With these conditions set in the south and an aggressive invasion force waiting to cross the 38th Parallel to invade Socialist Peaceful Juche Korea it was no wonder that war was inevitable.

The Korean People’s Army fought many heroic battles against imperialist forces thus resulting in a glorious win for People’s Korea against the imperialists. The imperialist forces were beaten and had no choice but to sign an armistice. As the saying goes “They were sent with their tails between their legs” This showed that the might of a People's Army and the masses are unbeatable! Today we are witnessing the same with sanctions against People’s Korea but thanks to the People being one mass they just brush it off and keep continuing.

We are inspired by the actions of President KIM IL Sung, Chairman KIM JONG IL and Respected Supreme Commander Marshal KIM JONG UN. Should the imperialists try again which they have threatened many times… they will be sent with “their tails between the legs” and humiliated.

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