Friday, 27 August 2021

Deconstructing the Mainstream Media's Reporting on People's Korea .

People's Korea is incessantly demonized and lied about by the mainstream media . The effect of the toxic lies and misinformation in the mainstream media to try to turn people in countries like the UK and US against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea .

 Let's take a cool , objective and honest look at the 'reporting ' of the DPRK in the mainstream media . 

 Certain undeniable facts stand out .

1. Most reports about the DPRK are written by journalists based in Seoul , the capital of south Korea , not by reporters based in Pyongyang although the Associated Press does in fact have staff in the DPRK . As south Korea is technically at war with the DPRK these reports are hardly likely to objective .

2. A lot of material on the DPRK in the mainstream media usually quotes 'defectors '. The truth is that most 'defectors'  have not lived in the DPRK for 10 or 20 years . Moreover once arriving in south Korea they are 'processed ' (ie brainwashed ) by the south Korea National Intelligence Service .' Defectors ' just parrot whatever is put inside their heads by the south Korean National Intelligence Service as well the CIA and other Western intelligence services. Some 'celebrity ' defectors  are people who are virtually unemployable but make large sums of money by making sensationalist allegations against the DPRK.

3. The mainstream media also relies on expat American and European academics who teach in south Korean puppet universities . As they are paid by the south Korean state they just spout what they are told and usually recycle garbled information and rumours about the DPRK they have heard . Many of these academics suffer from a deep anti-communist , orientalist and racist bias.

4.Some material in the mainstream media about the DPRK comes from so-called 'think tanks ' 'NGOs" and  'specialist news websites ' . In reality most of these are linked to the CIA , different Western intelligence agencies and the US military industrial complex . One such outfit loves to style itself as 'independent ' ( independent of what exactly ? , the truth ?) despite having been shown to receive funding from the US Department of Defence and US Army Pacific Command. This particular outfit is based in Seoul , the capital of south Korea (surprise , surprise ) . If it were to publish genuinely independent and objective information about the DPRK , it would be shut down immediately by the south Korean authorities and its staff arrested under the south Korean National Security Law , they would either be deported or jailed for 7 years . This is the simple truth of the matter .

 So when you read a story about the DPRK in the mainstream media please bear the above facts in mind

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