Monday, 29 June 2020

Heroic Anti-Imperialist Struggle of Korean People is a Shining Example to all Progressive People of the World-speech made by KFA Serbia to Online Meeting 28.06.2020

Momentous 7 decades have passed since the start of the great Fatherland Liberation War. And even though the world has changed so much since then and so many years have passed, heroic deeds of the soldiers of Korean People’s Army under the leadership of General Kim Il Sung determined to defend their homeland and people from vile claws of imperialist forces continue to shine throughout generations and generations as proof of iron-willed determination and patriotism.
When the DPRK was provoked in the early morning of June 25th by the traitor collaborationist regime in the south and their puppet masters, the Korean People’s Army moved quickly and responded thunderously, annihilating enemy forces on the peninsula in just a couple of months. Even though they were vastly outnumbered by the US colonial forces, the heroic soldiers of the Korean People’s Army, armed with firm determination to liberate their homeland from colonial occupation, managed to pull incredible feats and deal devastating blow after devastating blow to occupying units stationed there.
In order to try and defeat the DPRK, the US and their collaborationists then turned to unconventional warfare tactics and weapons against civilians in order to break the spirit of  Korean people. The doctrine of “Scorched Earth” employed by the US military implied that every building along the way must be burned to the ground, showing complete disregard of Korean people as well as their south Korean puppets. Napalm was employed and in infamous air-raids approximately 20% of population (about 2 million civilians) were killed in the northern half of Korea alone as evidenced by US air force members of staff.
The US threw everything in their might into defeating Korea, they intended to, very much like the Japanese, use Korea as a base to conquer the continent of Asia, as well as a base for their nuclear weapons which they intended to use against the peoples of Asia. DPRK stood as the defender of peace and lives of millions in their own country and also abroad. The defeat in Korea, the US politicians spoke, would mean the defeat in Asia for US.
But even in the darkest of days the Korean people never backed down, confident in the socialist ideal and leadership of the great General they fought back the imperialists with everything they could and would eventually force them to sign a ceasefire, humiliating the American empire and stopping it in its tracks to enslave millions in Korea and Asia as a whole.

Heroic and selfless deeds of the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army who laid their lives determined to defend their homeland and people of the world, inspired by socialist ideas and benevolent spirit of international solidarity as well as their General and his wise leadership in the war, will go on to inspire many anti-imperialist fighters in Vietnam, anti-colonial movements of Africa and the rest of the world.

The heroic anti-imperialist fight of the Korean people continues to this day under the leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. The Korean people are determined more than ever to follow their Supreme Leader to final victory in single-hearted unity, defending their homeland and uniting around the Great Revolutionary Ideas of Juche and Songun. The Korean People’s Army is ready as ever to answer any and all provocations of the imperialists and defend their homeland with thunderous response annihilating any enemy that dares cross their path. Inspired by the spirit of the anti-imperialist fighters of the Fatherland Liberation War, with iron determination and discipline, soldiers of the Korean People’s Army are ready to again commit heroic deeds as their predecessors were in defense of their homeland and humanity from imperialism and reactionary forces!

Let Us Forever Be Inspired by the Heroic Soldiers of the Korean People’s Army,
Let Us Forever Remember those who Laid Their Lives on the Battlefield Against the Imperialists in the Fatherland Liberation War!

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