Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Myth of the Food Crisis in People's Korea

During a recent  Discord lecture on the Chessboard , an American who described himself as an anarchist was barking loudly about the DPRK allegedly cutting rations to 11 ounces per head .!

Of course by putting the amount in ounces rather than grams is a psychological trick to make the amount sound very small but actually in metric quantities it is 312 grams .
The questioner was very insistent about this point and keep bringing it . Our response here as follows

Firstly , there is no confirmation that rations have actually been reduced to 312 grams per head , this is just an assertion by the media .

n fact at the 3rd session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK in April 2020 it was reported that last year that 'On the agricultural front the peak-year level was exceeded in the grain production even under unfavorable weather conditions.'

Secondly , even if rations were reduced to 312grams per person ,, a 100g of rice when cooked gives you a big bowl of rice .

Thirdly , the DPRK diet has become more diverse with increased quantities of seafood , meat ,fruit and vegetables available .

Fourth , this kind of propaganda is very old , the imperialists have been saying it for years and years , you wonder why the whole population of the DPRK

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