Sunday, 15 August 2021

Peerless Great Man – Originator of Anti-Colonial Struggle for National Liberation

76 years have elapsed since the historic August 15, 1945, when the whole of 3000-ri land resounded with cheers of hurrah for fatherland liberation.

Whenever we greet this day, we recollect with warm feelings the immortal feats performed by President Kim Il Sung who, for the first time in history, gave birth to the anti-colonial struggle for national liberation under the uplifted banner of independence by waging 20 years of great bloody anti-Japanese war.

In the early 20th century, the colonial countries in Asia and other continents waged an ever-intensive struggle to topple the imperialist colonial rule and achieve national independence.

The popular masses were fired with enthusiasm for struggle. By contrast, neither were there lucid theoretical expositions on the guiding ideology or methodology nor any experiences to learn from in regard to anti-colonial struggle for national liberation.

People in many countries had pinned their hopes on a revolution in suzerain states or the help from big countries, just being captive to the preceding dogmatic theories that the cause of national liberation in colonial countries depends on the victory of revolution in suzerain states.

In the meantime, some countries had waged reckless mass struggles, being lured into the belief that independence could be easily achieved in a country by striking a blow to the colonial rule by means of demonstrations, uprisings and rebellions. However, they only ended in failure and frustration every time owing to the cunning ploys and brutal repression of the imperialists.

It was in such a historic period that President Kim Il Sung comprehensively analyzed and saw through the situation of anti-colonial struggle for national liberation. In the Kalun Meeting held in 1930, he set forward a unique revolutionary theory and truth that the oppressed peoples around the world should wage a vigorous struggle against imperialism and colonialism and that they should be responsible for all matters arising in the revolution and settle the matters independently based on their actual conditions.

Amid the flames of anti-Japanese armed struggle, he also illuminated the road ahead for the people of colonial countries by formulating the unique idea on Party building and gaining valuable fighting experiences including the formation of anti-imperialist national united front and the combination of armed struggle with mass struggle.

President Kim Il Sung organized and led the anti-Japanese armed struggle to great victory. This gave new confidence and hopes to many oppressed peoples around the world and stimulated them to rise in armed struggle against imperialism and colonialism.

At the time when we proclaimed the foundation of our Republic, there were only about 20 independent states in Asia, Africa and Latin America. But entering into the 1950s, around 10 states achieved independence. In the 1960s, over 30 states achieved independence in the continent of Africa alone.

Many countries gained national independence in the 1970s as well.

Such remarkable changes that occurred for decades are directly linked with the immortal feats of President Kim Il Sung who elucidated the theoretical and practical issues arising in the anti-colonial struggle for national independence and set an example for its realization.

President Machel of Mozambique opened his heart out as follows at a meeting in celebration of full independence of his country:

Because the great hero Comrade Kim Il Sung illuminated our way ahead, we broke the fetters that had bound our ancestors and us, and liberated ourselves from the fate of slavery. It is too natural that we express our gratitude to Comrade Kim Il Sung, reflecting the hearts and minds of our ancestors who shed their blood and sacrificed their lives for today.

Indeed, President Kim Il Sung is a peerless legendary hero who created a worldwide example of struggle for national liberation under the banner of independence and self-reliance.

The sacred revolutionary history of President Kim Il Sung will shine forever with the century, who had rendered distinguished services to the independent cause of humankind by opening up a new era of anti-colonial struggle for national independence.

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