Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Cradle of Life Ensuring Genuine Human Rights


Recently, the news service of a country has aired the news about the miserable situation of the homeless in Tokyo, Japan.

According to it, the Japanese government drove away hundreds of the homeless living in Tokyo into the suburbs.

The government also blocked the entrance to the park where the homeless had lived and kept light on all night to disturb their sleep. It dismantled their tents which were put up near the railway station.

The homeless people who were driven away by force cried out: “The authority turns a blind eye to us,” “it only wants us to disappear,” “it is unfair and inhumane.”

In Japan, a number of the homeless and the jobless, forsaken by society, are living on the edge of daily subsistence wandering around begging, and the young people, having lost dream of learning for want of money, are reduced to roaming about in the abyss of despair, depravity and crime.

In capitalist society, the working masses are turning out in the streets every day to stage protests in demand for the rights to existence because they could no longer stand the heavy pressure of exploitation, oppression and absence of rights.

In contrast, ordinary people, in our country, have been assigned their own dwelling houses from the state free of charge and are enjoying the full benefits of free medical care and free education.

Dwelling houses continued to be built for people year after year on the debris of war. In the last few years alone, Changjon Street, Mirae Scientists Street, Ryomyong Street and other modern streets and apartments sprouted up like mushrooms after rain.

Today, the construction of 10,000 apartments in Pyongyang picks up speed on its finishing stage. Dwelling houses are also being built in Komdok area and other local towns preserving their own characters.

The universal free medical care system was already enforced in the flames of fierce war. Today, the socialist health system of our country has developed into a superior one where the state takes full responsibility for protecting and promoting the lives and health of the people to make sure they enjoy independent and creative life.

The compulsory education system began with the universal compulsory elementary education in 1956. It then developed into universal 11-year compulsory education in the 1970s, and has been perfected with the universal 12-year compulsory education system in the new century, enabling the rising generation to learn to their heart’s content free of charge. Factory college, farm college, and online college have been established everywhere in the country and everybody is enrolled in the study-while-work-system.

The social policy introduced in our country is a typical example that vividly shows the advantages of people-centered socialism of our own style which holds the people as the most valuable beings in the world and devotedly serves for them.

It is no wonder that many foreign people who witnessed the reality of our country praise highly with one voice that the DPRK is indeed the cradle of life ensuring genuine human rights, a home of happiness and an ideal society of humankind.


Ra Guk Chol

Researcher of the Institute for Studies of Japan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DPRK

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